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  1. Brad Matthews

    Wake Christian Head Coaching Job

    Beau Barger is the new HC at Wake Christian
  2. Brad Matthews

    Wake Christian In Need Of Game

    Wake Christian Academy in Raleigh is in need of a game on August 23. They can host or travel, contact AD Randy Johnson's assistant Brad at 919-324-4708.
  3. Brad Matthews

    Green Level New HC

    Athens Drive OC Ben Goudeau has been named the HC at new school Green Level. https://www.highschoolot.com/ben-goudeau-hired-as-first-football-coach-at-green-level/18273223/
  4. Brad Matthews

    Charlotte Christian to host Valor Christian

    He does, he is the starting QB
  5. Brad Matthews

    Village Christian

    Village Christian will forfeit their wins in 2017 and 2018 and face probation. https://www.highschoolot.com/ncisaa-finds-village-christian-violated-rules-school-will-forfeit-wins-and-face-probation/18250504/
  6. Brad Matthews

    Village Christian

  7. Brad Matthews

    Village Christian

    Emerson Martin is no longer the HC at Village
  8. Charlotte Christian will host Valor Christian, 8 time Colorado state champ on 8/30/19. Valor's coach is former Giant, 49er and Bronco WR Ed McCaffrey, who is also father to Panthers Rb Christian McCaffrey.
  9. John Paul in Greenville will field its first varsity football team this fall. Facilities are top notch with the only turf field in eastern NC. http://www.reflector.com/News/2019/01/20/New-10-million-athletic-campus-to-include-turf-grass.html
  10. Stephen Cochran has resigned as HC at Wake Christian in Raleigh
  11. Brad Matthews

    Christ School @ Charlotte Christian

    Christian 35 Christ School 20
  12. Brad Matthews

    Lack of Strength of schedule

    Va teams playoffs are on a point system, and apparently playing a team from NC gives a team 0 points.
  13. Christ School has a team from Texas coming to them this year. They are also putting in the facilities
  14. Brad Matthews

    Charlotte Latin

    Won NCISAA D2 title last year