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  1. The Herd

    Page needs Week 6 or 11 game

    Good morning Mr. Hughes in the future anybody looking to fill there schedule tell them to always check with Bishop Sullivan of Virginia Beach they always have some open dates. Thanks.
  2. The Herd

    2019 Schedules are Posted

    Hey, Mr. Hughes what happen to Northeastern schedule. I want to see who they are playing this year. I heard they suppose to be playing a team from MD. One thing I can say about coach Moore is that he will schedule anybody not like most coaches worrying about a school population. Although Northeastern hasn't won a state championship yet he does send kids to college to get a free education on a scholarship and not just use them to pad his resume, he cares about his kid a lot.
  3. Any schools looking for game in Sept. except 9/13 and all of Oct. contact Bishop Sullivan High School,Virginia Beach,VA. they have all those dates open the last two weeks so give them a holler if you need a game they don't mind traveling if need be with no string attached as far as money is concerned. Thanks.
  4. The Herd

    Keion Crossen

    Sir, I beg to disagree with you. There are a lot of good players and talent in the northeastern part of NC. that can be competitive with any other part of the state with the right coaches and training. A lot of kids in northeastern NC. doesn't attend the camps like they should to get the exposure they need and some of it is financial and some of it is their coaches fault because depending on the coaches they don't inform their kids about the proper camps they should attend if they want to get notice and the important of getting good grades in their classes and taking the proper classes. Some coach say they does all that but they don't. I have personally ask kids about whether this was being done and the answer is no. Coach Boone was one of a kind way ahead of other coaches back in the days when he was at E.J. Hayes in Williamston and should of gotten the head coaching job back then at the other school when it was integrated just like he said in the movie Remember The Titan i'm quite sure all you guys have seen the movie,if you don't know that was the real life story of coach Boone from Williamston,E.J. Hayes High School he attended NC. Central. Very few coaches today really care about the kids like coach Boone and some other did back then now it's all about coaches packing their resume and moving on to bigger things and more money which I can't blame them if they have a family to support but if NC. was so cheap in paying teacher and coaches a decent salary more teachers and coaches will stay in NC.It's appalling to be teaching at least five years with a MS and maybe making $50,000 a year it's frustrating for most teachers and the impact of that is it affect their kids in the classroom. In the last few years more kids in northeastern are beginning to attend camps and combines because they see what Gurley has accomplish and now with the kid from Northampton County making it more kids are going to be attending camps and combines and doing better in the classroom.
  5. The Herd

    Keion Crossen

    I'm glad for him and Gurley two kids from small schools in northeastern NC. and from small communities that had their head on straight and did what needed to be done to succeed. There are a lot of good athletes in northeastern NC. and from small schools and towns but their priority is wrong and just do enough in the class room to get bye to play sports. Their parents and some of the coaches and the schools as a whole must do more to try and rectify that problem. The guidance counselor got to do more also to make sure that the kids that are interested in going to college on an athletic scholarship got to make sure they are taking the proper courses in school and not just giving them the easy classes. They got to get out of the mind set that the kid cannot do the work because most of them can do it just need a little more motivation than others.
  6. The Herd

    Head Coaches

    Regarding the above topic there's a need for more Black Male teachers in the classroom where black young men can identify with and trust and relate too, and the teacher can understand where the kid is coming from in certain situations. If you never walked in that person shoes know matter how hard you might try it's not the same where in some instant a situation might arise where if you have experienced it yourself the teacher can defuse it. A lot of kids that act up in school for attention and love something they are missing at home. Some schools don't have any Black Male teachers in their high school where the young African-American male can relate too and trust. Maybe the county where this is occurring should offer monetary bonus to attract more African-American male teachers in the math and science classes like some state does to attract more teachers. Also as far as head coaches goes to keep it real some county regardless of qualification isn't going to hire an African-American head football coach to lead their program no matter how much experience he might has, there will always be a reason they will find not too, seen it happen many time. To change topic for a minute I know of a particular county and school that never had a dominate basketball program and there was this assistant basketball coach who coached at Dunbar High School back when Dunbar was putting out D1 basketball recruits that went to some of the top programs in the country in the 80's such as Dave Wingate,Reggie Lewis, Muggy,etc. and when he retired and left Baltimore to come back home and offered his service to volunteer to help the basketball team the team and school said that they didn't need him to help the young men get better which would have helped the team and the school with the connection he had. You on the outside just don't know the real stuff that happening behind the doors in some of those places that never hired an African-American head football coach, you will be shocked.
  7. The Herd

    The Super Bowls

    Hey do you guys know that there will be two young men from Northeastern,NC. playing in the Super Bowl? Everybody know about Gurley but no one is talking about the rookie drafted in the 7th round from Western Carolina as a CB #35 for the Patriots from little Northampton County High School, Keion Crossen 5'10" 185lbs. and doing his thing with the Patriots. The kid got game and bring the wood. It's good to see that the kids from small schools can make it to the big stage if they are willing to work at it seriously. If the kid stay healthy he's going to be a star with the Patriots and nobody isn't even mentioning his name.
  8. The Herd

    1AA East Regional: Tarboro 48, Holmes 7

    The Aces also have speed that can get around the edges if need be,they just keep knocking on the door until it will eventually open for them.
  9. The Herd

    1AA East Regional: Tarboro 48, Holmes 7

    Based on last year,this is a whole new season and players plus no team is unbeatable. Again this is not the same team as last year and if the Aces can stop giving Tarboro a short field I think it will be a more competitive game than last year.
  10. The Herd

    Edenton/Holmes and Riverside;

    Also #7 and #8 is a 4.4 guy also plus # 44 Chase and # 2 has good hands if the QB is on target. All of them is capable of catching the long ball.
  11. The Herd

    Edenton/Holmes and Riverside;

    That's what surprise a lot of teams and he's not the only one on that team that have 4.4 speed you have a couple of 4x100 and 4x200 state track champions on defense and play some offense plus a couple of state champions baseball players that's pretty fast also.
  12. The Herd

    Edenton/Holmes and Riverside;

    Edenton is a second half team once they see what the other team is during. All the OL/DL is new first time playing together only a couple of seniors on both lines. They should be strong again next year especially with the kids coming up from Middle School. They have a big kid coming up from Middle School for the line which will help them if he play like they say he's capable of doing.
  13. The Herd

    1AA East: Holmes 48, Riverside Martin 21

    Thanks, please try. Later.
  14. The Herd

    Edenton/Holmes and Riverside;

    If anyone get the score of this game and the Tarboro/North Stanly game please post. Thanks.
  15. The Herd

    1AA East: Holmes 48, Riverside Martin 21

    Hey is anyone going to this game if so please post the score quarter by quarter and also the Tarboro/ North Stanly game. Thanks.