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  1. SPRaiders78

    UNC basketball

    GDG, I just read your earlier post. Do you think UNC is more liberal than Duke? At this point in time, I don't think there is a state school in the nation that I would want my child in. And to tell you the truth there are very few private schools anymore, that I would call conservative.
  2. Y'all keep it going. I'll come back next off season and stir it up again. I got my free education from Mr. Catholic last off season. NEXT!!!!!
  3. I just found out that you've really got to be real careful with that "quote" button. By the way, it's good to be regular. I was stopped up once for about a week, thought I was gonna die.
  4. Oh, but I do mind. Na, just having messing with you. Do you remember when Mark Packer was on WFNZ, He always called Wake Forest, Switzerland. I think he was dead on with that one. I pull for Wake because 1. They get very little media coverage. 2. For the most part nobody cares. (Till they get beat of course.). 3. Wake is the closest ACC school to my home, I can be up there in about an hour and a half. 4. Rarely hard to get a good seat. I don't have to pull for a winner. It's great when they do now and then. I imagine I get more excited when they win than you do when heels win, you expect it. And I'd be willing to bet I don't get anywhere near as upset with a loss as you do, I expect it. Oh well, enjoy your heels, go to church on Sunday and tell your mother you love her, if your lucky enough to still have her around.
  5. Man them Deacons are gonna suprise some teams this year. Just starting a little slow. I could easily used them whippin them Heels this year. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a fan of a program. But to me it's a little unhealthy to be as thin skinned as you seem to be. You are most likely, a perfectly reasonable fellow when the conversation doesn't turn to college sports. Chill out, life shouldn't revolve a sport. That is unless you are on the team or coaching.
  6. Oh man, now you've done it. Be prepared to face the music. As I told Catholic last off season, "I just like to stir the pot now and then."
  7. You know what they say, "Just wait till basketball season." I don't think anybody saw their FB program being better than their BB team. Man it sucks to suck.
  8. Glenn, wish in one hand and take a crap in the other. Guess which one will fill up first. Great plan but you know that will never happen.
  9. Again, Catholic has one of the best programs in the state. Anyone who would say otherwise knows less about football than I do. South Point also had a benevolent family who paid for SP's stadium in 1969. I have no idea how things are paid for at Catholic or any other school for that matter. I've never made a lot of money in my life. I guess you could say I'm in the middle class. I've tried to give a tithe plus, to my church most of my adult life. I don't have extra to donate to South Point. I wish I did. Maybe I'm just jealous I couldn't afford to send mine to a private school. Good luck next season. If you guys are looking to pickup a game year after next, contact Shelby High School. I think they could give you all the competition you want and save you a ton of money to boot. By the way y'all would beat the crap out of South Point the last two years and probably the next two or three as well.
  10. I don't understand how your program can be so successful, and you still be so thin skinned. I would think if I were a coach, which I'm not, if I were involved with a program as successful as Catholic, I'd be willing to let stuff go. Especially if I knew as you say you do, "The Truth". Yeah, I'm just a fan. Catholic schools traveling all over the country to play other Catholic schools, no there is no built in advantages there. I don't recall Butler, Myers Park or any other public school traveling cross country to play nationally ranked Catholic schools.When you travel, do you stay in hotels? How many meals are provided for the players? How many fans are on the visitors side? They may well help you out as you say. How do you help them out when they come to Charlotte? I never saw your stadium before it was expanded. How was it expanded? Did Catholic contractors volunteer their time, equipment, employees and material. Or did it take real money? Dude I don't set out to piss you off but I don't think you will ever convince me that there are not some built in advantages you guys have. By the way that Western Final against Kings Mountain was one of the best games I've ever seen. Congratulations again on another State Championship.
  11. Rocket Man if y'all had the bucks rolling in like CC y'all could travel all over the nation for a high school football game as well. They have a great tradition, a great program and most importantly I imagine, a great booster club. I expect Reynolds is like most public schools, they just couldn't afford games like that even if they wanted to play them.
  12. SPRaiders78

    NASCAR LEGEND Junior Johnson dies at 88

    I saw that he had passed around 7:00 pm. His driving days were before my time but he sure built some killer cars for D. W. Darrell could drive although without Jr's cars I don't think he would have had the success he did.
  13. Do they wear bikini's? I know they are children and no I'm not a pervert. Just thinking about women's beach volleyball.