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  1. CoachEverything

    2nd Annual Mustang Challenge

    Middle Creek High School in Apex, NC will be hosting the 2nd Annual Mustang Challenge Jamboree. This event is for JV & Varsity Boys only. If interested, please contact Coach Poteat (bpoteat@wcpss.net) for more information. Looking forward to hosting those interested. When: Friday, June 21st-Saturday, June 22nd Where: Middle Creek High School (All games campus) Entry Fee: $250 Varsity (6 Games 3/Day) $150 JV (4 Games 2/Day) *One day pricing is available*
  2. CoachEverything

    2017 Randolph County Football Outlook

    Yes indeed RandolphCountyFB. I was there with Coach Bear and love that guy like a brother. He's a class act. I sure missed coaching with him last season, but decisions had to be made. Wheatmore football will always have a place in my heart, because I invested a lot into those kids. Not only did I invest a lot, but those kids invested as well. Even CoachTyson93 was there with us in the summers before he even became a coach. It was fun going from 1 win to back to back 5 win seasons. It was all about the process and the grind. Those boys took on the identity of us and our commitment, dedication and grind. I wish the Warriors luck next season and in the future. Wish my guy Coach Bear the best at Southern, Coach Tyson the best at West Montgomery and Coach Yarbrough at Wheatmore.