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  1. BR549

    No Class!

    Social media has made the sportsmanship issue worse. Doesn't take much for online smack talk to spill over at the stadium.
  2. BR549

    West Caldwell at Patton

    Patton by at least a couple tds. They have too much size on West and I see a few time consuming Power I drives eating up most of the clock. Would love to see a Warrior win, those guys have heart! If West has developed a passing game, it could be interesting and Patton may be listening to Cinderella's "Long Cold Winter" before long.
  3. Not to take anything away from West, but Foard has pretty much gone into a tailspin this year. They changed coaches and correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't it the school that chose to go a different direction even though the previous Coach had them on a positive upswing? I'm guessing that things have got to be getting interesting over there.
  4. West Caldwell 14 Fred T. Foard 13 Congrats to the Warriors, Coach Mike Biggerstaff and coaching staff! Great win for their program.
  5. Freedom 52 South Caldwell 34 Watauga 67 St. Stephens 14 Alexander Central 63 McDowell 0
  6. Freedom should not take the Spartans lightly and given the past two weeks, I don't think they will. Pat's should win, but it won't be without a fight. Freedom 48. SC 21 McDowell is little more than a sacrificial lamb this week as AC will take out two weeks of frustration on them. AC tends to like to run up the score, so don't look for any mercy. AC 56 McDowell 0 Saint will be overwhelmed by the Pioneers. Indians may make it competitive for a half, but Watauga's modus operandi has been to lay in on after the half. Great coaching adjustments. Watauga 56 Saint 21
  7. BR549

    Hibriten field

    Just wait until a visiting fan gets hurt on those bleachers. Then the folks at Hibriten will see what expensive really is. I truly do not understand how a program that has been state contenders for the past several years does not have enough clout with the school board to upgrade those bleachers.
  8. BR549

    Northwestern 4A/3A Week 8 Predictions

    Pat's win! Pat's win! Pat's win! Wow, what a game!
  9. BR549

    Northwestern 4A/3A Week 8 Predictions

    South Caldwell should win handily. They have played surprisingly well in some of the big losses. Don't look for it to be close. SC 28 McD 7 St. Stephens is better than they get credit for, especially offensively. They will not lose this game. SS 35 NI 14 Hickory is the best 2 win team in the state, but Freedom lost last week due to defensive secondary adjustments not made until halftime, not because they have a chance to beat Watauga. This should be ugly. Watauga will load the box and keep Young on a leash since QB was reinjured. W 56 H 14 Patriots achilles heel was glaringly obvious last week, but that won't matter much against a lackluster AC passing game. What will matter is big bodies and depth and I see AC wearing Freedom down and running away as the games goes. AC 42 FHS 28 PS. Hope I'm wrong about the last one. Go Patriots.
  10. I noticed today that this program is for home schooled students. Is there a school associated with it or is it just a team? I noticed a kid on this year's team that graduated from a local high school last year and thought it was kind of strange. Seems like it's a different kind of situation than the usual private school programs.
  11. BR549

    Band Practices with football team

    Being flexible can pay huge dividends for both programs in this situation. The band most likely practices on the field every day during school and most likely, twice a week after school. The football team practices every day after school except game day. The could easily work out a compromise. Some schools simply don't have the facilities to allow each their own.
  12. St. Stephens is a tough team to beat. They will give a good effort. I see them handling McDowell 28-14. Freedom should handle Hickory, but Hickory will keep it tight for a half. This is always a tough game. Freedom 42 Hickory 21. AC has turned been impressive this year, but Castle and Bonds will have gig games. The Pioneer coaching staff does ad good as anyone in the state and I think they're game plan for AC will be spot on. Pioneers 35 Cougars 21
  13. BR549

    Watauga at Alexander Central

    Watauga had earned the right to be the favorite. To be the best, your have to beat the best, so maybe AC can pull it out, but I'm going with the Pioneers. Better coaching, more versatility in the offense (even without Satterfield). The key to the game will be if Watauga's defense shows up for 4 qtrs. Watauga 35. AC 21
  14. Freedom 48 St. Stephens 14 Hickory 35 McDowell 0 Watauga 56 S. Caldwell 7 *Hickory's brutal non-conf schedule pays dividends this week.
  15. Reagan 54 Hickory 6 Olympic 35 AC 14 Foard 21 St. Stephens 28 Ashbrook 14 Watauga 35 S.Caldwell 35 R-S 12 Freedom 35 Crest 28