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  1. If we were Kentucky basketball fans we’d be calling in threats by now. Lol
  2. Mmshomer


    Most good referees quit or retired. They catch so much grief that I don’t blame em. Having said that, you should have to go to training extensive training before you start calling games. I agree with above poster if you want to see a show go watch middle school games. These dudes look like they just got out of the homeless shelter
  3. Tar hole your best chance was 3 years ago. Y’all don’t have anymore treys coming up. It’ll be longer than 5 years for heritage to get past 2nd rd.
  4. Mmshomer

    Regional Final Picks

    Heritage had a lot of injuries by west game. But your right we will be lucky to score a td
  5. Those teams were dominate in the 80s much like heritage last 10 years. Not as accomplished due to only 4 classifications. They dominated Avery and heritage from 85-90 really. Played same punishing style.
  6. Please say you’re a dook fan
  7. Yeah you base block and trap block. You run crossbucks, dives, and option. You pass maybe 5-6 times a game. It’s just like what we did out of the wishbone.
  8. Now that’s the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. We run a totally different offense and defense. Your offense is basically the wishbone out of the gun. Ours is more balanced. Joey learned that from coach riddle. Coach riddle sat in the box for Joey for awhile. I wish you were a dook fan you have all the makings for one.
  9. Probably a lot of moonshine
  10. Robbinsville was probably hangover from Murphy game.
  11. I think it’ll be close. I think the overall series is misleading as Mitchell played swain a lot during the late 80s early 90s. No one beat swain a ton during those days. It’ll be on the Mitchell defense to stop the veer. Can we get 3 and outs. If not our offense won’t do us any good.
  12. Mmshomer ACR is a totally different team right now. That was the second game for our new quarterback trying to learn the system! The kids are really clicking in all areas right now and are a very complete team!! Kings mountain is a very good team as well but you can’t basis your out come of the outcome of this game from a Shelby team they both played. ACR is at home and the stadium will be packed, I am sure KM will have plenty of fans attending also. Both teams are very similar in all stats! I assure you it will be one hell of a game and I see the winner of this one winning state in 3a. I am calling it now ACR 31- KM 17. Weather also looks like it will be a non factor as well!! Go rockets

  13. Acr probably loses. I’m pulling for them, however they lost to Shelby. We know what Kings mountain did to Shelby.