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  1. Would like to see coach Allen a former Pisgah player win.,but no way.He did beat Tuscola .loved that.
  2. Pisgah Bears

    Owen at Mtn. Heritage

    Sounds about right.The Owen win did surprise me.Still believe Polk will give MH a better game than Owen.
  3. Pisgah Bears

    Brevard vs Smoky Mountain

    Smoky will win out .The conference championship was decided in Canton eight days ago.
  4. Pisgah Bears

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    I told you, Mitchell, guys after MH played Pisgah that MH would beat you.
  5. Pisgah Bears

    Hendo @ Smoky Mountain

    Hope your right.
  6. Pisgah Bears

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Mountain Heritage by 7
  7. Right now they are. They still have to beat Brevard and Hendersonville
  8. Too much Will Frady tonight.That kid is good.Proud of my Bears . Smoky is a Senior team . Next year the Bears will be. Good luck to Smoky Thought it was a great game even if we didn't win. Was youth night last night. Here a picture of the future Bears. -
  9. Pisgah Bears

    WNC Week 8 Picks

    I agree with you on all of these.Think Pisgah wins by 14 28-14.
  10. Pisgah Bears

    WNC Rankings Week 8

    Christ school shouldn't even be in the rankings.They have several advantage that none of the other teams have.
  11. Pisgah Bears

    WHC week 8

    The kicking game a big part of Football . We only had one man back to receive and guess what?MH kicked it away from him too.The difference is our kicker had more distance.
  12. Pisgah Bears

    Mountain Heritage @ Pisgah

    Don't think it was lack of offense as much as it was great defense.Total rushing yards .MH-134 Pisgah-105.Pisgah never scores a lot of points since Coach Chappell showed up,but we score enough.The pick-six was big,plus the fact that Pisgah had no turnovers.MH and Pisgah will both have a good year.
  13. Won't be close .Robbinsville by 30 at least.
  14. Pisgah Bears

    Mountain Heritage @ Pisgah

    You said you would get back to me after my Bears played ER and MH and tell me what you think?So now is the time.
  15. Pisgah Bears

    Mountain Heritage @ Pisgah

    We never needed those 28. Unlike most of you, I did pick them to win.