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  1. Idiocracy9090

    4th and goal

    I figured you might say the reverse to Gee Witherspoon...
  2. Idiocracy9090

    Foard Searching For New Coach

    I know for a fact that the Defensive Coordinator from Granville Central, who went 8-2, and maybe had the best season in the schools history applied for this job. I told him that the job was open and he called the AD to tell him he was interested. The AD told him to send his resume and that was it. Never got called about an interview, never got called to say they were going with someone else, nothing. So instead they hire a guy who has lost twice the games that he has won in his career? Hey at least you guys are in the worst 2A conference in the state of NC. Surely you can stumble into a few wins a year.
  3. Idiocracy9090

    Random Question

    Can players wear sweatbands on their arms in games?
  4. Idiocracy9090

    4AA West: Hough 19, Mallard Creek 7

    https://www.apa.org/topics/divorce/ Marriage and divorce are both common experiences. In Western cultures, more than 90 percent of people marry by age 50. Healthy marriages are good for couples’ mental and physical health. They are also good for children; growing up in a happy home protects children from mental, physical, educational and social problems. However, about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce. The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher. Most data shows 40 to 50 percent. I have done my homework. This is not really the point though. You are pretty good at smoke and mirrors. I will give you that. Like I said, we will have to agree to disagree. Your opinion will not be changed and neither will mine. That is okay because we are entitled to our opinions. We can agree on one thing for sure though. It is good that the parent, who was actually the wr coach, is away from the program.
  5. Idiocracy9090

    4AA West: Hough 19, Mallard Creek 7

    Those are the exact lessons that we are teaching our children. If you can find a better situation, do it. If you can find a better job, leave. If you can find a better wife, run off with her. If you aren't happy with your family situation then roll out. You, of course, will not see the correlation between football and life here. You are biased. The simple fact of the matter is that the divorce rate is over 50%, and the majority of young men and women in our schools don't have both parents around. Why? Because we live in a selfish society where we have taught our children that they have to always look out for themselves. It has gotten so bad that you folks are defending that belief. Football is such a good template for life. Hard work, being a part of a team, facing adversity. What is the result when you teach your kids that if their MIGHT be a better opportunity you leave? The world is a selfish place and all I am trying to say is that we need to change our mind set. You can claim that some schools don't have a good weight program. Ours does. My son got much stronger here. The coach absolutely does not allow kids to be on their cell phone. You can claim that it happens everywhere and that is why it is okay. Well there are a lot of things that happen frequently in this world that should not be okay. You can put your head down in the sand and claim that teaching a kid that it is okay to leave for a possible better situation because they have to "get theirs" is okay. But we will have to agree to disagree. A lot of coaches do leave for what they think would be a better situation. I think a coach coming in for a year or two just to leave for a slightly higher pay check is wrong too. I am no mathematician, but two wrong DO NOT equal a right. Not all coaches leave. You still have coaches out there that buy into a community and stay through good and bad times. You can compare it to the business world, but you are comparing apples to oranges. You are comparing a grown adult, to a impressionable kid. And yes, by the way, I think that if a company has trained you, given you an opportunity, paid you well, treated you right, that you should have some loyalty to them. I think the notion that everyone should only look out for themselves in business, high school, life, maybe even marriage is a very dangerous way to think. You folks can claim that I was only concerned about wins and losses. You obviously don't know me. My son stayed. With the advent of hudl, exposure is no longer a problem. Youtube all you want. Colleges look a hudl. My son and his friends film can be on twitter and in the email inboxes of every college coach in the nation with the click of a button. Keep claiming better exposure all you want. You can do that, but by doing so you are showing your bias.
  6. Idiocracy9090

    4AA West: Hough 19, Mallard Creek 7

    They allow one move....if the LEA approves the move....
  7. Idiocracy9090

    4AA West: Hough 19, Mallard Creek 7

    Once again, you don't have any clue what you are talking about. My school has a long tradition of success. We were poised to be one of, if not the best team in big 2a and then three kids transferred to Hough, Mallard Creek, and Huss. You have no idea what happened so stop trying to sound like you do. We don't have a field hockey team. Football is incredibly important to this community, to the administration, to the coaches, the parents. There was a concerted effort by the QB's dad to blow up our program. You may know the dad as Skimo on NC preps. The parents and kids bailed on their community. They left their brothers behind. Is that really a message that you support? If things get tough, run away? You are obviously a father to a current or former player at Vance. Is that something you would teach your son? Or are you biased by the opportunistic situation that you are in, benefiting from being on the good side of the lawless state of the NCHSAA? Where does it stop? Would you teach your son that when something happens at his job that he should quit? When he and his spouse have a fight to get a divorce? When someone close gets cancer to run away? That the message that you are sending to these kids. Oh. Things are perfect at your school...okay. Bail on the guys that you have played with since you were five. Great message bro.
  8. Idiocracy9090

