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  1. Coach Floyd

    Hermon Boone ( Died)

    One the best to be a part of the east!
  2. Hermon Boone died. Prayers out to his family!
  3. Coach Floyd

    Congratulations To The West

    I wished people out this way thought like that!
  4. Coach Floyd

    Congratulations To The West

    That's how tarboro is. Majority of their players play football and run track, and that's why they're good.
  5. I would like to say congratulations to the western part of the state for making the sweep on today. Furthermore I have questions for some of the guys out there. Do your high school coaches have to compete with AAU and travel baseball coaches during the months of May, June, and July ? I notice that during the passing leagues here a lot coaches in the east complain about their players being on the road playing AAU basketball and travel baseball. In addition, they have not being going to team workouts after basketball season, because their parents are wanting them to play AAU basketball and Post-baseball. I'm just wondering. Moreover, I know that the East has more basketball players currently playing in the NBA than the West, but some are in the NFL as well. I just want to know, because we are not going to win championships this way.
  6. I've always pulled for the underdog for some reason. I believe North Hampton has been playing some football here lately... So with that being said, I'm going with any team from the East win,lose, or draw. I pray all teams have save travels on tomorrow.
  7. Coach Floyd

    Players from the West

  8. Coach Floyd

    Players from the West

    Just like a lot of people dont even know that the real Hermon Boone ( Remember the Titans) is from Rocky Mount, NC. In addition, he taught my Pastor in school at E J Hayes in Williamston, NC.
  9. Coach Floyd

    Players from the West

    Wow... I never knew that Paul Johnson was from North Carolina. Furthermore, it's amazing to know that he didn't even playing college football and was a successful coach.
  10. Coach Floyd

    Players from the West

    I know we have a country band called Parmele. The two brothers are from Martin County, which is the county I stay in.
  11. Coach Floyd

    Players from the West

    Do the West have any young guns in the NBA playing now? The Eastern part of North Carolina is flooded with young talent in the NBA right now.
  12. Coach Floyd

    Players from the West

    Sounds good!
  13. Coach Floyd

    Players from the West

    Oh ok. I teach at Washington County high and sometimes we talk about athletes from the Eastern part of the state that are in the pros or who played in the pros