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  1. Tried to put a gif of someone raising a glass, but it didn't work.
  2. Are you accusing Catholic of controlling their enrollment to stay in 3A or keep at a certain level? Where was that control when they had nearly 1500 students and moved to 4A? Also there is no elective process to getting into Catholic, none at all.
  3. 2009. Before that 2003. Excellence.
  4. Catholic

    Forest Hills HC

    Their middle school teams are always filled with great looking athletes and size. Their 6th and 8th grade teams this year were undefeated until the playoffs, didn't field a 7th grade team. So talent is coming up.
  5. Catholic

    Richmond Week 2

    Blessed Trinity is the team from GA. Bergen Catholic didn't win a title this season, but they're usually a top 5 team in NJ year in and year out.
  6. Our advantage is hard work and probably the best middle school feeder program in the state. I have thick enough skin, but I know a pot shot when I see one. When we traveled to Good Counsel we had maybe 10 players stay in a hotel. Drove up day of, a number of players parents drove up for the game we had a couple hundred fans there. Most went home with parents or went home with their friends and their parents. Thankfully our stadium was expanded thanks to a donation by a family that also built our on campus chapel in 2003 so they paid for the entire expansion(I am sure others chipped in). I am not here to try and throw shots at you or South Point or whatever. I'll leave that to dudes on NC Preps, but it seemed to me like it was a pot shot. A "oh well if you had the money they do you'd be that good too." Which I saw as an attempt to devalue what our program is. I don't post on here much, but I will when I feel like someone takes a shot. My apologies if you did not intend that.
  7. Bucks? You obviously have never seen our weightroom or our stadium before it expanded. Here we go again with your BS money argument that you started last year. How do you know that these schools aren’t helping us travel to them? Oh wait you don’t you’re just a fan.
  8. They aren’t a 5-4 team like Sanderson or Olympic. Most years they are nationally ranked and in the top 3 in NJ. Their league is extremely tough.
  9. Quality is one way to describe a program ranked nationally most years I guess.
  10. Bergen Catholic (NJ) @ Charlotte Catholic week 2 is confirmed.
  11. No one can say anything if they go 3-0 regardless.
  12. We are in talks with another national power for that week. Richmond game would be away. Tough to start with three straight road games.
  13. Since C/O did an article on it the cats out of the bag. We upped the stakes in 2020. Not sure there is a schedule in NC that is this loaded. Catholic is in talks with one other national powerhouse to play Week 2. (Copying last portion from NC Preps post that I saw on schedule) Week 1: @ South Meck Week 2: vs Bergen Catholic (NJ) Week 3: @ Archbishop Rummel (LA) Week 4: vs Blessed Trinity (GA) Week 5: BYE Week 6: @ Monroe Week 7: vs Weddington Week 8: vs Sun Valley Week 9: @ Piedmont Week 10: vs Parkwood Week 11: @ Cuthbertson Week 12: vs Marvin Ridge Catholic in talks with another national power for week 2 game. Rummel won their state title a year ago and went undefeated and finished as #1 team in Louisana and ranked in the top 20 nationally. Blessed Trinity is the last team to beat Trevor Lawrence and three-peated in 4A in Georgia. Quite the schedule. -From CatholicCougs14 on NCP.
  14. Catholic

    Kings Mtn

    Fixed it for you.