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  1. Catholic

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    Just messing with ya! I am thinking the same
  2. Catholic

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    Wow. Cool, leave us out, thanks 704 😥
  3. Catholic

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    So then what is your calling? According to those I've texted to just try and get some insight into why you might think this way it's to re-enact civil war battles as the confederacy. So what exactly do you know about coaching football? Outside of one play, the jet sweep, a great one at that. I mean I know all you see is the on the field product. You see Friday night. What you don't see is Saturday-Thursday. You don't see hours of breaking down film and game planning. You don't see running weekly lifts sometimes at 6am in the morning. You don't see going out there and helping run or running practice three days a week then a walk through on Thursday. I can almost 100% guarantee you don't see January-July where coaches work on getting their players recruited and signed to colleges. Where they run the weightroom to prepare for next season. You don't see the 7 on 7 tournaments or the grueling summer practices. All you see is a game on Friday night and think that's it, that's all Newsome does. You don't see the classroom and preparation of lesson plans daily for multiple classes. You don't see kids coming to you because they have no father figure in their life or confide in you that they may be suicidal or battling another demon in their life because you're the only person in their life they trust. You don't see any of that because all you do is sit up in the stands and moan and complain. You also don't see the mentor Coach Newsome and many other coaches across the state are to their players. All you see is what's wrong. And before you go on calling everyone on here "wannabe's" and what not(or mistaking them for another person) maybe look at yourself at really think about what you've done for AL Brown, because there are a lot of people on here who have done a bit more than just "ride coattails" of a program.
  4. Catholic

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    Wrong. His job is to first teach whatever subject he teaches. Then his job is to raise up great young men and develop them into productive young adults. Then after that his job is to win.
  5. Catholic

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    Wrong guy. That guy is over on NCP though with footsoldier. Nice try though. Derek is a good guy though will say that!
  6. Catholic

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    And I wish you could've faced us in 2014-18 so we could've ended your season another 5 seasons in a row, but we can't all get what we want now can we? Bruce Hardin vs Catholic is actually 1-3 all time. (1-1 at Harding, 0-2 at PDS).
  7. Catholic

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    Well he inherited a program after you drove Ron Massey(the only coach who beat Catholic) out let's get that right. Kannapolis for four of those years was also in a conference with Mallard Creek, Vance and Hough. Once again, this isn't the Kannapolis of old and I think you are failing to grasp that. Look, I'm done arguing with you as I have better things to do on my Sunday like get ready for this week and watch football, but I think it speaks volumes when you get on here and trash a coach who works hard everyday so that you can walk in on a Friday night, sit in the stands and moan and complain. Wonder how much of the stuff you say on here you'd say to Newsome's face. Probably none of it, very easy to be a keyboard warrior when you sit up in the stands.
  8. Catholic

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    Well seeing as they have two losses, yes. Last year is last year. If last year mattered then Catholic should've destroyed Weddington, but we didn't because last year doesn't matter. If you stay living in the past and using the past to gauge your expectations, you'll be constantly disappointed.
  9. Catholic

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    You must have me confused with someone else, think I'm a little more qualified than some kid living in his mom's basement. I'm sure you can find that guy over on another website. However, from what I've been told from fellow coaches and such I think my reply was accurate. I am not trying to disrespect you, however, I am not going to sit and watch a great coach get disrespected because he lost a couple games. Like I think many have said, might just be a tough year for Kannapolis, the SPC is stronger than it has been in past decades. Central Cabarrus, Cox Mill and NW Cabarrus are all improved. It isn't just Concord and Kannapolis anymore.
  10. Catholic

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    Well in that case I would take your own advice if I were you seeing as you've never walked that field at Kannapolis as a coach, hard for anyone to believe you know what you are talking about while you sit here and bash a good coach with state titles to his name who does more for the Wonders in two days than you have done in your whole life. Just saying.
  11. Catholic

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    Here is what bugs me. What is the expectation at Kannapolis wonderfan? Is it to go 11-0 like the glory days of Bruce Hardin? Kannapolis is not what it once was and never will be. The days of 15,000 packing Memorial Stadium are probably over. The mill is gone and so is most of the generational talent(multiple generations of a family playing for Kannapolis). Most of the people who move there now are new and have zero connection to the school as has been brought up multiple times. Also Blair Hardin probably wouldn't do any better. Having stood on the field and scrimmaged Kannapolis pre-season they never jumped out at me, in fact, Porter Ridge looked better I thought that day than Kannapolis. The talent level there is not what it was even in 2010-12. You can sit here and moan and cry and complain and call Newsome average all you want, but a man with two state title rings I think knows a little more about football than someone up in the stands. Now I don't know your role with the program, assuming with the Newsome bashing you aren't a coach or administrator, but maybe, just maybe the coaches on the field know a little more about how to use the talent they're given then you do. I'm sure it's frustrating to watch Kannapolis struggle and lose to teams they never have before, but they just are not what they once were.
  12. Catholic

    JV scores and updates

    Catholic 12 Sun Valley 7
  13. Catholic

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    Harding did not improve in football after Waddell closed, at least record wise, they won their state title 6-7 years after Waddell was closed and all that happened. Cannot speak for other sports, but football directly correlated to arrival of Quavarius Crouch and Braheam Murphy coming from I think West Meck. Since then Harding has improved in football, especially this year under Van Smith, he is doing a great job over there!!