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  1. Catholic

    Hyatt steps down at Piedmont

    That is awful to hear. Coached against Piedmont last two years and Luke was nothing but class both times. Really nice guy. Hate to hear all of that, I know he’ll land on his feet somewhere
  2. Catholic

    West Caldwell

    Spot on. Patience from an administration is needed if you want to start turning around a program like West Caldwell. An example currently in Charlotte may very well be Garinger. If Jeff Caldwell coaches there next year he will be the first coach to be at that school for at least three season since 2000-02. That kind of turnover does not bode well if you want to try and develop a winning culture. Many years it was the administration at Garinger holding the program back, now Caldwell seems to have the backing of the administration, they are fielding a JV team and won 3 games this year(one by forfeit), their most since 2010.
  3. Catholic

    Preparing for next game under wet conditions

    We have access to a park with a turf field on it that we can use if needed. We practice there if our practice field is waterlogged. Practicing in the rain can certainly help, but many schools don't have the ability to go to a park or have turf fields(we don't have any turf fields). Also, practicing in the rain may help one school, but not another. However, I agree with many who have already posted why dirty up equipment when you can practice indoors?
  4. Catholic

    Marvin Ridge at MT Tabor

    Took opening kickoff back for TD. Once they put that JV kid in I believe the margin was 2-3 scores, starters still in. Just made some throws, we adjusted, but also crowd was tiny and got smaller at half. Players didn't have much to feed off of. Just one of those nights.
  5. Catholic

    LKN- Student Section Harrasment

    It does not take much for a coach or administrator to walk over and tell the students to stop. It really doesn't. I am with Wrigley on this, it is a failure on Lake Norman HS part.
  6. Catholic

    Marvin Ridge at MT Tabor

    Marvin Ridge brought out their JV starter at QB against us in the second half. He is the best QB on their roster in my opinion, he made every throw the night before on JV. If they start him they will have a shot. Tabor is tough, but I can see Marvin keeping it close into the fourth quarter and then who knows.
  7. Catholic

    Vance 25 Hough 0

  8. Catholic

    ADM's are out!

    Interesting some of the ADMs that have come out. We have our lowest enrollment since 2005.
  9. Catholic


    Interesting, both were 3A east right? Not sure how this changes who makes the playoffs and who goes A/AA, but sad to see so many teams out for fighting.
  10. Catholic

    South Central vs DH Conley

    Hearing rumors that Conley and SC are both disqualified from the playoffs, can anyone confirm this?
  11. Catholic


    Cuthbertson won head to head tie breaker they should get in ahead of Monroe
  12. Catholic

    Maxprep adjusted rankings

    Was referencing the NCHSAA adjusted rankings, not Max Preps rankings.
  13. Catholic

    South Central vs DH Conley

    No, fighting should not occur in any circumstance. As stated before, that reflects back on the leaders/coaches in both programs not having control of the situation.
  14. Catholic

    South Central vs DH Conley

    Also pro-tip: If you do not like a school planting their flag on your 50 yard line, don't lose to them. It's simple, really it is.
  15. Catholic

    South Central vs DH Conley

    This is the best post I've read when it comes to these situations. Four schools in the Charlotte area had their seasons ended due to fights. It's sad, but it is 100% a reflection of the leaders and coaches with those programs. If you're throat slashing the other sideline and your HC or AD does nothing then they are just as guilty as the party who committed it because as stated they allow it to continue with no repercussions. So sad that so many teams could have their seasons ended by things that can be prevented by having control.