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  1. I went to Chapel Hill in 94 when they played all the games in same stadium.One game Friday then games all day Saturday.Saw some really good high school teams ,Burns ,Crest, Newton Conover ,Murphy and several others .Even with all those games on Saturday the stadium still was just not like high school games admosphere.Probably will never go back the way it use to be in the 70's but I still miss it.
  2. Should go back to the way it use to be .Play at the home field of the east or west team rotating each year.In 75 we played at Havelock and had several thousand fans there.I went to Wake Forest several years ago couldn't even hear the fans on other side.
  3. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2019/12/05/nchsaa-opens-door-5-a-classification/2617741001/
  4. Pisgah Bears

    Reidsville 24, Brevard 7 (3rd Round Final)

    If Brevard turns the ball over five times like they did against Pisgah you're right. Brevard outplayed Reidsville last year and should have won. For the guy talking about Pisgah getting blasted by North Lincoln. They would do that to Reidsville and most other teams as well.
  5. Pisgah Bears

    Mitchell 31, Swain County 6 (3rd Round Final)

    Mitchell has played Swain 13 times,only beat them once.Think Swain wins this one.
  6. Hard to beat the same team twice in same year.Should be a really good game.
  7. Pisgah Bears

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Yeah, I remember.I don't feel bad either. I know North Lincoln is good and we are the underdog. We will probably have to play our best game and hope they make mistakes. Win or lose proud of my Bears.and glad we're still playing after what happened last year.
  8. Pisgah Bears

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Hope North Lincoln players think that too.
  9. Pisgah Bears

    Televised or streamed games?

    Pisgah ,Bunker Hill on WPTL .net
  10. Smoky has two really good running backs. Frady [big strong ]has over 1500 yards , Stevens [quick.]over 1200yds.They will run the ball 90% of the time. Defense is O.K.Pisgah couldn't stop the big back , lost in overtime. Brevard shut their run game down and forced them to pass intercepted three times in fourth QT.and beat them. As for someplace to eat if the Jarrett house has not closed for the winter it's good. Bogarts in town is good.
  11. I didn't care for the way the draw came out for Mountain Six. But after seeing who Smoky got and who the Bears get, think we came out better than Smoky.
  12. It should be a good game on the river this Friday, expect a big crowd. Both teams have really good defenses. Thought the Conference championship was decided in Canton when Smoky beat my Bears. Blue Devils proved me wrong, which put the Bears back in the hunt. If Bears win three-way tie for first , Brevard wins they win conference.Think my Bears win in a close won.Bears by 3.
  13. Pisgah beat Brevard 12-7 for three way tie for conference.
  14. Pisgah Bears

    Football Friday Trivia

    It was Pisgah.Smoky beat him two of those years. Heath was not only a great QB he was and still is a great person. Still have one of his Tennessee hats that he signed.
  15. Pisgah Bears

    Football Friday Trivia

    Here's a little more trivia. to add to this. Which High School team beat Swain every one of the Shuler years?
  16. Pisgah Bears

    JV Scores

    Pisgah 35-16 over Brevard, Bears win conference for the third year in a row.
  17. One thing for sure no matter how they do it.Pisgah and Tuscola will be either 2A or 3A and in the same conference.
  18. If Pisgah beat Brevard .They will draw according to the Asheville Papehttps://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2019/11/04/wnc-high-school-football-week-12-s-top-5-storylines/4154817002/
  19. Newland Walker Pisgah-6'4" 275 junior-Brother of Kam walker Freshman at N.C state.
  20. If Pisgah beats Brevard they will be a three-way tie for first . Will they go by the adjusted Max-prep also.
  21. Pisgah Bears

    3A west playoffs

    I may be wrong but I thought in the event of a tie they go to the adjusted Max Prep ratings?
  22. Pisgah Bears


    That happens everywhere, you always have some person that thinks he knows more than the coaches and players. Most of those attacking high school kids and coaches never played.I know several years ago a guy was running his mouth about the coaches not knowing one of those coaches Father was setting behind him.He found that out after he woke up.
  23. Pisgah Bears

    WNC Picks, Week 10

    Weird things happen on rainy Friday nights.Brevard beating Smoky was big, Owen coming close to knocking off MH. Bigger than both of those is Tuscola handing West their first loss of the season at West.
  24. Pisgah Bears

    Brevard 24, Smoky Mountain 6

    Yeah, I was wrong .Hard to believe you guys held 44 to under 50 yards. Hendersonville gave us all we wanted before the Bears pulled it out on last play.Don't know what Brett told my Bears at halftime but it could have been "Brevard leading Smoky"Hope you guys win next week and set up the big game in Canton.
  25. Pisgah Bears

    JV scores

    Pisgah- 20 Hendersonville -14 Double overtime