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  1. William (KJ) Hunt for Washington County High School....Will be a great coach this year for us!!!
  2. No Problem.. We live and we learn...We all make mistakes.. Including me..lol
  3. Your right. I live in Jamesville in a community called dardens. Hes a legend around here. I just spoke with coach robert Cody today. Washington county has some giant linemen.
  4. Yessirrr... I teach at Washington County High School in Plymouth Nc , but I coach youth football still in williamston. I saw Coach Cody the other day at the Panthers practice... Man I look up to these guys!
  5. Harold Robinson-Williamston Tigers- 2 state championships and a few runner ups Herman Boone- EJ Hayes Tigers- 5 state championships out of 9 years..
  6. Coach Floyd

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    They didn't even put Swain on the charts!!!... Well either way Tarboro probably will take it all this year again anyway!
  7. Coach Floyd

    Who was the best 1A team ever

    Thats a tough one. That year graham was a weaker team, compared to the 95 swain team that we beat..
  8. Coach Floyd

    Who was the best 1A team ever

    95 and 99 Williamston Tigers were some special teams! D'brian (PeBo) Hudgins #10 (99 State Champions) was a man!
  9. Coach Floyd

    Tarboro Quarterback

    Oh yeah man he's the real deal!.. His dad was Cedric Razor who played running back for Roanoke High school back in the day. He was very good as well, he also was selected for the east vs west game . They almost beat williamston that year in 95 I believe in the 3rd round.
  10. Coach Floyd

    Tarboro Quarterback

    Tarboro will be more of a speedy team on offense this year. Jaylen Razor is going to be special. He is also a native of Martin County so the kids is a hybrid. For example, if you take an athletic kid from Martin County and groom him as a Tarboro viking....smh.. The opposing team has something on their hands.
  11. William Hunt is coming backing to Washington County with a wealth of knowledge from his involvement in the growth of successful programs. He will be the Head Football Coach and Health & Physical Education Teacher at WCHS. William Hunt is a native of Plymouth, North Carolina who is proud to say he graduated from the legendary Plymouth High School. William Hunt started Varsity all four years as the Center of the Offensive Line during his high school career where he helped lead Plymouth High School to its very first State Championship! William received a full football scholarship to Fayetteville State University to follow, where he continued his football impact as an Offensive Lineman. Hunt helped lead the team to a Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) Championship in 2009 and a Division II playoff appearance. His talent did not stop on the field Mr. Hunt graduated FSU with a Bachelors of Art degree in Sociology. After college, William has taught Health and Physical Education, served as the RAYS/Restitution Coordinator, and Coached football, basketball, and Track for Washington County Public Schools. During his coaching stint in Washington County he turned the Middle School football program around, helped introduce a no huddle offense that lead to another PHS State Championship football title, and helped revamp the Plymouth High School Track & Field program. Coach Hunt later left Washington County to become a Behavioral Specialist at Belvoir Elementary and also an assistant Varsity Basketball coach at South Central, where the team battled all the way to the Eastern Regional Championship. This past year, Mr. Hunt served as the Site Coordinator and Student Support Specialist at Bertie High School. Mr. Hunt also utilized his talent by serving as the Offensive Coordinator for Bertie High School football team where last season he helped revamp and energize the program. Mr. Hunt has a rich history at Plymouth high school, He is one of three coaches to go down in school history as playing in the first ever state championship, winning the state championship as an Assistant Coach on the staff, with his sights set on becoming the first coach to collect the trifecta with a goal of winning a State Title as the Head Coach of Washington County High School Varsity Football program. Mr. Hunt has also earned three keys to the city of Plymouth, and has helped a host of players gain scholarships to Division I and Division II schools. William is married to Ya’Shonti Hunt, together they have a beautiful daughter Kylie Jordyn Hunt and they reside in Greenville, NC. William is proud a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Hunt’s favorite quote is “When you want to succeed, as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful” ~ Eric Thomas
  12. Washington County as well. They Just got a new head coach. I believe he will get the job done well.
  13. That's a lie. Furthermore, as we speak, im sitting with a formal principle from Tarboro's middle Pattillo right now and he says that is not true. That fan is a lie.
  14. I hate when guys from out west all ways trying to find something to say about powerhouses in the east. For example, Tarboro has been running things around here from the youth football league to the high school level. In addition, those kids over there breath football, even their little boys look like little men, without a beard. I live in Martin County which is right next door to Edgecombe county, so i know a few things about them. They run the "T" offense which is simple for their kids to learn, which give them an advantage because they know it from the youth to the high school level. Furthermore, the only thing they need to focus on is the weight room, running miles, and sprints. They don't have to spend hours on the field, focusing on the spread offense, because their playbook is very simple, but you have to stop it.....Unfortunately no one in the East can and no one out West can either.
  15. I work in Washington County now, and the only reason things didn't go so well this year, because it was a down year and Cody was leaving. Furthermore, they will be back up and running soon, just wait!