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  1. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    I'd say 90% of them go to school together from elementary school through high school. Kids I graduated Catholic with knew eachother since kindergarten. Now as for football I'd say a good number play together on public youth teams, but they usually start playing together in 6th grade at Holy Trinity Middle where 95-98% of football players at Catholic come from. So 6th grade is the answer, running our plays on offense and our defense.
  2. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    6 -Kevin Coss (going to Brown for football) 33- Nick King(going to Richmond for football) 45- Ari Rodriguez(Naval Academy for football)
  3. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    No, he was #21, the safety and Catholic's all time leading tackler. 5'8" 160-165 pounds
  4. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    That is incorrect. You obviously are not familiar with the rules because the NCHSAA has a rule that no one can participate in athletics if they like more than 25 miles away. So again, please do your research. That rule has been on the books for years(at least 7-8 years) so it is not new. Also no one is driving 50 miles to go to school, sorry that just isn't even logical. Also no not all of the DL is playing at the next level. Three are, one is not. Individually, Brian Jacobs was a one man wrecking crew and in my opinion the best player on that team.
  5. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    1. CC has been a member of the NCHSAA for over 40+ years and never once had even an 8qt violation in football or violations in any other sport. 2. Isn't it unfair that kids who live in Mint Hill cannot go to Mallard Creek even though they are really good at football? You do understand that your Weddington Warriors have a kid who transferred in from AK and is eligible right now? You do know that if that same kid came to Catholic he would have to sit 365 days unless AK signed off on it(hint, no school ever will). Not sure you understand the boundaries in place to keep CC in line with NCHSAA both imposed by NCHSAA and the school itself.
  6. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    No you don’t know. You think you do, but you don’t. And yeah I actually can say that considering I coach there.
  7. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    The fact that you think we sponsored entire families who have been in the MACS system for 15+ years shows how little you really know.
  8. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    Yes, anyone can park in it during games, but only students and faculty can use it in the daytime.
  9. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    Uhhhh what? Not one of them is on scholarships. Yeah you’re right we “sponsored” Hood in Kindergarten. You’re clueless dude.
  10. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    CC did not build that. The parking deck was paid for by the Keffer Family, they also paid for the stadium renovations. It isn't for boosters or parents. It is for students who were parking on side streets and some were getting hit or nearly hit by cars.
  11. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    McDowell has been at Catholic since he was a freshman. McGowan went to Holy Trinity Middle School starting in 7th grade, Carter Woody has had two older brothers come through Catholic with one of them playing football(his dad has been on the sideline taking pictures since I can remember), Louis moved from a Catholic school in the DC area to Catholic. Elijah Hood was a K-12 Catholic school kid with his uncle Boo Hood and father Vee Hood both being in CC's HOF. Man you are out of touch!
  12. Catholic

    Who was the best 3A team ever in N.C.

    1977 Undefeated in 2A, overshadowed almost because of East Meck winning the 4A title also 2004 Undefeated in 2AA 2005 Catholic went undefeated in 3AA. Beat 4AA Myers Park 45-34 in week 2, MP would play Indy in the regional final that year. 2015 Undefeated in 4A 2017-18 undefeated in 3A Also had undefeated regular seasons in 1979, 2010 and 2011.
  13. Catholic

    Culture change

    Lol I'm not gonna argue with you over this, not because you're right(you're not), but because it isn't worth my time. Believe whatever you want bud, whatever helps you sleep at night.
  14. Catholic

    Albemarle closing?

    This isn't about the team, but the school. You not only missed the point of this thread, you airballed it.