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  1. WNC Football

    WHC 2019

    Did anyone go to the 7 on 7 yesterday (7/9/19) at Erwin? I have had several people tell me that Madison might surprise some folks this year. My reaction was - ok. In what way? Supposedly - there demeanor seems to be different the kids our playing with a competitive drive. Also, heard that both QB's looked really well (one is a freshmen). Again it's 7 on 7 everyone looks good without pressure. But from what I've heard they've got 2 QBs and 2 WRs that are pretty good. Wonder what their line is going to look like? Does anyone have any idea what offensive scheme they will be running - in the past they've been primarily a running team - why show up to a 7 on 7? A little skeptical and still don't know how much better they will be - It's Madison. But maybe they are turning the program around. - time will tell. Heritage Mitchell Owen Polk Madison Avery You can expect the same from Heritage and Mitchell. Owen looks really good this year. Don't know where Polk stands but I think Owen will have the edge on them. Madison and Avery looks to be a toss up. But if the talk is real - expect Madison to surprise some folks this year.
  2. WNC Football


    It's going to be very interesting for Erwin this year with the loss of a lot talent across the board from the o-line / d-line to the skill positions. Especially the loss of Weaver and Thompson and the transfer of Mosley to ACR will be a key factor. Whoever replaces Weaver will have some tremendous help with a receiving core that has some experience getting playing time the previous year. Key players at the receiving core are: Tre Hutchison, Jonny Peay and a huge D1 prospect in Tristian Brank. I believe Keavon Carson should step up and fill the role where Don Mosley transferred. The biggest question mark that Erwin will need to answer is how well will the front stand up to the pressure. My opinion Erwin will probably finish 3rd or 4th in the conference. ACR Asheville 4. Either up to Erwin and Tuscola
  3. WNC Football

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    You get what you asked for! Stop recycling the same coaches! MCDOWELL - With just over two months until the start of the 2019 football season, McDowell High School has hired its new head football coach. Darrell Brewer, a former head coach at Avery High School, takes over for Andy Morgan, who resigned in May to take an assistant coaching position at Reynolds High School. Brewer, 48, becomes the ninth head football coach at McDowell. He served as defensive coordinator at Cloudland (Tenn.) High last year. Brewer went 68-71 at Avery County, taking the Vikings to the playoffs once in 11 years. McDowell has only had two winning seasons since 2001 and produced a combined 6-17 record the last two years since leaving the Western Mountain Athletic Conference for the split Northwestern 3A/4A conference. McDowell opens the season on the road against R-S Central on Aug. 23.
  4. WNC Football

    Erwin vs ACR (TOP 2 QB's GO HEAD TO HEAD)

    Agree - Paul! 3-4 TDs off a post route. Simple sight adjustment. If your going to play man w/no center field help slide the DB inside and play inside out. Game adjustments. Think Reynolds picked up on it very quickly. Spy on Weaver and took away his run capability. Game plan and game adjustments (Great job Reynolds). Flynn also picked up the pressure from the outside was coming flat which left the run outside wide open and when he got moving he is a load to take down! Third and long has to be fixed by Erwin or it’s going to haunt them all season. One other note: Weaver could play at the next level as QB but it would have to be the right system (Option / Speed Option Offense or something similar). But more than likely he would be moved to a Slot or Rover on Defense.
  5. WNC Football

    Erwin vs ACR (TOP 2 QB's GO HEAD TO HEAD)

    Hats off to Flynn - Great Football IQ! But I also want to say great coaching plan and game adjustments by Reynolds coaching staff. As I said earlier Erwin has some secondary issues that have to get fixed. Still believe in Weaver and as I said earlier the most athletic QB in the mountains but I stress athletic. Someone said earlier if he wants to play at the next level he is playing out of positions. Very True! But you play where your coach needs you. Hopefully college coaches will see his potential and make those changes. Someone also said earlier the reason Weaver doesn’t have an offer is because he is 5’10 - exactly! Why I stressed the most ATHLETIC QB. If you remember last year Weaver started at SS, LB, WR and QB until he settled in at the QB position. Flynn - Great job! Impressed and was impressed before this game - big future ahead of you. Weaver - Great job as well! Keep fighting those offers will come! I believe you have a future in the collegiate ranks as well. Final note: Reynolds keep doing what you are doing. Erwin you will probably only make it to the second round of the playoffs unless you make some secondary adjustments. I know it’s not ideal but sometimes you have play personnel on both sides of the ball even if he is your starting QB (It might even help his collegiate options).
  6. WNC Football

    Erwin vs ACR (TOP 2 QB's GO HEAD TO HEAD)

