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  1. Pisgah Bears

    2020 Football Season/Coronavirus:

    They are still dying in Florida.
  2. Pisgah Bears

    The 2020 HS football season

    I don't see anyway they play in the fall.So they should start planning to play in February or March next year and hope we have a vaccine by then.Right now we are doing the same thing they did with the Spanish flu.We all know what happened then.
  3. One other reason for waiting to spring is that they may have a vaccine by then ,plus being able to test more people.
  4. Pisgah Bears

    1970's-1990's Game Film

    Several of the Pisgah Tuscola games ,plus Franklin Panthers games and a guy from Reidsville posted the Pisgah Reidville game .All on U tube.
  5. Pisgah Bears

    Realignment Process

    A year from this May .
  6. When I read this the other day I thought surely it want be around for football season.Felt sorry enough for all those kids that play spring sport and are seniors.I never thought it was a hoax or driven by the news media since China controls the news media and it was happening there.But now it's looking more and more like you may be right.Just hope we get through this better than some of the other countries.Hope they are wrong about it lasting til August or later.
  7. Pisgah Bears

    matchup 2021

    This will be a good year to come to Canton.We always have the bigger crowd and the biggest half and half.Plus Tuscola has a new coach and will be trying to stop the winning streak.With what the Bears have returning this years don't see that happening.
  8. I can see some of you have no idea .You need to do some research.
  9. Pisgah Bears

    Most poupluar schools in NC

    Pisgah Tuscola
  10. Pisgah Bears

    Non conference schedule

    Pisgah non conference Murphy @Enka Tuscola @Piskens s.c. East Rutheford @Mountain Heritage
  11. Pisgah Bears

    Coaching changes

    Tuscola,Asheville.Madison,Rosman in WNC.
  12. Pisgah Bears

    East Gaston?

    Coach Postell will probably do O.K at East.Seems like every coach Tuscola runs off does good at his next stop.
  13. Have thery always determined classifficatio by number of students?
  14. There was a lot of talk about the rankings during the season .Now with the state championship tomorrow lets see how they did. Tomorrow -7 number one team will be playing for the championship.along with 3 number 2's.,2 number 3's,1- 5,2-7's and 1 -10 Looks like they did pretty good.What do you think?
  15. Pisgah Bears

    Rosman head football coach opening

    Essenberg is a really good coach.I thought when he agreed to take the Rosman job if he can't win at Rosman no one can.
  16. I went to Chapel Hill in 94 when they played all the games in same stadium.One game Friday then games all day Saturday.Saw some really good high school teams ,Burns ,Crest, Newton Conover ,Murphy and several others .Even with all those games on Saturday the stadium still was just not like high school games admosphere.Probably will never go back the way it use to be in the 70's but I still miss it.
  17. Should go back to the way it use to be .Play at the home field of the east or west team rotating each year.In 75 we played at Havelock and had several thousand fans there.I went to Wake Forest several years ago couldn't even hear the fans on other side.
  18. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2019/12/05/nchsaa-opens-door-5-a-classification/2617741001/
  19. Pisgah Bears

    Reidsville 24, Brevard 7 (3rd Round Final)

    If Brevard turns the ball over five times like they did against Pisgah you're right. Brevard outplayed Reidsville last year and should have won. For the guy talking about Pisgah getting blasted by North Lincoln. They would do that to Reidsville and most other teams as well.
  20. Pisgah Bears

    Mitchell 31, Swain County 6 (3rd Round Final)

    Mitchell has played Swain 13 times,only beat them once.Think Swain wins this one.
  21. Hard to beat the same team twice in same year.Should be a really good game.
  22. Pisgah Bears

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Yeah, I remember.I don't feel bad either. I know North Lincoln is good and we are the underdog. We will probably have to play our best game and hope they make mistakes. Win or lose proud of my Bears.and glad we're still playing after what happened last year.
  23. Pisgah Bears

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Hope North Lincoln players think that too.
  24. Pisgah Bears

    Televised or streamed games?

    Pisgah ,Bunker Hill on WPTL .net
  25. Smoky has two really good running backs. Frady [big strong ]has over 1500 yards , Stevens [quick.]over 1200yds.They will run the ball 90% of the time. Defense is O.K.Pisgah couldn't stop the big back , lost in overtime. Brevard shut their run game down and forced them to pass intercepted three times in fourth QT.and beat them. As for someplace to eat if the Jarrett house has not closed for the winter it's good. Bogarts in town is good.