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  1. Randolph county

    Eastern Randolph Football

    Will be Eastern be a Top team 2a dis year wit enroll of Na’hiem Lilly?
  2. Randolph county

    Add Randleman to the coaching search!

    Heard tht Stud Rb Lilly is transferring from Randleman
  3. I must say eastern was way better then I expected real good ball team. But I really like tht Lilly tough hard nose runner.
  4. Well Read This Clearly Randleman will win
  5. Like said before I still think Randleman Na I know they gt best backfield n county, an ER gt best player n county. Just seem like thekidd12 has something against snipes an lilly but believe they bout prove wrong dis Friday. They R two great respectable young men.
  6. Randolph county

    2A Top-20 Power Rankings following Week 8

    An wht quality wins does E.R. have.
  7. Randolph county

    2A Top-20 Power Rankings following Week 8

    Randleman is good An deserve tht rankin an don’t think game wit E.R. will even be close.
  8. Randolph county

    2A Top-20 Power Rankings following Week 6

    I don’t think Randleman has nothin to worry bout n the Pac 7. Tht Lilly kid is truth wit 1,000 yards already.
  9. Randolph county

    Best RB in N.C.

    Randleman Tigers has Two who should be getting talk bout gt sophmore name Naheim Lilly wit 725 yards 10 td n 4 games. Gt senior who just came back frm Injury name Jaquan Snipes who got offers. They r deadly combo.
  10. Does Montgomery Central have chance to beat Randleman or Eastern Randolph in these next two weeks?
  11. Randolph county


    Lilly kid look real impressive last against asheboro said he finish wit 220-225 yards 4 td
  12. Randolph county


    @thekidd12. Heard y’all gt two brothers from Randleman? Also heard tht snipes gt cast off be back 2,3 week.