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  1. I wonder if he is bringing in any new coaches with him?
  2. I'm glad they hired a defense minded head coach. Scoring has never been a problem here for the most part. We still may be a little young in spots but, hopefully holding a lead will be doable in the near future.
  3. Pats86

    JBB returning to NC?

    7-5 in one year at Freedom, 7-4, 6-5 in two years in Georgia. He's not staying anywhere long enough other than Havelock to really do anything.
  4. That would be nice. Back in the day it was a huge game every year. It'll take alot to get it back in shape. I've always thought it funny how when they opened the new high schools, whoever sets rivalries said Freedom and Patton were rivals right out of the gate. Maybe the same with EB and Draughn. Maybe for the kids playing now that rivalry is there. It's a shame they were born after Fat Friday and never got to see some of those games. Totally packing Freedom or especially East Burke stadiums is no small feat. Good luck to EB and coach Minor.
  5. Pats86

    JBB returning to NC?

    You are correct lol!
  6. Pats86

    JBB returning to NC?

    Not surprising. He loves'em and leaves'em lol!
  7. I was only picking too. I know how you feel. My son played there and played varsity 3 out of 4 years. The last 2 years 2009-2010 they won once and had to forfeit that ( ineligible player). It's hard to go week to week but there is always some hope that just maybe... I have tremendous respect for the young men who have stuck it out. Again I'm sorry.
  8. South Caldwell-34 Saint Stephens-24 Hickory- 35 AC-31 Watauga-42 Freedom-20 Bye-31 McDowell-6 .... Sorry I couldn't help it.
  9. Watauga -65 McDowell 6 Hickory - 28 South Caldwell - 24 AC - 48 St Stephens 20
  10. Freedoms defense is suspect but I figure they win by 14 over South Caldwell. Alexander over McDowell Watauga over St Stephens
  11. I agree with what you say, we will give them a ball game. But winning big games or games that we have to have has been a problem for several years.
  12. I believe the conference is AC's to take this year.