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  1. Also there is another school right out side of Petersburg,VA. in the town of Chester called Life Christian Academy coached be Charles Scott that play a very good schedule and will come to Tarboro because they travel from FL. to CT. to play teams and is only 2hrs. from Tarboro and Coach Scott is very easy to talk too if you guys are interested. There are teams that would love to play Tarboro but the power to be got to reach out to them. They will do a one year of a home and home if you guys want that also. They don't have a large roster but will play anybody, that's what I like about them. Their schedule this season is Milton,Ga.,ST.Thomas More,CT.,IMG,Varsity Opponent,Elder from Cincinnati,Royal Institute,MD.,Friendship Collegiate,DC. another school that will come to Tarboro if asked,ST. Frances Academy, ST.John,DC. and Dematha,MD.. You see they will play you guys whether they win or lose. Later.
  2. Highland Springs H.S. isn't that far from Richmond,VA..
  3. There are several if you guys would call them such as Lake Taylor,I.C. Norcom, Booker T. Washington,Catholic which use to be Bishop Sullivan you guys could hang with them even Indian River. But you got to make the call. Also Highland Springs a national known team they played in Greensboro last season and Coach Johnson will play anybody. Oscar Smith they probably won't heck Northeastern has been trying to schedule them for years so I heard and they always come up with an excuse regarding there schedule being full three years out.Later.
  4. Hey, Coach Till at Richmond said he didn't care what school it is and he's willing to play anybody. I guess he's not worrying about the Maxprep ranking if he willing to do that.
  5. The Herd

    Vance JV Football

    Coach how far are you willing to travel and how many hours? Thanks.
  6. Hey, also there are a few schools just as good as Richmond Senior right there in the 757 area that would be interested if your guys didn't mind traveling for a couple of hours and do a home and home with them. Would you guys be interested in during something like that also?
  7. Good morning My Man how are you. Listen you said your fans would fill the visitors side at Richmond right? Now will your booster club and Gurley help to raises 15 grands to bring them to Tarboro? Check with your sources at Tarboro and make sure before this goes any further because trust me Richmond is down but they want to know can you guys bring a crowd. It's all about the Benjamin you know. If you guys can do that it's possible for 2021 but he want to see what is conference schedule look like first. Also like I said you can also bring in a top tier team from outside of Richmond, VA. would your people be interested in that as an alternative? Later.
  8. If Tarboro is ready to step up their game for 2021 and play Richmond it's doable I believe if they have a good following that will travel for 2hrs. and 45min to support their team. Sometime you got to get out of your comfort zone and just go for it, I know their kids would love the challenge. Later.
  9. Also how well do you guys travel? Plus the trip would be almost 2hrs. and 45minutes. Would that be too longer a trip for Coach Craddock for a regular season game, but what if they offered 10 grands. If you charter two buses you still will have 6 grands to put in the bank. Just saying it's possible if you guys are down to travel, heck do a two years back to back for 22 grands and make some money. Richmond is down are you guys ready to make it happen? Later.
  10. Are you sure your guys would play Richmond County and do a home and home? Would your guys being willing to go to them two years in a row if they financially compensated you well? Also are your people willing to spend money to bring them to Tarboro? Now there's a team outside of Richmond,VA. that is just as talent or better that would come to Tarboro in 2021. Also what date are you talking about? Also they are nationally known. Later.
  11. My bag, Mr. Catholic I was writing kind of fast but I was referring too the team from MD.. Sorry to offend you brother. Peace.
  12. That's what I do Mr. Tarborovikingsfan2018. I hope things work out for you guys, and they might be willing to come back next year if you guys treat them right with southern hospitality. I thinks they are getting hotel rooms right now.
  13. That's what I do to help teams that need help because I realize a lot of time the coaches are too busy to do a lot of phone calling to teams especially out of state teams. And I do this because I love the game and for free, because I would love to see the teams in NC. get to where other states are like example GA.,SC., FL., even VA., by doing that then you will gradually see coaches salary in NC. going up as well with more exposure that will get them on ESPN etc.. If Tarboro would like to play on ESPN high school football that can be done also if they reach out to them and this goes for any decent teams that have some D1 players on their teams.
  14. The date that Tarboro needed my man. 10/23/20 in Tarboro,NC. and their is another team from DC. that they can get for 2021 to come to Tarboro if they reach out to them now. Later and good luck. All coaches will be surprise how many teams re willing to come to NC. to play them, teams from WV.,MD.,DC., Penn.,SC., NJ., even FL., they just have to call them and work things out. Some would need a little financial help and some will not. There's a good team from Richmond that is also interested in playing Tarboro a very well know team that have played Catholic from Charlotte. Later.
  15. Hey,man the school is The Richard Wright Public Charter High School, DC.. They will come to Tarboro not costing you guys nothing but just feed them after the game. You cannot get a better deal than that. Are your people willing to play them. There contact person is Coach Morgan Taylor # 240-353-0676. They are making hotel reservation now and their AD has given them the approval to travel to Tarboro. Later.