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  1. *Schedules Bergen Catholic* "They don't want Richmond" If they only knew...🤐
  2. Cover9

    All Decade

    Elijah Hood was probably one of the most impressive HS players I've ever seen. Especially because at that time in the Catholic offense, he might as well have been holding a sign with blinking lights telling you he was getting the ball this play and what gap he was running in. His 5-6 yard runs that should have been -1 or 0, were as impressive as his 80 yard open field TD's.
  3. Cover9

    West Cabarrus High

    Are they holding interviews any time soon? Would seem about the right time to allow time for a new program to get their offseason program going for kids who will be zoned there.
  4. Cover9

    Vance 35, West Forsyth 7 (3rd Round Final)

    Where are the "catch phrases" ?
  5. Good luck to both teams tonight. Should be an awesome atmosphere; enjoy!
  6. Do any of them still have eligibility?
  7. Cover9

    Vance 35, West Forsyth 7 (3rd Round Final)

    I've only seen Vance's defense early in the year so my opinion may be skewed, hut some things I would do if I were calling an offense against them. I don't know anything about WF's offense, so none of this may be in their wheel house; just some observations off the dome. 1. Shift & Motion to death They play aggressive man coverage where their DB's are locked and will travel with WR's. You can get certain guys out of the fit by finding out who they will be covering and motioning that WR where you want that DB. You'll also get moving pieces at the snap which can cause breakdowns. They don't live in Man Coverage, but the QB will know pre-snap based on how they treat motion (travel across formations or bump the box.) 2. Misdirection They flow FAST. If you can hold up in the OL-DL battle, their LB's will go with the eye candy (ball flow instead of reading keys) 3. TE/Slot RPO's Again, their LB's are banshees to the football. If their piss is hot and they're flying downhill, give the QB a safety valve and dump it over their head. If you can keep them honest, and least pop their feet on the snap, the run game will be more successful. 4. Option If you cant block them, read them.
  8. They played one of the best football teams in the country in Good Counsel earlier this year
  9. I was just looking at Northwest Cabarrus on MaxPreps and realized they play Cox Mill tonight and are scheduled to play them again the last week of the regular season. I saw a graphic on Twitter that also has it listed twice. Are teams really playing their conference opponents twice? Is it just these two? Why??
  10. Cover9

    Statesville vs Concord

    Anyone have a good idea of what has happened/changed at Concord? They had a 4-5 year window of great success under Padgett, had an understandable drop-off in his final two seasons, but now they're a complete mess. How does that happen so fast?
  11. Cover9

    West Cabarrus High

    "Close Cox Mill" Dude, what are you talking about!? The school opened in 2010. LOL!