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  1. Catholic

    Toughest conference from 1A-4A

    The mid state 2A is not a good conference. It is Reidsville and that’s it.
  2. Just my opinion, you've posted this twice. Guess there is a reason it's a -14 under your name.
  3. Could have no state title losses and still wouldn't worry about JV losses.
  4. Catholic

    Looking at the 3A class

    We will be young next season. This sophomore and rising freshman class are incredibly loaded. Athletes across the board. Two freshmen could very well be on varsity and contribute during the season. Really excited about what we have.
  5. Easy to get tougher when you have players who came up through your system and understand the pride of playing for them. Hard to get that out of guys who are just there for a year.
  6. This is the post I was referencing above. Hough is an excellent example. All that recruiting and they have one regional final appearance to show for it.
  7. Catholic

    Tom Harper

    Coach Harper is a great guy, good get for Lincolnton!
  8. Never said we were great or better, just stating what I saw on the field in a bizarre game. We had a chance at the end, didn't cash in. It isn't about wins on JV as much as it is player development. An earlier post alluded to several Richmond teams being undefeated on JV, but that not translating to the varsity level. 10-0 records on JV are a great sign, but not a sure fire indicator of future success. Especially when the majority of your success has been recruited onto your varsity program.
  9. Catholic

    West Rowan Job

    Didn't Lippard just move jobs after 2 years somewhere?
  10. Undefeated, congrats. Lots of JV programs go undefeated. I coached against them. I said what I said. Good and talented, but not great.
  11. Catholic

    West Charlotte Hires

    Only if he stays will he do good things. Got to bring stability to that program.
  12. Great? No. Not great, but good? Yes
  13. They have good talent on JV don't get me wrong, but just not on the level of their varsity these last few years which in all fairness their talent on varsity has been through the roof. Transfers do help quite a bit.
  14. Having coached against MPs JV squad a year ago I did not walk away impressed. We fumbled twice and they cashed in. Their QB made really no throws in the pocket, he made all his big throws on the run. They had talent don't get me wrong, but not to the level that they've had on varsity last few years. We also played that game with officials who told us they don't have to blow a whistle to end the play so *shrug* At least MP is playing tough teams and not dodging, we'll find out real quick how good they are this season.
  15. Southern Carolina 3A top two will be Weddington and Catholic. Catholic will be young next season with multiple freshman on varsity from one of the best 8th grade teams I've seen since 2014. Those 8th graders in 2014 left CC with 3 titles in 4 years. Weddington has 5 star do everything RB Will Shipley and excellent coaching. Think these two are top two. Marvin Ridge I feel comes in third with their QB McDermott coming back. After that I can see either Monroe, Cuthbertson or Parkwood finishing fourth with Sun Valley/Piedmont duking it out for last place. Monroe is the wildcard, always well coached and Knotts is the real deal on the field.