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  1. SPRaiders78

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Ok btango, I'm confused. Are you indeed offended or are you being fecious. Most of the people I know from Kannapolis, who worked in the mills, are proud of their past. I would be willing to bet, if they have to give up the name Intimidators, most would be ok with something that reflected their history. Oh well I guess we all see things differently.
  2. SPRaiders78

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Dude, I'm from Belmont, we are what we are.
  3. SPRaiders78

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    How bout, "The Kannapolis Mill Hands"?
  4. SPRaiders78

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    You tell it like it is Glenn. I agree with you 100%.
  5. SPRaiders78

    Shelby head coaching position open

    Still no word on the new top cat🦁?
  6. SPRaiders78

    2019 Schedules are Posted

    On SP's East Gaston should be "SOME BODY ELSE". πŸ™„
  7. SPRaiders78

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    Seems strange, we had almost the exact same discussion last off season. Instead of Glenn and Red Raider getting hammered, last year it was me.😁
  8. SPRaiders78

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    Careful Red Raider, they will cut you down quicker than a evergreen in Canada. Don't you say nothing bout them Cougers. Been there, done that, got the scars to prove it.
  9. SPRaiders78

    Shelby head coaching position open

    Teams don't always respond to the new coach the same way they did to the old one, even if it is a inside hire. Sometimes the new guy gets the big head and wants to show everybody who's in charge. Sometimes it's the opposite, they haven't developed the nerve or dicipline to take charge. A lot of times with a new coach, kids will push back a little harder testing the water you might say. I'm not saying any of this will happen, y'all got a heck of a program over there. I'm just saying it's possible.
  10. SPRaiders78

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Work, Heel fans with that Swo kinda attitude are precisely why I never have and never will be a Tarheel fan. The state is completely infested with them. NC State sucks, even though they have beaten the Heels consistently the last decade. What are you gonna do with folks like that.
  11. SPRaiders78

    Longer play clock

    I have no problem with extending the play clock. This may help teams with less talent, stay in games longer. However, I don't thinks it's fair to defense's to allow the offence to rush to the line, and then wait for the sideline to signal in the next play. Keeping the "D" from substituteing seems like an unfair advantage. The attempt at video replay, I expect will be a disaster. If it take the NFL between five and ten minutes to make a decision, how long will it take for high school officials to decide. There will always be bad calls even with replay. I for one am not in favor of the money that will have to be spent and the time wasted on Friday nights, not to mention the momentum loss for one team or the other.
  12. SPRaiders78

    2019 Schedules

    If Burns and East Rutherford's schedules have been finalized, I assume the rest of the conference should be out as well. One of you Raider fans in the know, needs to inform the rest of us. It's never to early to start planning for the fall.
  13. SPRaiders78

    2AA West Finals: Shelby 28, Hibriten 21

    Have I missed the announcement, or has Witherspoon decided where he is going to play college ball yet.
  14. SPRaiders78

    Malik McGowan

    Never mind!
  15. SPRaiders78

    Larry Dowdy

    Congratulations Mr. Dowdy, I hope you will be happy in Boone. I don't think y'all will be contending for a National Championship up there, but that wasn't going to happen at Ga. Tech either. Bowl appearances, now thats anouther story.