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  1. SPRaiders78

    S.P. Raiders scrimmage schedule?

    Hey Belmont guys, has anyone heard when and where S. P. will scrimmage this year?
  2. SPRaiders78

    Who was the best 3A team ever in N.C.

    I see you are new to our little forum 68 Lion. Welcome !
  3. SPRaiders78

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Sounds like you knew the guy and had a good relationship with him. I tried to interrupt inflection from your post. It seems I'm the one who is out of line. My apologies sir. Carry on, carry on.
  4. SPRaiders78

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    I don't know much about Kannapolis football. I have been to a total of one game there. I have no idea who Mr. Stribling is. I truly hope the man moved away from the area and has not passed away. If he has indeed passed, Mr Harrington, your last post is inappropriate. If not I am out of line, and I apologise to you sir.
  5. SPRaiders78

    cream of the crop Hibriten Gone

    So, not quite the doom and gloom your first post seemed to indicate. 🙄
  6. SPRaiders78

    cream of the crop Hibriten Gone

    So are you saying Hibriten won't be very good this year? They will still be the best in conference won't they?
  7. SPRaiders78

    Losing Record = Job Security?

    Football is a team sport. If kids are more worried about being recruited than supporting the program, I wouldn't want them anyway. South Point has run the triple option for a long time. Some years more successful than others. It's all about the right personnel, heart and coaching. The most talented kid in the world can do more harm than good if he's not a team player.
  8. SPRaiders78

    HSOT set to expand...

    Please stop talking about HSOT and bullying. You guys are hurting my feelings. Maybe we should stop keeping score in high school games all together, after all kids are going to be upset if they don't win. Just let the kids be kids. Where in real life are people judged on performance.
  9. SPRaiders78

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Unlike the UNC football team, this dang thread will never die. 😵 Wait, watch, maybe it is possible they won't suck as bad this year as last. With as much 💰 money as they have wasted the last few years, I can't imagine old Mac is gonna have a very long chain.🔗
  10. SPRaiders78

    Top 2A teams

    I hope your wrong also 75. I really do.
  11. SPRaiders78

    Reidsville football 2019

    I have never looked up Reidsville's history. Total number of wins and loses, conference championships, playoff appearances and state championships. I think like Shelby, Reidsville is a football school first and foremost. It would be fun to see these two teams face each other on a regular basis. I know past results don't guarantee future success but from what I know and have seen from Shelby, it sure would be hard to bet against them if they could meet up in coming seasons.
  12. SPRaiders78

    Top 2A teams

    Not sure what you've been smoking, but I'd like to give it a try myself. The 6th team on your list is East Gaston. I know they got a new coach this year, but "one of the top 2A teams this upcoming season". I don't think so. I'm sure you mean East somebody else. 🙄
  13. SPRaiders78

    How will the 3A mountains teams do?

    With all due respect, sir. What exactly classifies a team as a "Mountain Team" in your opinion? If we were discussing "Kings Mountain", I would agree with you. I'm just a little confused. 🤔
  14. SPRaiders78

    Northwestern Foothills

    Will anybody besides Hibriten make the playoffs out of this conference?
  15. SPRaiders78

    West Cabarrus New School?

    Why not call em, "Round and Round".