    Could be the best game in the mountains this week! Two of the areas best QB’s going at it head to head. The it factors: Weaver - which I’ve stated on several occasions is probably the best overall QB in the mountains; will play with a chip on his shoulders. Why? No offers. Flynn on the other hand has committed to ECU - this in its self is a battle between the two and should be accounted for. One has his future established the other is playing for his future. One might play it safe the other night leave everything on the field and then some. To the game itself! The secondary for Erwin is still questionable - Reynolds will have to find away to manage the theat of Simeon and the run of Weaver. Either way around this going to be a high scoring game! I’m assuming Reynolds is going to Blitz early and often but one missed tackle or if the OL holds up Weaver will make them pay for Blitzing. Erwins DL has to show up to put pressure on Flynn and Bell. Erwin will have to bring in help on obvious passing plays to slow down the big play capabilities in Reynolds passing game. Problem with that is they will probably turn to their two best weapons on offense (Simeon and Weaver). They better be in shape! Prediction: Erwin 42 - ACR 35 or ACR 42 - Erwin 35 YOU PICK!
  7. WNC Football

    WMAC 2018

    Watched the Erwin’s jamboree and scrimmage the following is my assessment: Overall they really looked great however at times unsure and complacent. This is probably the most overall talent Erwin has had in a long time. Simeon #3 and #’s 11, 5, 8 and 9 should have a big year at the WR position. A lot of talk has been centered around Flynn and Gossett at QB position in the WMAC but after watching the preseason mix - I believe Weaver is the most athletic QB in the Mtn. My assessment of him in the last two outings are: 1. He gets zoned in on Simeon to much but who wouldn’t - Simeon is the go to WR and is almost always a sure bet. 2. He needs to look backside at one on one coverages more than he does. 3. Quit worrying about sharing the rock if you need to pull and run then run. 4. Quit dancing/juke moves and run the opponent over - make them think twice before stepping in the way. Offensive line is massive and will not be pushed around - they should provide great protection for Weaver and open up plenty of holes for Don Mosley. Defensively - Riley Towles is going to be a beast off the edge not many offenses are going to slow him down. Where was he at last year? Although Erwin’s Defensive front 7 has the potential to dominate games the question mark is the secondary. I think his name is Monty Williams but he will shut down his side of the field but that’s about it and if they are going to beat Reynolds and Asheville this the area they need to fix. Heard talk in the stands that Weaver and Simeon will make appearances in the Secondary to help clean things up some. Said all of that to say this - If they start like they finish they could run the table.
  8. There are several athletes in WNC that seem to be under rated. Anyway as for Reynolds getting back to the championship is unlikely but can it be done - YES - they proved that last year when nobody gave them a chance. However the landscape of the WMAC is changing with Asheville and Erwin stepping up. This year the WMAC should be very interesting. The question remains - will anyone stop Reynolds dominance and their winning streak in the conference? Here are some key players to watch in WMAC that should get their recognition this year - some have already received offers: Alex Flinn - Reynolds - QB - ECU commit Ty Gossetr - TC Roberson - QB Kendrick Weaver - Erwin - QB Three Hilier - Asheville - QB Simeon Thompson - Erwin -WR CJ Elomonus - Reynolds - OL Dillon Luther - Erwin - OL Marvin Pearson - Asheville - TE Brayden Monday - Tuscola - LB
  9. WNC Football

    2018-19 3A QBs to watch...

    No disrespect meant to Asheville and I didn't mention him because we don't have the numbers. Provide me with a location for his stats for comparison. The reason the Erwin kid is mentioned is simply because he didn't start the entire season and his numbers are pretty impressive when comparing common opponents from Maxpreps. I did watch the Asheville / Erwin (This is always a pretty big game in the mountains besides the Asheville/Reynolds game) game and it was a lopsided victory but the scores/stats doesn't always tell the full story. Erwin certainly had their chances up till a point. But I also noticed their was no chemistry with the Erwin team at all. Also, the Owen transfer (Kendrick) really didn't see the field until he came in at the end of the 4th quarter and he lit a spark and it was noticed from everyone in the stands - I think that game played a big part in him getting the start for the remainder of the season and we all seen what he did from that point. It was interesting to notice in the first game of the season against Mitchell - Weaver started the 2nd half and completely turned that game around and almost brought them back to a victory. Wondering why he didn't have the start for remainder of the season then? But coaches usually have an insight into the bigger picture so to question that is beside the point. But as I said earlier about Weaver - how will he handle the pressure and spotlight from the start and against Asheville and Reynolds? I will also say this as a side note. Rumors are that both Flinn and Weaver have been contacted by several big schools - Don't know how accurate that is but it is worth mentioning. This what I do know - the WMAC will have a lot of eyes on them this season and Flinn, Gossett, Weaver and Hillier will have to live up to the hype. Can't wait till the season gets here! Here are the stats for common opponents (excluding Asheville) between the three that were listed previously - again provide me with a location for Three Hillier's stats. Common Opponents Comp Att Yards C% Avg TD QB Rate North Buncombe K. Weaver 9 12 202 0.75 22.4 1 144.4 A. Flinn 18 21 228 0.857 12.7 5 138.5 Ty Gossett 8 13 197 0.615 24.6 3 145 West Henderson K. Weaver 28 35 364 0.8 13 3 140.7 A. Flinn 15 28 213 0.536 14.2 5 118 Ty Gossett 11 20 171 0.55 15.5 2 116.9 Enka K. Weaver 8 18 245 0.444 30.6 3 130.8 A. Flinn 18 20 293 0.9 16.3 3 168.8 Ty Gossett 14 21 229 0.667 16.4 3 142.7 North Henderson K. Weaver 9 12 132 0.75 14.7 3 150 A. Flinn 5 9 61 0.556 12.2 1 113.7 Ty Gossett 5 9 83 0.556 16.6 1 84.3 Tuscola K. Weaver 13 18 190 0.722 14.6 3 122.7 A. Flinn 21 25 337 0.84 16 2 134.2 Ty Gossett 25 37 417 0.676 16.7 5 144.9 Totals Comp Att Yards C% Avg TD QB Rate K. Weaver 67 95 1133 0.69 19.06 13 137.72 A Flinn 77 103 1132 0.74 14.28 16 134.64 Ty Gossett 63 100 1097 0.61 17.96 14 126.76
  10. WNC Football

