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  1. Wow. Easily the best game I’ve ever coached in/watched at any level. Hats of to KM. They have an excellent program filled with class men and players. They’ll be back. What a game. Not done yet though
  2. Catholic

    Regional Final Picks

    No way they score 35 on any night vs Weddington this year unless of course they play basketball
  3. Who is Steve Brodowicz? 🤔
  4. We won the 4A state title with 3A numbers. Not 3AA, 3A numbers. Been there, done that.
  5. Oh well then Mr. raider1 yes it's fair.
  6. He isn't 1A. He is 4AA. He is a Richmond County fan complaining about playing Myers Park.
  7. *rolls eyes*
  8. I will say Catholic school's have zero affect in 1A outside of McGuiness, who in football is a nobody. A multiplier would work I think. Itd move them probably to 2A. Charters have a much bigger impact on 1A/2A.
  9. 14? Lol maybe after 6 minutes of play.
  10. We are all here to have fun, are we not?
  11. Kings Mountain will be the best team we have played since Weddington, excited is an understatement. Nothing better than December football.
  12. No it wasn’t satire. He does a great job with our young men in the weightroom and on the field with both JV and varsity. Who is a decent coach in your mind? A Hardin brother? Palmieri? Who can revive Kannapolis
  13. Which part? The “you haven’t been relevant in a decade” part was not satire. Neither was me stating who I am not.
  14. I know him, great guy, brings a lot to the table working with our young men on the field and in the weightroom, I will not lie that I have asked him on more than one occasion for help formulating a reply. He seems to stay over on NCP these days. I'm just putting you in your place because you like to talk an awful lot of trash while representing a school that has not been relevant in football in over a decade. Maybe he'll crop back up here soon since you called him out though. That'd be a sight
  15. Must be tough getting out of the second round, but once you do, you can at least get back four more times in three decades to try for another