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    Hibriten @ South Point

    I think hibritens jvs are going to be pretty good.. Nice to see that many kids out for a 2a school

    Hibriten @ South Point

    Was hoping you did...Been patiently waiting...

    Northwestern Foothills

    I hope for Bazzle thats true Not one much better than him,,,

    Northwestern Foothills

    Really not the same scrimmage i saw at all.. The one player you spoke of threw 2 int, and their longest play came on third and maybe 15.. Blitz on screen pass usually does not work out.. I think hibriten is exactly where they are expected to be at this time of year... We all know defense should lead them this year, and the offense will get better as kids grow to learn the new coach.. Would not surprise me at all to see them loose the first two, nor would it surprise me to see them win either. Remember from last year its not where you start the season but how well you finish!! I would not have given shelby a chance at round 2 through their first 6 games last year and we know how that team grew.. Also remember new head coach is putting his spin on the situation as well, and i think hes another good one for hibriten. Building year for sure,, but dont be surprised to see this team 3 rounds deep again either. And also it was Crest they were playing,,, just saying,,, still challenging these kids with tough competition early,, south point is friday...

    August pre-season scrimmages

    You guys couldnt find any better competetion? When is this? Probably worth the trip to watch.

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    Freedom has always had hibritens number it seems, unfortunately over the last couple years we have not been able to play freedom. Would love to see that rematch sometime!!
  7. Missed Sam Mackey for sure,,,, pretty sure he's gona make the short list over the next couple years. Totally changed the defensive outlook for Hibriten as an assistant, and will continue to as a HC..

    S.P. Raiders scrimmage schedule?

    I would like to,, i have heard its a friday morning scrimmage to beat the rain this time... but yes probably will be there.... You? Not sure yet how much we might want of you guys early in this season....

    S.P. Raiders scrimmage schedule?

    I know hibriten is comming down there for a scrimmage...
  10. HIBRITEN92

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    Should be a good first one in lenoir,,, hope the panthers can hang in there!!
  11. I would guess this year could start off a llittle uneasy but finish strong.. I would expect to see maybe a different look out of a mackey coached team, but i dont expect a big drop off at all. Hibriten seems to have more successful years with alot of juniors and sophomores than loaded senior heavy teams like 16" and 18" One things for sure gee's gone, and that alone made friday nights fun to watch, but i know there were some kids on that jv team that can handle it! I hear Crest and South point are the scrimmages this year, that should tell alot about how this team is structured. Where hibriten lacks depth and experience in some positions i think they gain in offensive line, defensive line and linebackers... This could be a great group of linebackers and a really good team,,,, however it ends this year i hope its with shebly or south point cause those games are fun to watch.
  12. "That’s one per finger and thumbs". Did you count that and verify with your own hands? Thats Lenoir math right there.
  13. HIBRITEN92

    Northwestern Foothills

    Same story year in and year out down there, they had tremendous talent last year and dominated no one. Its good to see them making playoffs lately, but they'd better learn to play defense, true talent can play on both sides of the ball.
  14. HIBRITEN92

    Northwestern Foothills

    Last year i expected more out of west iredell,, they had what looked like talent all over the field. Also a very good running back. Just seemed to not play as a team? maybe? They do however play no organized defense.
  15. HIBRITEN92

    Hibriten ???

    They are.... week 1.