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  1. Nit2winIt

    How can this be

    Very happy republican. You may think you have the last laugh, you are actually being laughed at!!
  2. Nit2winIt

    Final Easier To Read Brackets 1A & 1AA

    I mean “vikes” not bikes
  3. Nit2winIt

    Final Easier To Read Brackets 1A & 1AA

    Bikes, I’m sure NS coaching staff knows that your whole team is beast. I can tell you that I can imagine that they will be playing with an extra chip on their should as they feel like the state has $#!+ them AGAIN this year. I can assure you, a write off is no where close. As far as Clarke, he has been resting for 4 weeks and has not had surgery yet from what i here. I do know that kids at the next level play with this injury all the time. Maybe he is waiting on the right time to come back. Again, I feel like the 3rd round in the east is gonna be more like the state championship. I’m sure the bikes coaching staff will be at NS this week watching!!
  4. Nit2winIt

    Final Easier To Read Brackets 1A & 1AA

    He sees it pride, and so does NS. Please over look them. The high school football fans that have seen the TOP 2 TEAMS IN THE STATE play this year, knows that it will be state championship caliber. May even be a better game than the actual championship. I can promise that when they Comets pull into town, they will be ready for war. They have been battle tested, and played with some of the best teams (and one undefeated team that beat them by 4) in the state. They are not gonna roll over. Be prepared for a battle. THEY WILL BE!!!!!
  5. Nit2winIt

    How can this be

    Warrior04, ain’t it basketball season for you. If you go to the top of this page and hit the back arrow a few times, it will take you to the basketball forums. And word has it that your basketball team is gonna worse than your football team. A true and smart YVC fan would be pulling for the conference. That statement tell a lot about you. So run along, and let the PLAYOFF FOOTBALL teams discuss their situations. Lol.
  6. Nit2winIt

    How can this be

    Conspiracy talk? Aren’t you the one that just called theM out for recruiting. How th hell do you know what has taken place in Stanly Co? Im do not think your a bad dude or trying to argue, but I can disagree. If north did NOT get the shaft, explain to me how they have to play this week and the 2nd place team they beat by 5 TD gets a bye. That’s wrong!!! I don’t care who you are.
  7. Nit2winIt

    How can this be

    Mountie, now I respect a lot of what you have to say, but please understand that all these people saying “recruit”, but please understand that these 2 kids transferred on their own. The parents have to sign them up. Doesn’t have anything to do with coaches or team. Lease stop saying that. And if you can look at that bracket and say that NS didn’t get a shaft, I’m gonna start questioning your opinion!!!
  8. Nit2winIt

    How can this be

    They have 6 conference champs in the east and 1 1/2 in the west!!!! It’s straight BULLSHIT!!!!
  9. Nit2winIt

    How can this be

  10. Nit2winIt

    How can this be

    Can’t wait!!!
  11. Nit2winIt

    How can this be

    North Stanly beats North Rowan BAD, and North Rowan ends up with a bye!!!! This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. This has gotta be corrected. The kids are not learning what we are trying to teach which is hard work pays off!!! THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!
  12. Nit2winIt

    CP Top-20 1A Power Rankings - Final Regular Season

    It’s a shame if NS goes east. It’s was shaping up to be a very exciting west. BUT, as usual, NCHSAA....well, let me stop!!!
  13. Nit2winIt

    Updated Brackets - New ADM for East Wilkes

    Great. Understood. Thanks for clarifying btango.
  14. Nit2winIt

    Updated Brackets - New ADM for East Wilkes

    If their normally in the west and are conference champions, you must stay and play in the west...from what I understand. It’s a question!!
  15. Nit2winIt

    Updated Brackets - New ADM for East Wilkes

    Is there any truth that conference champions can’t play out of their region?