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  1. Warhead1

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    I think Vance played too conservative on O! To hold that team to 7 offensive points and lose is a dang tragedy! They came out rolling and then went away from that deep ball??? It was clear that the Vance WRs came to play and were getting open. Coach should've set up some playactions to get one on ones down field and let his WRs make plays. As far as the end of the game backed up that far and you never really go under center why no just QB sneak and play for OT? I know I'm being a Monday morning QB but dang Vance should've won this game and it cost me 20 bucks lol.
  2. I'm looking forward to a great game as well. I think this will be a close game just because how much both teams run the ball. That might make the scoring a lot lower than what people think. The thing that may hurt East Forsyth too is their lack of time to prepare for Scotland. There are thousands of people in the Triad area that are still without power from the massive Blizzard that dumped 14" of snow in Winston Salem.
  3. I think the State is going to see just how dominant the Eagles are in the 4A Saturday night. Not putting a score down right now but the Eagles are going to be on a other level Saturday night. They are crazy fast at every position on defense. Everyone talks a out Marshall and the offense but it's their defense that makes this unit so special. They fly around and swarm the football. Their secondary maybe the best in the State led by NC State Commit Khalid Martin. Good luck Saturday night. Hope East Forsyth can actually practice and prepare for Scotland this week with the 14-15" of snow on the ground in Winston Salem.
  4. Warhead1

    4A East Finals: Scotland 28, Seventy-First 0

    Coach Todd Willert led the West All Star team to a Victory went undefeated and has his team in the State Championship Game. If his team wins it how many coaches can say they won the All Star game and the State Championship in the same season?
  5. Warhead1

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    Calling it now! Vance with the upset of Wake Forest. This year Coach Brand and Coach Willert at East Forsyth join the list of NC State Championship Head Coaches.
  6. What do you mean Scotland has nothing to lose? They're in the State Championship! If this was some regular season game in the middle of October I would say ok but its not. It's for Everything! Buckle up baby!
  7. East Forsyth deserves this one! To hold Porter Ridge to 14 points was awesome. They will have another tough one next week in Scotland who Is playing lights out right now. It feels good to say the Eagles are back in the State Championship game for the 1st time since 92. Let's go Eagles
  8. Warhead1

    4A West Finals: East Forsyth 32, Porter Ridge 14

    Congratulations to Coach Willert, Coach Beal (EF DC), and the rest of the East Forsyth Eagles! They've been so close for so long. Now go finish the deal Eagles!
  9. Warhead1

    4A West Finals: East Forsyth 32, Porter Ridge 14

    I heard from someone that the Duke kid went out in the 1st half when it was a tie game. The game was definitely in question. Is that true? Hate it for the young man if he cant play but at least he will get to play at Duke next year if its true. Most kids football careers would be finished.
  10. Warhead1

    4A West Finals: East Forsyth 32, Porter Ridge 14

    Now that yall are done seeing whos d*** is bigger can we talk about the game? Rumor has it that both Running backs for Porter Ridge were injured last week against West Meck and didn't finish the game. That will be huge if they can't go. Any PR fans know how bad those injuries are? I think EF is pretty healthy going into this one.
  11. Warhead1

    4A West Finals: East Forsyth 32, Porter Ridge 14

    Yes. When you lose a Game in the 4A West or the 4AA West it is usually to a team in Charlotte because that is where most of the bracket is from you do know that right? Jesus people..... you guys are making my head hurt. Can we just say PR is a great team that deserves to be appreciated for getting this far. EF is a great team that deserves to be appreciated for getting this far. Y'all make it where someone is going to come on here and talk junk about some kids for making 1 game away from the State Championship! That is not an easy thing to do no matter how much some of yall think it is you Monday morning quarterbacks. Good luck to both squads. PR v EF is looking to be one of the best games you'll see this year. I hope the Eagles can pull it out just so everyone on both sides will finally shut up!
  12. Warhead1

    4A West Finals: East Forsyth 32, Porter Ridge 14

    What are you talking about man? Weddington plays in a state title or semi-final every year it seems. They are as legit as any team in the State. Sun Valley has one of the best QB's on the East Coast who's going to Florida State. Those are two teams that could beat anyone in the State. East Forsyth will have all it can handle and then some. If the East Forsyth offense plays like they did against Grimsley East will lose in the Semi Final again. The East Forsyth Defense is really good but they are playing an option team not a spread team. Look at the stats on Maxpreps Porter Ridge runs the ball on whoever they want to run the ball on. Even in losses against Butler, Meyers Park, and Weddington PR still ran for 200+ yards. East is good no doubt about it but they haven't played teams like that this year. Their toughest game was against West Forsyth and IMO West Forsyth would get rolled by PR by 3 or 4 scores. The more I watch PR Highlights on Hudl the more I think they maybe favored to win this game.
  13. Warhead1

    4A West Finals: East Forsyth 32, Porter Ridge 14

    Does Porter Ridge have a chance? Have you seen these guys play or have you seen their schedule? They are loaded with D-1 talent especially at QB and RB. They call themselves a Triple Option team but as Page fans found out their QB has one of the best arms in the State. Not only does Porter Ridge have a shot at winning this game in some predictions they could be favored by a point or 2. They are that good and it will take all that East Forsyth has to beat them. If East plays like they did against Grimsley on offense in the 1st half Porter Ridge will wear out their defense and East will lose. I will take East because they are at home but this one will be close. East Forsyth 32 Porter Ridge 31
  14. Warhead1

    4A West: Grimsley 27, Mooresville 7

    What about the taunt? What did he actually do? East Forsyth beat Grimsley 50 something to 21 earlier this season and if my memory serves me correct the EF offense didn't play very well.
  15. Warhead1

    SW Guilford

    I really think coach Rainey is done for the next few years. He said in his interview with the News & Record he wanted to be there to watch his son play college football at East Carolina. Honestly I can't say I blame him. High School football will always be there your son only gets to play big-time college football one time. As for possible replacements I think the number one name going around on other sights in Greensboro right now is the East Forsyth Defensive Coordinator Aaron Beal. If East Forsyth can pull off the State Championship that would bring even more energy to the SWG community. What do you think Chris Hughes?