    4AA West: Hough 19, Mallard Creek 7

    Maybe every Charlotte school gets them. Maybe you folks down there can stick your head in the sand and think that all schools get transfers. That simply isn't the case. Especially not the caliber of transfers that flock to Hough/Vance/Mallard Creek. Where do you entitled d bags think they come from? Is there a magic fairy that gifts you Division I corners? No. A lot of them come from smaller schools. Comical? You are a horrible human being who is out of touch with reality. You laugh at the troubles of hard working people that give their all to help kids. You should be ashamed of yourself. Let me enlighten you bud. Sometimes they do transfer from good programs. Sometimes they leave a program that would have been a top 5 2A school in the state and drive from that small town every morning at 5:15 to go down to Hough high school so they can play football. Who cares that they have played there 3 years. Their family members played there. The coaches there invested everything in them. Molded them. Helped them. They got a DI offer based off the film at this small school. Is that really the world that you are promoting? If you think the grass is greener then just bail on your community? Do I think that taunting and talking crap on twitter is ridiculous? Absolutely, but how dare you attack my opinion when you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about?
  9. Idiocracy9090

    4AA West: Hough 19, Mallard Creek 7

    That's the whole problem. THE KIDS ARE NOT MOVING. And you can shake your little head all you want, but that's why they are hated around here. There can't be more than one reason that they are hated? You can't hate them for talking trash and other people hate them for all the transfers? We are entitled to hate how we want and you are entitled to hate how you want. Don't diminish my hate just because you don't understand it.
  10. Idiocracy9090

    4AA West: Hough 19, Mallard Creek 7

    Yawn? That's exactly the response the state has when someone files a grievance against Hough. You are part of the problem bud.
  11. Idiocracy9090

    4AA West: Hough 19, Mallard Creek 7

    Well then you must not know the same people that I know. Maybe you aren't mad at that, but a lot of people are.
  12. Idiocracy9090

    4AA West: Hough 19, Mallard Creek 7

    Why is Hough so hated? Is it because of the massive wave of transfers that roll into Huntersville every Spring and Summer? If so then there are other schools that deserve some malice as well. The real problem is the NCHSAA who doesn't actually regulate anything that relates to transfers. "Oh you have a small fry to cook out in the fridge and a t-shirt in the closet? Okay you live here." When there are pictures and other obvious evidence they live in their original home. It's all about money. Just like the Golden State Warriors. Super teams make super gates. Then there are the little guys who work year round, kill themselves, give up their family time, their health, all to watch the kid that they have developed drive down to these schools every morning. It makes me sick. Shame on you NCHSAA. Shame on you parents. Shame on you selfish players only looking out for yourselves.
  13. Idiocracy9090

    Newton at Lincolnton

    JV Red Devils win 28-0 over the Wolves. The Wolves QB was scrappy and had some wiggle. They did not have much else. Newton is 4-0. Looks like they have many offensive weapons coming through the pipeline. There were a ton of penalties on the Red Devils. That could hurt them in the future. The big tall receiver had two touchdowns and looks impressive. He caught one right beside one of the L-Town defenders and separated from them quickly for the score. Should be interesting in the coming weeks to see how well they do. Bandy's always seems to have a really good JV team. Does anyone know of any other JV scores from the conference?
  14. Idiocracy9090

    Hibriten @ Newton-Conover

    Newton-Conover rushed for 220 yards against Hickory and only allowed 80 rushing yards. NC threw for 60 yards and allowed 237. Stat lines were pretty similar over all. The difference...turnovers. Five turnovers for the Red Devils. I'm no mathematician but 5x7=35. They face a tough team tonight for sure but NC still has the ability to be pretty dang tough to beat themselves. If they can be turnover free then it can be anybody's ball game. Last year Hibriten turned the ball over five times against Newton. If there were zero turnovers against Hickory, Newton wins that game. Let's get behind the Red Devils because the greatest deterrent to victory is the disbelief that one has the ability to win. Example: Shelby vs. NC Fall 2017. Boys, you can do this. Go Red Devils Go!
  15. Idiocracy9090

    Hickory @ Newton-Conover

    I am not really sure what you are talking about. Stalking in Newton? Twitter? I am much too old to have a twitter. E. Reid moved to Texas. The starting job wasn't automatically given to him so his Dad transferred him to Hickory. They told him that because he was out of district, he would have to sit 365. SO. They moved to Texas. Which is a long way away from Springs Rd. in Hickory. More importantly than a family that transferred, there is a big game this Friday night in Newton. Go Red Devils!