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  1. No word on the outcome, but I can't imagine any scenario where the coach keeps his job.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, the Charlotte Observer stated that it was a parent of one of his own players.
  3. West Lincoln Head Basketball coach reportedly went into the stands and punched a parent of one of his players that was yelling at him. This happened after playing against Newton Conover.
  4. Conference seedings in case of 3 way tie were held earlier today, pending results of tonight's games. Freedom #2 AC #3 Hickory #4
  5. AC by 28 Freedom by 40 Hickory by 10
  6. BR549

    Pep Rallies

    Most memorable was Fat Friday pep rally at Freedom in 1978 and toilet paper and a baby pig from biology were flying all around the gym. Don't see that anymore....
  7. BR549

    Forest Hills

    The team will be disqualified. The entire team (less 3 or 4 players), left the sideline and went into the field. A couple of the FH coaches should have stayed in place to prevent that.
  8. Can't say that I think Freedom deserves the #2 seed this year. Hickory has certainly overcome more and shows more heart than my Patriots have, plus AC actually has the depth to give themselves a legitimate shot of doing something in the playoffs. No one but Watauga is going to make any serious noise post season out of the conference. We should get by McDowell next week and put up a lot of points proving yet again that we are very good in winning games that do not matter. Then end the year somewhere on the road getting kicked out in round 1. If anyone sees the Freedom defence out on the road trying to hitch a ride, please let me know. I will gladly give them a lift back.
  9. I was just picking with you titanman. If I offended you, I apologize. There used to be a lot of ribbing between the Freedom and McDowell folks back in the 80's until the school quit playing on a regular basis. I used to have nothing but respect for you folks until I they tore down Mustard's Last Stand in Old Fort...
  10. SC/SS: St. Stephens is deceptive. They are better than their record shows, but so is South. A lot of improvement in both programs this year. South Caldwell 21 St. Stephens 28 AC/H: A lot at stake in this game and Hickory has been more consistent lately, but I see the Cougars rising to the occassion. Alexander Central 48 Hickory 31 W/F: Freedom has more talent, but Watauga had more depth. Birchfield has won a lot of accolades, but Castle is a better QB and has much more success winning clutch games. Unfortunately I see another big game letdown for Patriot football fans. Hope I'm wrong. Watauga 56 Freedom 40 I may pay for this next week (highly doubtful) but what the hell. Bye 63 McDowell 8
  11. Thanks for the response. I honestly haven't given this topic any thought until recently seeing the some stuff about Christ School and their schedule. I saw theirs and it seems like Catholic plays a far more difficult schedule, but Christ School seems to have a more " hand picked" roster, for lack of a better word. Are these programs worth comparison or is it apples and oranges?
  12. Not meaning to start a flame war, just wondering why Charlotte Catholic plays in the public school division instead of the private school classification? Would they dominate the private schools if they played them? I'm not very familiar with the private schools and most of what I've learned has come from this forum. Catholic just seems like an entirely different beast compared to the others, or is that just an inaccurate perception on my part?
  13. BR549

    Hope for McDowell?

    McDowell became complacent with mediocrity and waited too long before changing coaches and it will take 3-5 yrs for real changes to happen. East Burke is in the same boat, but they haven't changed direction yet. Culture is the bigger problem for the Titans. They've got to buy into off season conditioning and playing more disciplined. Too many unsportsmanship penalties and losing focus when things start going south.
  14. Watauga 63 McDowell 0 AC 56 SS 14 Hickory 48. SC 31