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  1. Marlon Morris the new head football coach for the Bulldogs. https://www.courier-tribune.com/sports/20200327/morris-new-trinity-football-coach
  2. It was a great run! Glad they made it way to national TV!
  3. Don Hines

    BREAKING: State Championships

    Here's what the NCHSAA said when asked: me: James IF the basketball championships can't be played? Will there be co-champions or just regional champs? Not sure if this has been discussed? Don Hines NCPiedmontSports ==================== NCHSAA:Don, It has been discussed but there has not been a decision at this time. It will ultimately come with some Board of Directors input if that has to be done. Hope that helps, James
  4. Don Hines

    BREAKING: State Championships

    The fact the NCHSAA didn’t come out & completely cancel HS sports yesterday leads me to believe they’re willing/plan to do everything possible to give the kids something this spring.
  5. Don Hines

    BREAKING: State Championships

    The latest from NCHSAA: Having heard the updated information related to schools remaining closed until the middle of May. The NCHSAA interscholastic athletics will remained suspended until at least May 18th.
  6. Don Hines

    BREAKING: State Championships

    The ramblings I'm hearing will be co-champ?
  7. Don Hines

    Prayers for Rick Harrington

    praying for Rick. I'll add him to the church pray list.
  8. March 20, 2020 MEMO TO: American Legion Department Commanders and Adjutants American Legion Baseball is suspending all baseball activities until further notice. As with all sports, there is hope to have a full season. We will update as new info is released Not only NC but in all states
  9. Rocky River High boys basketball coach Michael Malpass has resigned. Hope things work out for you coach! Ravens athletic director Steve Robinson said Malpass lives in another county and the drive to work became too much
  10. Jeff Overby resigned for personal reasons. Hope things work out for you coach!
  11. BREAKING: Providence Day hires Chad Grier as its new head football coach
  12. Don Hines

    Mooresville HC Change?

    That about sums it up!
  13. Don Hines

    BREAKING: State Championships

    That is why IF they play in 2 weeks after April 6th. Is for the teams to practice.
  14. Don Hines

    BREAKING: State Championships

    If in two weeks the virus is worse, at that time the basketball state championships would be cancelled and the two finalists in each classification declared co-champions.
  15. Don Hines

    BREAKING: State Championships

    If the virus improves, the result of the two weeks suspension plus two weeks practice would be state championship games for basketball on April 11.