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  1. West Caldwell beat Foard 14-13
  2. HHS2003BEAM


    Shelby 13 Burns 7 North Lincoln 28 Maiden 0 Hibriten 35 Draughn 0
  3. HHS2003BEAM


    Hibriten 22 Draughn 0
  4. HHS2003BEAM

    Independence High vandalism

    Fix what you tore up and play football.
  5. I think West JV's have 2 wins. Most of West games start out competitive but a lack a depth kills them. If they are going to win a game it will be against either Foard or Patton. Foard has a good back but that is all and he got banged up last week against Hibriten.
  6. I ain't got no room to talk we got beat by AC.
  7. Simmons has Hibriten at 13 and Randleman at 12. Hibritens offense is looking better but its against bad teams so only time will tell.
  8. HHS2003BEAM

    Northwestern 4A/3A Week 8 Predictions

    Unless you get an automatic playoff birth you must be in the top 64 of the max preps adjusted rankings. Saint is currently at 68.
  9. HHS2003BEAM

    Hibriten field

    We've came a long way thats for sure.
  10. HHS2003BEAM

    Northwestern 4A/3A Week 8 Predictions

    Reminds me of that Texas game where they kicked recovered several onside kicks in a row. Crazy!
  11. HHS2003BEAM

    2A: Burns is Top Dog

    Just beat Shelby and we can come down there. LOL
  12. Draughn looks like they are much improved. They are throwing the ball a lot and I think they will be competitive in small 2A. They will probably give Hibriten a game in 2 weeks.
  13. HHS2003BEAM

    Watauga at Alexander Central

    Hard to pick against Habich.
  14. @Chris Hughes just curious what do you think of Hibriten on film. I don't feel like were anywhere close to the past 3 years but maybe I just got spoiled watching Gee run at will.