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  1. Pats86

    Darrell Brewer named Head Coach at McDowell

    I'm glad for McDowell. I'm proud for them that they went away from the good ol boy system. I look forward to seeing the competitive team that they are sure to be.
  2. Pats86

    Happy Birthday old Wise One

    Happy Birthday!!!
  3. Pats86

    3AA West: Mount Tabor 24, A.C. Reynolds 21

    Should be a good game! I may try and make this one.
  4. Pats86

    #11 Monroe @ #6 Freedom

    I knew he was home, I work with an immediate family member of his. I too wish him the best of whatever he chooses. He sure was something to watch!
  5. Pats86

    #11 Monroe @ #6 Freedom

    I sure appreciate all your knowledge Mr Truth. Now go somewhere.
  6. Pats86

    #11 Monroe @ #6 Freedom

    Not since Helms took them to the third round several years ago. Not sure on BJ exactly. Last I heard he was home and planning to go back to school. Don't hold me to that.
  7. Pats86

    #11 Monroe @ #6 Freedom

    I think it's time Freedom rises to the occasion. With a weak non conference schedule ( no disrespect meant at all) except Shelby, and a fairly competitive conference. It's tough to get what it means to win a close one or maybe win one nobody expects you to. It's time to win and get some playoff respect back.
  8. Pats86

    #11 Monroe @ #6 Freedom

    I think Freedom will be ready. Will definitely have to cut way down on senseless penalties. Coach Little calls a good game, the defense is fairly stout. We'll just have to see....
  9. Pats86

    #11 Monroe @ #6 Freedom

    Does anyone know anything about Monroe? I'm hoping Freedom can break the first round and out slump they have been in the past few years.
  10. Pats86

    Northwestern 4A/3A Final Week of regular season

    McDowell looked much improved I think over last year. They did some good things and played hard. But it did get away quickly in the second half.
  11. Pats86

    Northwestern 4A/3A Final Week of regular season

    That's what I had heard about Jayden. The refs should've been paid extra paid extra for future shoulder surgery after last night lol.
  12. Pats86

    Northwestern 4A/3A Final Week of regular season

    I don't understand it. It stopped raining in Morganton around 4. I heard something of a concussion protocol could have played into it.
  13. Pats86

    Northwestern 4A/3A Final Week of regular season

    I'll kindly agree with you!
  14. Pats86

    Games moved to Thursday

    I just saw where Patton-Bunker Hill and East Burke-Foard have been moved to Thursday night due to weather. Any other changes been announced? Freedom-Watauga are still on for Friday as of now.