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  1. Washington County has 295 student... They may need to move the line down to 450... North Edgecombe only has 220 students..
  2. Lol...I said the same thing. If we see them in the playoffs, it may be different. Oh yea, i have a few notes i could share with you as well..lol
  3. Good game bro. How many points yall bears scored against d h conley again?
  4. We know about him. Ask him what the scrimmage was like during the summer. However, he may have turned it up a notch. Pray that everyone have safe travels and for the safety of the players.
  5. 40-0...Washington County..
  6. Coach Floyd

    Fall Ball (Baseball)

    I hate it here in the east... In Martin county kids will be playing in a summer leagues for baseball and want even come to football activities, until they can find time. Funny thing about it is that most kids will get a football offer and never get a offer for baseball and they play baseball all year round..smh
  7. Washington County High School Beats North Hampton County 35-22....Coach Hunt and his staff has made some changes at the skill positions and it made a big difference on tonight. In addition, they played a new QB on tonight by the name of Cedez Norman ( Basketball Star), and the kid was awesome!!! He threw the ball very well on tonight, and North Hampton was not ready for it. Furthermore, with their running attack with their two Backs ( the Webb boys) and a great passing game, and a maturing defense, these guys can make some noise in the 1A East!!!
  8. Great game last night. Coach Mcgill did an awesome job with the young squad last night, but our panthers pulled off a great win. We hurt ourselves multiple times, which cause riverside to convert, but overall our run defense did a great job. Shout out to Coach Hunt on his first victory as a head coach and breaking riverside's winning streak against the Vikings /panthers.
  9. I just wanted to let everyone know that the Washington County Panthers will be very special this year. Furthermore, we competed very well at northside against bertie, southside, northside, and pamlico, and no one scored on our defense out of the whole scrimmage and our offense did very well. In addition, we scrimmaged at Edenton high school this past friday against North Hampton county , 3 schools from Virgina , and pamlico, but Edenton was the only team we didn't scrimmage for some reason, and we made some noise!!... We were only scored on one once out of the whole Jamboree, and that was by pamlico because we did goal line session. I believe we are very good on defense this year and we have the playmakers on offense to go all the way this year.
  10. William (KJ) Hunt for Washington County High School....Will be a great coach this year for us!!!
  11. No Problem.. We live and we learn...We all make mistakes.. Including me..lol
  12. Your right. I live in Jamesville in a community called dardens. Hes a legend around here. I just spoke with coach robert Cody today. Washington county has some giant linemen.