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  1. Catholic

    Where does Vance turn?

    Barring transfers, in this day and age there will certainly be a couple.
  2. Catholic

    Where does Vance turn?

    Stone would be my fourth call behind the coaches named ahead of them by Chris and only after I'd ask Aldridge if he wants the gig. HC experience at Hough and other stops. Only draw back for him is his age, nearing 70.
  3. Catholic

    Brand leaves Vance

    Aaron Brand leaves Vance to become HC at Irmo HS near Columbia. Big news.
  4. A kid just announced on twitter that he was moving from Butler to Mallard Creek. Lol.
  5. A small rant here, but this is what I cannot stand. Below this is a tweet from a young man who is announcing his commitment basically to play at Greer HS in South Carolina. We saw this in the past with kids transferring to Hough and announcing it on Twitter as if they were saying where they will go to college. The ego's these kids get from the fake 7 on 7 leagues they participate in is insane. It wouldn't shock me if they start making videos with hats from different HS' and picking one up like HS seniors do on National Signing Day. Just rubs me the wrong way I guess, but this is a total joke. Not trying to rain on the kids parade, but we've already seen this happen and I feel like we will continue to. Especially with schools like Hough using 7 on 7 leagues to recruit players from across NC and different states.
  6. Catholic

    Juniors On JV teams

    At Catholic we do not put juniors on JV. I simply don't believe in putting juniors on JV and never will. Never really got schools who put JRs on JV either. One kid here or there might ask to be on JV for playing time or whatever, but in my estimation JV is for freshmen and sophomores. Keep the juniors on varisty.
  7. Catholic

    Ardrey Kell Opening

    They lost their WR coach who left to be the HC at Cuthbertson. It may be from that, he may have been slotted to be the OC next season. Not sure. Have not heard of anyone being hired.
  8. Catholic

    Who’s Who among 3A

  9. Catholic

    Who’s Who among 3A

    Lol. What?? Did he transfer?!
  10. Catholic

    Top 4A teams

    Um, Indy? The team that went 5-6 and struggled to beat Garinger(although they are improved) is a contender? In that conference? Hard no on that one.
  11. Catholic

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    Update on the schedule as some may have read an issue arose between Country Day and Catholic's schedules. Country Day and the whole NCISAA are starting a week earlier than everyone else so their week 4 was our week 3. Unless Country Day chooses to drop their week 4 game the 59th Cook Cup game will not be played this year. Which is a real shame because of how much that rivalry means to so many.
  12. Catholic

    Ardrey Kell Opening

    Hastings has a good gig at PD I think, being able to bring in athletes from any school without having to worry about residency or sitting out a year. AK can be a really good job if the administration got out of the way and let the football coach do their thing. Key will not be who they hire, but if that hire can bring any assistants along with him.
  13. Great pick up for Christian. It's a shame that The Holy War will not be played in 2019, but both schools have picked up top notch out of state competition. I believe one of the younger McCaffrey brothers still plays for Valor.
  14. Catholic

    Cuthbertson Now Open

    They went 0-5 in out of conference play. Lost only one game in conference and drew straws with Providence and West Meck to decide playoff seeding and AK drew the 1 seed. They finished the regular season 5-6 and lost to Vance in second round to finish 5-7. Historically AK has underachieved. There is no reason why they shouldn't have a winning record every year, but I do not think the administration is the easiest to work with and bringing in assistant coaches can be very tough as well if you get hired and want to develop some sort of staff. Work has a point about parents having a lot of influence in the program, a lot more than most schools.
  15. Catholic

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Thank you for clarifying