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  1. BlueDevil89

    Latest 4A/4AA playoff projections

    If you haven't read the article in the link, it is a good read. Especially for those of us out of the loop for a while. Seems to be as fair a way as possible to get the right teams seeded in the right place. There will always be some hiccups, but at least it is as formula based as you can get and seems to take some of the human element out of decision making leaving the stats to speak for themselves. To me at least. Just a brutal 4AA West bracket though. Hard to argue the eventual champion will not come from that bracket. To the 4A West bracket with Mooresville seeded 5th, at least for now that seems like a good seed for Mooresville. Lots closer to the top than I thought. Good to see teams are rewarded and not penalized for playing in a tough conference. Finish 4th in your conference and get a 5 seed is pretty good.
  2. BlueDevil89

    West Charlotte at Mooresville

    Coaches did not call that fake punt. Player went on his own. Coaches were not happy with his decision to say the least. It did hurt them. In all honesty, he had the first down at first glance, but the defense flew to the ball and the player made a great form tackle to keep him in check until help arrived. I love the way the defense swarms to the ball. Defense has always played well, but now our offense is beginning to catch up and play complimentary football. That IMO is the big difference.
  3. BlueDevil89

    Mooresville 8-2 at Mallard Creek 9-0

    Rick, could not agree more. This has been a fun season for sure. Would love to make some noise in the 4A playoffs. I think we are battle tested, well coached, getting healthier, and have the potential to make a run. 2 maybe 3 rounds this year depending on how the teams shake out. Win a first round home game, then go on the road and see what happens. Good luck to all this week! Looking to the future, the kids will get stronger this off season like they have not done in a while. They will work hard and be pushed to get stronger, faster, and improve this off season. Offensive line play needs to get better, but this off season should help with that. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Mooresville. This staff has done a great job with the players this season, but they did inherit some pretty good players. It is not like the cupboard was bare when they came here. They have done a fantastic job, but I think year 2 will be a bigger test for them. I think you will see a more dynamic offense as the kids have learned a base system and next year, it will be expanded. I think they tried early on this season, saw they were not ready, and scaled back to focus on a core that they could execute better.
  4. BlueDevil89

    West Charlotte at Mooresville

    If things continue to go the way they have the past couple of weeks, penalties will be a factor. Mooresville needs to get back to the discipline they played with early on. Penalties will absolutely kill you Friday. Cannot get into 1st and 2nd and long situations. Those are drive killers and put you in a hole. Should be a good one.
  5. BlueDevil89

    Mooresville at Hopewell

    LKN staff definitely had our number all night long on what was coming. Coach is an extremely hard worker and student of the game. Do not let the age fool you. He knows football and had his team well prepared for what we wanted to do and who was going to do it. Penalties def did not help, but we did have some favorable calls as well, so I think in the end all that balances out. With the rain, this definitely could be a little closer than most expect. As long as we take care of the football, I think we will be OK. Just will be more of a fight than some have predicted. Should be a fun one.
  6. BlueDevil89

    Mooresville at Hopewell

    Correct. With pushing games back a week, we have no room for error. Do not want to be put into a position where you have to play two games in a week. Even if it is Hopewell.
  7. BlueDevil89

    Lake Norman at Mooresville

    DevilO6. Agree. No one wants to see a kid go down in that fashion. Good to see the sportsmanship displayed there. Hope you are right and this is not a trend for the devils. I have not seen it to that degree in other games, so hopefully it was just the rivalry and the fact that they were coming off two losses. Need to see alot of improvement from the team, though going forward. Feel like we took some steps backwards in that game execution wise. Debo did not look like himself at all with some of the throws. Even saw him on a couple of runs look like he did not want any part of contact. He has not shown that at all this year, so hoping he is healthy. Some of the throws early looked off as well. On to Hopewell...
  8. BlueDevil89

