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  1. I thought they looked pretty good in the scrimmage. they scored twice in the ten-play deal we scored once. In the game rules we scored twice they scored once. Got good size but not a lot of players. Think they will be better than the last several years .
  2. North Buncombe scoring 60 points.
  3. Coach Chappell is one of those young coaches that has done a good job first at East Henderson and now Pisgah.
  4. Pisgah Bears

    Play Clock Changes for 2019

    They used the forty-second clock in the Tuscola, Franklin scrimmage. The only problem I saw was on a long run the teams has to hurry down the field. Other than that it worked O.K
  5. Pisgah Bears

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    Pisgah has three of those teams in their first five games. Murphy, East Rutheford, and Mountain Heritage. Then finish the season with Brevard. Time will tell.
  6. Pisgah Bears

    Mountain 6 2019

    I was at that game and agree with most of what was said .Don't know about the score because I never pay much attention to that in a scrimmage Most coaches play a lot of players to see who is the better player at what position..All in all a pretty good scrimmage for both teams. Want be long til we have real football.
  7. Pisgah Bears

    Mountain 6 2019

    I think it's between Pisgah and Smoky ,Brevard or Franklin then East. Pisgah has a tough non-conference schedule if they get through that with a winning record they will be ready for Smoky.Plus it's on the river.
  8. Pisgah Bears

    Flashback: Tuscola vs. Pisgah rivalry

    Next year it will be in Canton . Have never had to turn people away but if you don't get there early you will be standing along the sidelines, know last year people were still lined up trying to get tickets after kickoff.The gates opened last year at3:30.
  9. Pisgah Bears

    Flashback: Tuscola vs. Pisgah rivalry

    If you're from Haywood county or went to either school you care about the game and who wins. The fifty -fifty may draw people from out of the country but the stadium was full when it was Canton and Waynesville and they were no fifty fifty.Back then as today that game drew more fans than any game in the state.
  10. Pisgah Bears

    Flashback: Tuscola vs. Pisgah rivalry

    The number one rivaly game in the state.Bears currently own a six game win streak.Over the years we have had a lot of great coaches,Boyd Allen,Joe Compton,Danny Shook,Carroll Wright,Eddie Renaugh,David Pressley .That being said Brett Chappell is the first Pisgah coach to beat Tuscola six times.This is the only game in the state where the refs. stop the game and reach for their half and half tickets when they draw the winning nimber.It's what high school football is all about.County high school kids going 48 minutes and giving 100% and a packed house on both sides cheering them on.
  11. I can go away back when the Canton Black Bears were 2-A and won the first state championship in any classification by any team in WNC.In 1956 the Bears finished 12-0 closest game was with Lee Edwards 13-7. Played two playoffs games beat Charlotte Harding 30-7. and won the state championship by beating Washington N.C in Canton 33-6.
  12. Pisgah Bears

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    Rosman to Murphy or Robbinsville is a long way and they have done it for years.
  13. Pisgah Bears

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    We played Greeneville Tenn last two years. Scrimmage Pickens.again this year.A lot of this trying to find games could have easily been avoided if we had kept the split conference like before.
  14. Pisgah Bears

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    Pisgah has week four open.
  15. Pisgah Bears

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    The Bears non-conference games will be tough. Murphy, Mountain Heritage, East Rutheford, and the big rivalry game Tuscola.Don't see a given in the Mountain six either .East should be better than last year.I do understand Pisgah is still looking for an eleventh game. Looking forward to some really good close games.