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  1. BR549

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Any news to report from the meeting?
  2. BR549

    Losing Record = Job Security?

    Sounds to me that this program is beset with parents that have poisoned the culture with "it's all about my kid" attitudes. A talented player will get noticed, regardless of the offense being ran. This can only change when the coach takes a stand and gets rid of those creating problems.
  3. BR549

    Casey Rogers stepping down as Freedom hoops coach

    Rogers will be a great Principal. I expect him to be as good as Swan or better. Losing him from the basketball program is huge and as much as the advancement appealed to him, I imagine he struggled with taking the promotion and give up coaching. He was a shoo in to follow his dad into the NCHSAA HOF had he continued for a few more years This should create a LOT of interest. The Patriots will be returning a lot of experience and talent next year and the JV program is solid as well. Time to get the popcorn, this should be very interesting
  4. BR549

    Northwestern Foothills

    Draughn can very well be a surprise this year. New coach starting his 2nd year has totally changed the culture and off season commitment from the players. Do not take them for granted. West Caldwell will be focused on gaining some stability, not wins, but the could win 3 games in this conference. Anyone can win 3 games. Getting a solid turnout of players and an injury free season to build upon will be a win in itself for the Warriors. Wishing them luck this year, those players do have the hearts of a lion. I would be surprised to see much change at EB. I think it will take a coaching and culture change to resurrect the Cavs to past glory. It is truely sad to see the Wild Bunch struggles continue.
  5. BR549

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    He was looking to leave eave last year when he put in for the Freedom opening. Reel is a McDowell alumni. The draw of coming back home can trump a lot of money sometimes. All of this is purely speculation, of course.
  6. BR549

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    I would expect Matt Reel to be interested in this job.
  7. BR549

    West Caldwell

    The big question is did Coach Minor or anyone else apply for the job? Reportedly, no one was interviewed, which would be odd if there had been applicants. Plus the whole thing of a teaching position not being available to hire a Head Football Coach seems suspect. This has been a crazy situation. Does anyone know how many actually applied?
  8. BR549

    West Caldwell

    I played for Coach Biggerstaff when he was an asst. at Freedom. His passion for the game is unquestioned and I've always had a great deal of respect for him. That being said, I really think WC dropped the ball on this whole situation. It would have made much more sense to keep Coach Holman until they had a clear vision for moving forward. The uncertainty and chaos experienced by the players is not only unfortunate, but was completely preventable. They are in a much better conference for winning now, but I wouldn't expect great strides to be made this year. Success will be measured by stability, not wins
  9. Anyone have info on cost of admission?
  10. BR549

    2AA State Finals: Shelby vs. North Davidson

    I'll take Shelby. They've been here and belong here.
  11. BR549

    Happy Birthday old Wise One

    Happy Birthday!
  12. BR549

    Likely State Champion

    There has to be some concern at Hibriten after seeing that high flying offense throttled last week. Defense carried the day and defense does win championships. The key for Hibriten is whether they can defend against a capable passing attack. Too close to call out a favorite right now. 3 weeks ago, I would have said Hibriten for sure.
  13. BR549

    Likely State Champion

    Has Havelock been truly tested this year? I think they are the odds on favorite until we see a link in the armor.
  14. BR549

    3AA West: Watauga 49, Parkland 26

    It will be an upset in regards to the seeding. Once the playoffs begin, anything can happen...
  15. BR549

    3AA West: Watauga 49, Parkland 26

    Watauga certainly is talented, but I think this week will be a prime time for an upset. Going with Parkland on this one, but Parkland will have to play disciplined and not beat themselves.