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  1. Hibriten v West Rowan 2010 Hibriten v Freedom 2013 Hibriten v Watauga 2016 Hibriten v Newton Conover 2017 Hibriten v Shelby 2017 Hibriten v Shelby 2018
  2. HHS2003BEAM

    All Decade

    Forgot BJ Emmons RB (Freedom)
  3. HHS2003BEAM

    All Decade

    From my Area I would say Mckinley "Gee" Witherspoon RB (Hibriten) Jon Barrett Lewis OL/DL (Hibriten) Miles Simon WR/DB (Hibriten) Titus Tucker QB/DB (West Caldwell) Zac Pollard RB (South Caldwell) Landon Dickerson OL (South Caldwell)
  4. Salisbury will be hard pressed to score. There only hope is to keep it low scoring and force some turnovers. Honestly I dont think it will be close.
  5. Pryor from Burns best player I've seen this year.
  6. Honestly I think it would have been good for football if Shelby would have went small this year. I wish they would have went small last year too. LOL
  7. HHS2003BEAM

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

  8. HHS2003BEAM

    Richmond Lights

    They stopped our game against Burns for headlights shining on the field.
  9. HHS2003BEAM

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    Don't think so.
  10. I'm surprised he's stayed there as long as he has. But according to the Radio guys he came to Watauga to be closer to his family so I couldn't see him leaving unless it was something too good to turn down.
  11. HHS2003BEAM

    3rd Round Scores

    Watauga 28 Mt Tabor 13 almost over Burns 24 North Lincoln 24 8 seconds left