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  1. Freedoms defense is suspect but I figure they win by 14 over South Caldwell. Alexander over McDowell Watauga over St Stephens
  2. Pats86

    Northwestern 4A/3A Week 8 Predictions

    We left with like 6 minutes left, Freedom down by 10. I missed the ball game lol. I guess that's why they play 48 minutes and not 42 lol.
  3. Pats86

    Northwestern 4A/3A Week 8 Predictions

    They'll show lol.
  4. Pats86

    Northwestern 4A/3A Week 8 Predictions

    SC - 24 McDowell - 14 Saint Stephens - 35. NI - 27 Watauga - 42 Hickory - 10 SC - 34 Freedom - 28
  5. I agree with what you say, we will give them a ball game. But winning big games or games that we have to have has been a problem for several years.
  6. I believe the conference is AC's to take this year.
  7. Pats86

    Game Start Times Question

    I remember years back they started at 8. Alot of us folks work 12 hour shifts now and your right 7:30 stretches it at times.
  8. I'll agree with those. Is it true that the McDowell rec league football program is hurting for kids? I've been told they are playing teams from out of county. It wasn't the best when I helped coach my sons teams years ago but participation was always strong. Just wondering if you might know.
  9. Pats86

    Freedom vs Crest

    Any win for Freedom against a bigger named school would be a great confidence booster for them. If they can make plays on defense and force Crest into making mistakes Crest can get flustered. I saw Burns and Crest a few weeks ago. Crest lost that game in the third quarter just like that. I like Freedoms chances but it's still Crest.
  10. These look pretty close.
  11. These look pretty close.