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  1. HHS2003BEAM

    cream of the crop Hibriten Gone

    Alexander Central and Hickory to start the year should be good ballgames. The conference will be another snoozefest.
  2. HHS2003BEAM

    Northwestern Foothills

    Hibriten graduated about 20. Offense lost a lot defense should be pretty solid.
  3. HHS2003BEAM

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    I think Albemarle was 1A then?
  4. HHS2003BEAM

    West Caldwell

    West will be in a conference where they can win some games.
  5. HHS2003BEAM

    4th and goal

    That would work as well only seen it once.
  6. HHS2003BEAM

    West Caldwell

    Biggerstaff did well rebuilding East Burke in the 2000's.
  7. HHS2003BEAM

    West Caldwell

    I don't think so.
  8. HHS2003BEAM

    4th and goal

    Quick toss to Gee Witherspoon. I like roll out run pass options in that situation as well.
  9. HHS2003BEAM

    Top 2A teams

    Hibriten may take a step back but they should win there conference and get a good playoff seed.
  10. HHS2003BEAM

    West Caldwell

    I know but if Holeman didn't take a teaching position it should still be open.
  11. HHS2003BEAM

    West Caldwell

    Who took his position?
  12. HHS2003BEAM

    West Caldwell

    Who took his position?
  13. HHS2003BEAM

    West Caldwell

    Did Chip English teach?
  14. HHS2003BEAM

    West Caldwell

    Jokes aside Holeman has been named head coach at Lexington so maybe West can get the position filled now.
  15. HHS2003BEAM

    West Caldwell

    When does spring practice start?