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  1. Cover9

    Best defense

    Don't know what the answer is to the question, but the team must be 2010 or later. You cannot compare great defenses of the 90's to what guys are seeing from the offenses of today. Not to mention rule changes, etc. Statistically, there may be an older defense that looks the best on paper, but it's a different game in terms of what Defenses have to deal with now.
  2. That makes a lot of sense for both parties. Good hire.
  3. What job is Morman taking?
  4. Cover9

    Mallard Creek

    Your wording sounds like Knotts is the frontrunner. Is that how it's meant? If he interested in the job?
  5. Cover9

    NW Cabarrus Coaching Search

    Anything? Been 2 months
  6. *Schedules Bergen Catholic* "They don't want Richmond" If they only knew...🤐
  7. Cover9

    All Decade

    Elijah Hood was probably one of the most impressive HS players I've ever seen. Especially because at that time in the Catholic offense, he might as well have been holding a sign with blinking lights telling you he was getting the ball this play and what gap he was running in. His 5-6 yard runs that should have been -1 or 0, were as impressive as his 80 yard open field TD's.
  8. Cover9

    West Cabarrus High

    Are they holding interviews any time soon? Would seem about the right time to allow time for a new program to get their offseason program going for kids who will be zoned there.
  9. Cover9

    Vance 35, West Forsyth 7 (3rd Round Final)

    Where are the "catch phrases" ?
  10. Good luck to both teams tonight. Should be an awesome atmosphere; enjoy!
  11. Do any of them still have eligibility?