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  1. CrazyViking

    Avery @ Draughn

    Ok, I guess I need to quit making so many references to the lineman at Avery, but I'm not being negative, just stating the fact that they have been overmatched in most of the games. They are playing really hard from what I can tell, just don't have size. Where has all the size gone? From the players I've talked to, they love playing for Coach Phelps and speak of what a great man of character, faith, and he knows the game well. It's easy for any of us to sit back on this forum and say "If so and so was here.....", but like me do not have the credentials or guts to coach high school football. Coach Lunsford is a great coach and he has always had tough and big kids playing for him. How do you think his offense would work with the current Vikings running it? And I'm sure he would have Coach Brewer, who is currently the defensive coordinator for the Vikings, running the defense. I also remember how bad Mountain Heritage used to be and Joey Robinson couldn't win games for a long time. But Heritage gave him a chance even though people like us thought he was wrong for the job and know look at their program. I see Coach Phelps at youth football games and with middle school team trying to get them on the right track to build a program. Be disgruntled if you want to, everybody has their man, but don't put down a guy you don't know for doing something we can't do. I wouldn't want that job for a million dollars. Really hope the Vikings can get things going after the bye week, Sanchez should be full go according to article.
  2. CrazyViking

    Avery @ Draughn

    Had to work tonight, so I missed the game. Really thought Vikings had a chance tonight. Can't really comment on what happened, but sounds a lot like Cloudland game without the comeback at the end. Country, why are you always posting negative stuff about Avery and especially the coaching staff? If you are an Avery fan, cheer on your team and be encouraging. The players read these boards all the time and you are not helping them believe in their teammates and coaches. I agree Avery has some talent, but unfortunately it is not on the line. I hope the coaches can put the players in a position to be competitive in future games, but from what I have seen this year they don't have a tremendous amount of players to chose from. I'm behind you Vikings! Keep trying and believing!
  3. CrazyViking

    WHC WEEK 4 (Sept 8th)

    The coaching staff at Avery is one of the best they have had in a long time, especially considering Brewer and Puckett are back on board. Tackling has improved since last year, but still needs a lot of work. Avery has skill players as good as anyone in conference and to compete, but lack size and toughness up front. Country, just because we don't agree on everything doesn't mean we can't come together and cheer these young men on. Adults set the example for the players to play together, no matter difference of background, opinions, etc. I'm not trying to cause conflict, just think we need to support all the players and coaches. My comment about the line was not fair to them, they are trying their best. I know I am new to this site as a poster, but Appvol I like the stats post (even though it was not in Avery's favor Friday). Are you the stat man for the Vikings?
  4. CrazyViking

    WHC WEEK 4 (Sept 8th)

    Not trying to call anyone out or blame o line on loss. Just voicing my opinion like everyone else on here. Avery's line is playing hard, just overmatched by the teams they have played, except Ashe. No players on Avery's roster over 250. Avery played hard and never gave up, if they will stick together as a team, they will win more games.
  5. CrazyViking

    WHC WEEK 4 (Sept 8th)

    Country, sounds like you know what you doing and you should take over the football program. Avery tried to pass the whole game, but most of them ended up being #4 "run for your life" because the offensive line can't block anyone. Which brings me to Avery's talent. The only talent they have is in #4, #2, #6, and a healthy #5. The other players couldn't start for the last three teams they played. Until the line on both sides of the ball can play better (although overmatched in size and ability every game), Avery can only do so much with their talent.