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  1. El Campion

    2019 Bold Predictions

    Hickory Ridge will be in the 4a title game next year.
  2. El Campion

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    UNC just got former UT committ Brant Lawless. Kids a 4 star stud DT. Return of the MACK!
  3. El Campion

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    State is terrible. Thats all
  4. El Campion

    Final CP 4A Power Rankings of 2018

    Scotland higher than Mallard Creek, Myers Park, Hough, Richmond Co?? Interesting
  5. El Campion

    2AA State Finals: Shelby vs. North Davidson

    Why can't Reidsville and Shelby do a home and home series
  6. El Campion

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    UNC maybe the surprise of the ACC next year. I truly expect a huge turnaround next year. I think Mack understands the urgency of locking down the state again and putting a good product of the field
  7. El Campion

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Lol Tennessee still will be 6-6
  8. El Campion

    Sam Howell flips to UNC

    Taggart will be find. FSU has another QB 4 star from Louisiana that committ. Thing that people miss is Jimbo left FSU in a complete MESS. Jimbo last year FSU went 6-6 beat Southern Mississippi in a bowl game. Taggart will have FSU rolling. Personally I'm glad Sam choose UNC. Having a Quality UNC team in the ACC makes the ACC fun and better conference. Mack is just getting started. He will lock down the state within 3 years
  9. El Campion

    Football schedules for 2019

    You need a good secondary and balance offensive attack to beat Shelby. Kudos to South Iredell, very impressive non conference schedule
  10. El Campion


    Besides SWG. Football in High Point is over until new leadership comes to Andrews and Ceb. Central and Andrews are below average teams in their classifications. Central haven't been a contender since the late 90s early 2000s
  11. El Campion


    High Point Central?
  12. El Campion

    Hough at Byrnes (SC) next year

    Why not MC play Atlanta metro teams. Only a 3 hr drive from Charlotte to Atlanta. Wouldn't mind seeing Vance do the same. Been to Hoover from 10-12 when I was stationed in Muscle Shoals AL. Very nice program, a bit overrated. I think power running teams would give them fits
  13. El Campion

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Heard UNC is targeting Charlotte Christian Qb / Miss St committ
  14. El Campion

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    Where and what time will the game be?