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  1. Mack building that fence. We coming!!!
  2. El Campion

    Eastern Guilford Football 2019

    Just got back from Miami. I will check with his parents.
  3. Love what ACR coach does in scheduling non conference teams. Nothing but respect for that man. He's a great coach
  4. El Campion

    Northwestern Foothills

    West Iredell will have a special year. Right now I got them #2 but they are LOADED. They'll give Hibriten a game based on talent alone. Again no way they lose more than 3-4 games this year. I see them losing to Hibriten and Statesville. But talent alone they should dominate everyone
  5. El Campion

    Eastern Guilford Football 2019

    He'll be there next week. Just spoke to him and his mom. He is very excited
  6. El Campion

    Eastern Guilford Football 2019

    I will check in with his parents
  7. Keep an eye on Parkland. They're flying under the radar. But I'm hearing alot of good things about them.
  8. El Campion

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    Where is Davie Former coach Illinger?
  9. I think it's closer to 40 D1 athletes in Mecklenburg. Harding, West Meck, West Charlotte also have d1 players
  10. Been ahead for over 2 decades
  11. UNC hate is unreal. Don't worry this is just the beginning
  12. El Campion

    Northwestern Foothills

    Line play shouldn't be an issue. Skills position is always loaded. As I stated earlier West Iredell should beat anyone not name Hibriten in this conference
  13. Question. Why don't MAC schools schedule games against Alcoa, Maryville, or Freedom?