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  1. I never said they would not be good, But losing 21 talent seniors is a lot to lose it like who going here who going to step up even thought we have a lot of talent. It still a building process. I still say we was the better team when we lost against Shelby it was about play calling my gosh it was terrible!!! We should have won but we didn’t and it is what it is they were the better Coaches that day!! And also Congratulations to Shelby you beat a great team and we could have said the same if we had beaten y’all.
  2. Hibriten 2017-2018 team 2017 on aloud 64 points on defense the whole season and was 2017 state champs and undefeated 16-0 and those 3 seasons 44-2
  3. The Cream of the Crop at Hibriten gone 21 players left not just players but good player that made a big difference!!!

    Hibriten ???

    One Thing about he got his work cut out for him on that program and he going to earn that money, Its like him going to Bunker hill and coaching
  5. I heard Western Carolina
  6. Coach made the decision he is gone nothing to prove anymore new adventures now.I think good move.
  7. I think anytime you lose you beat yourself!!
  8. @98State Champions if that makes you feel better then so be it another excuse
  9. Hopefully he will go somewhere else.
  10. Now that one thing we can agree on!!! Exactly!!!
  11. The thing about Lenoir NC seems like no recuiters come this way I think we have a lot of D1 players who lose out.

    2AA West: Hibriten 34, Bandys 15

    Hibriten never does that we have respect for other teams never under estimate
  13. You late this is over a win is a win no matter how ugly! yall did the same last year coming in thinking you going to beat Hibriten we are never underestimate our oppents we have one bad game all the sudden Shelby going to beat us .hey get all statics you want Shelby the game on the field. Maybe South Point had a bad game against yall and yall got lucky whats your excuse for Burns beating ya'll. Yall seem to be good at making excuses when yall get beat. But we not worried about yall, But yall worried about us digging for info lol .