    Lake Norman at Mooresville

    Have to give LKN some credit. That is a much better team than the 2 wins they have. I have to say also, I understand now why so many players were left on the JV squad. I think you get used to losing just like you get used to winning. It is going to take a year or so to get that team out of the habit of losing. Having a JV team have some success is the first step towards that. As for the refs, just a horribly officiated game. Kept both teams from really getting anything going. A pass interference was missed (good for Mooresville) on that trick fake punt play. Completely caught the crew off guard. That would be a play I would tell the crew before the game I was thinking of running and exactly what penalty I was looking to get. That crew did not know what was going on. They did not have any business being on a middle school field, much less a Friday night rivalry game. Thankfully Mooresville was able to shake off some rust in the second half and get the job done. Game was much closer than the score indicated. Little brother gained some respect from bigger brother Friday night. On a side note as well. Mooresville has to get a handle on the trash talking, etc. That will be flagged from a better crew. Love the fire and passion of play, but some of the "showiness" for lack of a better word could stand to be toned down a little, IMO. Something to be said for kicking a guys a$$, then helping him up, letting him know you will be there all night.
  9. BlueDevil89

    Lake Norman at Mooresville

    I think so. Not sure how much he will be used just to make sure he stays healthy. I would think it depends on how he responds after a quarter or so. Score may be another factor. If it is close, then I would think he plays more. If not so close, he may rest more. Just my thoughts.
  10. BlueDevil89

    Lake Norman at Mooresville

    I hope we put up 60 on them tonight. Our players should all be healthy. Use this as a get some frustration out of your system game tonight. We owe them a good old fashioned butt whoopin. Teach them preppy lake kids a lesson. Put them in our rear view mirror and keep them there. I'm not usually a big hashtag fan, but I will for a big rivalry game. #DRAINTHELAKE
  11. BlueDevil89

    Lake Norman at Mooresville

    Nicko--Well said. Hate is a strong word, but I strongly dislike LKN. It all started with the color schemes they chose for me. Neighboring school and they use the exact same as Mooresville. I know the staff over there is old Mooresville and that is the only reason I change my feelings from hate to strongly dislike. The fact that they have Mooresville trained staff and Mooresville bred staff makes me dislike them a little less, but that should not be mistaken for wanting to beat their a$$ whenever possible. Over the last several years we have lost our way with them in my opinion. We need to remind them of their place. Kind of like the little brother that grows up a little and feels like he can take you now. Sometimes you need to beat that a$$ to remind him of his place. I say this is the year we remind them of their place. BEHIND Mooresville. This is where they need to stay and where I believe they will stay in the coming years. Never mind that their JV is undefeated. Really does not matter at all. Varsity is where the championships are won. Why have a world beater of a JV program and have only 1 win at the varsity level. I am all about developing kids at JV and keeping kids on the JV level as much as possible, but if a JV kid is clearly better than a varsity kid, bring them up. Give them a shot. I would rather lose young and let those kids get used to the competition level and atmosphere on Friday nights than let them stay at JV and go undefeated. Most other programs, if they left their hyper talented Fresh and Soph at JV, would win as well. Go Big Blue.
  12. BlueDevil89

    Lake Norman at Mooresville

    I know practices are pretty tough and they are needed, but this time of year it would be nice to back off a little in practice to keep everyone a little more fresh. This off season in the weight room will do wonders for the team to get stronger and put on some more muscle at every position. Let's go kick some LKN a$$.
  13. BlueDevil89

    Lake Norman at Mooresville

    I am sure all are aware by now, but all I-Meck games have been pushed back a week. So, we basically lose the bye week at the end of the season prior to the playoffs. That is probably a good thing for Mooresville as it gives us this week to get our kids healthy and back prior to another tough stretch to end the season. We basically had this week off, LKN next Friday, Hopewell the following. All our kids should be healthy and ready to go to end the season with West Charlotte and Mallard Creek.
  14. BlueDevil89

    Postponements & Cancellations

    Mooresville vs LKN JV will be played Monday night. As Rick stated, pretty sure the varsity game will be played Friday at the regularly scheduled time.
  15. BlueDevil89

    Lake Norman at Mooresville

    Could not agree more. I want that attitude that we should win every game we play. I know it takes time to build depth and add muscle to the kids, but you have to have that attitude as well. That you are not only going to compete, but actually WIN. I want to make a run in the postseason this year. I want to actually have a playoff game at home and WIN it. I want to go two or three rounds THIS season. I believe playing in the I-Meck conference prepares us for that. MC, Vance, Hough will all be big 4A and we will be small 4A. We can compete with those teams for a round or two this season.