    WHC 2018

    Two sides of a coin! We know who will be in the top three and we know who finish out at the bottom three. With the loss of Trey Robinson look for the top two conference teams from last year to switch places but keep an eye on Polk they could be the sleeper. The bottom three teams says nothing changes and again Madison, Owen and Avery will battle for the last three spots in the conference. · The top three teams in the conference were loaded with seniors but their programs are solid look at the coaching staff of these three programs to be the difference. The one unknown is Polk – Why? Elijah Sutton! A 1200+ rusher from last year could make or break their season. But he must be able to withstand the defensive pressure from both Mitchell and Mountain Heritage. · Madison is the only uncertain team in the conference if they rally behind Clark Gray who threw for 1100+ yards and rushed for 1300+ yards they could have a break out year and challenge both Mountain Heritage and Polk for the third spot in the conference. Predictions 1. Mitchell (2) 2. Mountain Heritage (1) 3. Polk (3) 3. Madison (4) 5. Owen (5) 6. Avery (6) () = Finished in 2017 Conference
  11. WNC Football

    Top teams of the 3A or 3AA

    Western Mountain Athletic Conference As predicted in 2017 Reynolds and Asheville rose to the top and both teams made the playoffs. While Reynolds went on to play in the 3AA State Championship, Asheville fail short losing in the first round. As for next year, Reynolds seems to be the favorite and logical choice but with the loss of several key seniors, the Rockets will have to find a way to rally behind rising senior Alex Flinn. Flinn’s numbers where truly impressive and having a former NFL QB coach does not hurt. Coach Laws and the Rockets are more than likely to win the conference once again. However, the atmosphere will likely change for the conference with the emergence of the Erwin Warriors led by Coach Pruett. Although, Asheville came in second in the conference this will not be the case for the upcoming season. Why? Asheville dominated Erwin early in the season last year before Coach Pruett and the Warriors found their groove in the second half of the season behind rising senior Kendrick Weaver. The Warriors were 0-4 overall at the start of the 2017 season and 0-2 in conference play losing to the Rockets and the Cougars in their first two conference games. Weaver took over the QB position in week five and won out the remaining season to set the Warriors up for a first round playoff game. Weaver ended the season throwing for over 1600+ yards and 17 touchdowns and running for eight more. The Warriors are returning their entire starting offensive line, which should provide ample throwing lanes for Weaver. The loss of Isiah Poore will hurt but Rising Junior Don Mosley will step in and take the load off Weaver when needed. Look for Weaver to lead Erwin deep into the Playoffs next season. Although, my prediction is for AC Reynolds to win the conference, I would not be surprised if Erwin becomes the new King of the Western Mountain Athletic Conference. Noteworthy: Three (3) of the top 5 QB in WNC are in the WMAC. This could be a shootout 2018 season.
  12. WNC Football

    2018-19 3A QBs to watch...

    The Mountains do not get much attention but here are some key players to watch for next season. Alex Flinn – AC Reynolds Games Played = 16 300 - 447 / 67.1% 3972 yds 40 TD / 10 INT Ty Gossett – TC Roberson Games Played = 11 164 - 306 / 53.6% 2528 yds 26 TD / 12 INT Kendrick Weaver – Clyde A Erwin Games Played = 11 108 – 183 / 59% 1630 yds 17 TD / 2 INT These are 3 of the top 5 QB’s in Western North Carolina and all three are in the same conference. Next season should be a shoot-out. The Weaver kid transferred from Charles D Owen at the end of the summer last year and did not get his first full complete game until the fifth game of the season and he put up some impressive numbers in the last half of the season. It will be interesting to see how he will handle the spotlight from the start of the season. If you are looking for a game to watch the match-up between any combinations of the three is a sure bet. The Flinn kid is already being looked at by several colleges from what I have heard.