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  1. I would like to see a rematch of that one....
  2. Not trying to bash SC at all,, support all county teams,, I just really expected them to be a lot better this year.. Either hibriten played them really well,, or they got a ton of work to get better.. A lot of hype around them in the preseason that just didnt seem to pan out. Maybe Hibriten just caught them on a down 2 nights..
  3. I have not seen freedom this year at all,, I have however seen south caldwell.. If freedom qb seems healthy, SC will not stop them defensively.. This is not the typical south caldwell power team. They look good from the bleachers, but team speed is down and like i said before they have 1 or 2 really good players,, other than that just average. I would also guess that if freedom gets up by 2 or three touchdowns,, SC will not be able to throw themselves back into the game. Seems hickory might be the same way??? Hickory is always, no matter how down,, going to slip up and beat someone,,,
  4. Freedom should win easily,, SC is not a very good team. They have a couple good athletes, but not near enough to compete with speed of freedom..

    Hibriten field

    Sometimes as fans i think we dont realize how much these coaching staffs do at these stadiums.. They deserve the credit i think for taking the pride in making this place look like it does.. Winning programs have coaches and fans with winning attitudes, and they take pride in "Their House" Lucky we are to have a dang good football team to watch as well. Yes everything said about the visitors side are true and the more people complain, they better chance we have of getting something done to correct the issue.. Also the more playoffs game we can host,, the better off we are to be able to pay for the improvements!!

    2A: Burns is Top Dog

    South point dang sure wasnt cold that night... We got those chicken heads back last year though!! Its always fun having them up to lenoir,, i caught about half of them sitting on the home side last year!! Some might even had been pulling for hibriten by the end of the game!!

    2A: Burns is Top Dog

    LOL IT was cold real cold in dec 2016 when they spanked our butts in lenoir.. We know exactly who they are... Its all in good fun!!

    2A: Burns is Top Dog

    Who's SP???😀😁
  9. You decided to drive all the way to lenoir to watch Hibriten vs West Caldwell???? And passed what should have been a lot better game at AC? I am with ya on the Hibriten may not be top ten team right now,, but why the heck would you come watch this game???
  10. I would like to see a watauga and shelby game,, just to see how they prepared for each other....
  11. Thats the funny part about this whole deal,,,, Watauga has feed so many people,, including myself,, that nasty ass pie so many times... At a district and maybe regional level there are not many teams better,, not sure they will ever win a state championship up there,, but heck i would pull for them....
  12. HIBRITEN92

    Watauga at Alexander Central

    Got to listen to this game on Alexanders radio broadcast,, these guys were awesome,, really into the game and did a great job.. They were however, just as shocked to see the game going the way it did. I cant remember how many times they said Alexander didnt seem prepared?? You may be able to out athlete watauga,, but you arent going to out prepare them...
  13. HIBRITEN92

    Watauga at Alexander Central

    Thank you!!
  14. Pats that seems to be a problem within the whole foothills area in general... A lot of really good teams have left playoffs early,, and some late.. that should have won those games. I think winning big games comes up with the kids from a young age,,, winners win,, stake the claim young, they learn that to be the standard.. Plus 3A is a Bit##, how many freedom teams would have competed in 2a the last 8 years? There is a big drop in competition in this area for 3a football,,, not saying there isnt good football teams in the mountains and foothills in 3a,, but they are few and far between. Kings mountain has been getting better every year since like 2015,, and now they are proving they are capable of winning the big game... Cleveland and gaston county youth football must be big time, they constantly roll out winners...