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  1. Call me crazy but I think both the 2 and 3 seed will be beat in round 2
  2. patricklsu

    Long Rides

    In the 1A bracket West Columbus might have to travel to Murphy in round 2 πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ that's a a 6 hour ride
  3. patricklsu

    2AA East Bracket Discussion

    Which game would be better to go see? Currituck vs St Paul's or Hertford county vs ledford
  4. You shut him down I don't see anything else the hurricanes can possibly do to stay with you guys
  5. I'll be there tonight I think it'll be a shootout πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Washington county better watch out for that RB for pamilco county I will say Washington county 46 pamilco 38
  6. Battle of unbeaten teams next week face off in the eagles nest!! I expect a huge crowd but the eagles will be ready all 4 wins have been on the road in tough environments aces haven't beat the eagles in the regular season since 2012 I expect that to stay the same if I had to make a score prediction Aces 26 Eagles 38 πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦… as we will stay undefeated and then get ready for another battle in 2 weeks at home vs 3A state power Havelock
  7. I know this isn't the greatest game this week but it's semi local for me so I thought it might be worth a shot it's a new school never been to hopeful for a good game I know based on the game history they normally play tight games or or close to it 1-2 scores but if I had to make a score prediction I'd say South Creek 23 North Edgecombe 16 if anyone has any input on either team please let me know or if you think it'll be close
  8. I got my answer on Twitter haha this will indeed be the first ever matchup on the football field between the 2 schools
  9. I know Gates had a really good season last year and first flight always is decent I'm curious to know if they have ever played before?? I know most people on here don't know much about the area I'm in but ik very intrigued by this game the big hogs of Gates vs the speed of First flight and this will be the opening game for both teams too my score prediction I'll say Gates county 34 - First Flight 17
  10. Webb and Northside aren't great teams all of Northeastern's non conference are supposed to be great teams this year in paper obviously lol it's only week 1 still who knows Conley could easily beat us now that the game is home for them
  11. October 4th everyone come out to see the Rams play the eagles I am curious do Havelock Rams normally travel well and who wins neither team has played yet πŸ˜‚ so kinda tough to make a prediction and BTW northeastern has the toughest non conference schedule in the state now no denying that try to argue it it's a tough case to try to disagree on
  12. patricklsu

    Week 1: Rocky Mount at Tarboro

    I pre ordered my tickets for tomorrow night's game πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ the atmosphere is gonna be through the roof I can not wait the game should be incredible too I see RM hanging around for about 3 quarters and then Tarboro finishes them late 4th quarter my score prediction RM 21 Tarboro 31 I don't see either team running away with it but I do see it being a 2 score game
  13. I'd say definitely top 5 if not 3 for toughest non conference schedule in the whole state concerning they are a 2A school playing 2 3A schools from Greenville traveling to Virginia and Rocky Mount and still gotta play Edenton Holmes
  14. Does anyone have any info on this I know it's starting at 6 and it's a NC VS VA clash but will they be playing full field and will they be keeping track of scores type of games? Or 2 played on half field and who are the matchups
  15. patricklsu

    Top RBs in the State

    Edenton Holmes as much as it kills me they have an amazing RB returning this year