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  1. Catholic

    High school football stadiums

    You have us rolling, so funny you are.
  2. Catholic

    Worst Stadiums

    Statesville had an abysmal field when we went there for a regional final in 2012. Harding has gotten screwed by CMS, hopefully they can fix that soon. Coached this year in a JV game vs Vance at Garinger, the field is turf and is nice, visitor stands didn't look too bad, but as mentioned trees could use trimming.
  3. Catholic

    Mascot name change

    West Meck used to be the Indians now the Hawks Catholic was the Yellow Jackets until late 1950s when they became the Cougars I think.
  4. Catholic

    High school football stadiums

    All correct points. Love that there is no track. Just puzzling that there is a top 55 stadiums or what have you and Catholic doesn't make the list despite being routinely in the top 5-10 stadiums in the state. Just for reference, I am not saying Keffer is the best stadium in the state, but certainly top 55.
  5. Catholic

    High school football stadiums

    Top 55 and no Catholic? 🤔
  6. Let's get our facts straight here boys and girls, we have never played a team from Richmond. Or any team from Virginia.
  7. Catholic

    Best defense

    @Ladge, an end around. Bet it was crossbuck counter, not sure I see Belk/Oddo running a jet sweep there. Wonder if film of that game is anywhere. I know there is some older film on youtube, but only one game from the mid 80s.
  8. Catholic

    Best defense

    2017 and 2015 gotta be in there too. 2017 - gave up 9.6 PPG. Held an explosive Charlotte Christian offense to just 14 points missing their two best defensive players. Held Havelock to 14 points in title game when they came in scoring over 50 PPG. 2015 - gave up 8.9 PPG. Shutout Charlotte Christian and 4 other teams. Held Dudley to 8pts on the road and held JH Rose to 13 offensive points when they came in averaging well over 50 PPG.
  9. Tarboro's 3A title according to the team page came in 1984, that one doesn't matter now. Teams now do not care about what happened in 1998, they care about what happened recently. We found success in scheduling out of state teams, issue at times come down to money and helping team come to you. Hoping that Tarboro does find a good team to play.
  10. Catholic

    matchup 2021

    That is correct. Best offensive player vs best defensive player in the state.
  11. Catholic

    Prayers for Rick Harrington

    Praying for Rick!
  12. Catholic

    matchup 2021

    Weddington loses a lot up front on defense, lose both LBs who were excellent and several skill kids on offense including at least one QB. They'll be solid though.
  13. Going with a multiplier that varies by county would be too complex for the NCHSAA. One multiplier across the board would work unless said school agrees to play up one full class. For example a 1AA charter school would be in 2A and compete in 2AA playoffs.
  14. Never heard that one before bucko
  15. WOW dude! Just wow. You are low. So low.