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  1. Southern Lee Principal Molly Poston said she’s excited because “Coach McClure is committed to not just leading a football team; he looks forward to leading a football program with victories both on and off the field.” She had a head coach(Ken Neal) that was committed to the same thing and had a better incoming resume. Hard to achieve when you don't get the tools you need from the administration that is suppose to support and help you build that program. Good luck to the new guy
  2. Completely agree with you coachE42 with reason 1, 2nd reason...ehhh who knows, 3rd reason i don't buy, Russell Wilson dispells that myth. 4th reason is the real one that comes into question. I think Hood knows and has already said he will play anywhere they want he just wants to play. Remove Howell from the equation he is proven and battle tested, he is the man until he leaves or heaven forbid injured. Hood vs anybody else coming in can and would hold his own in a tryout situation is all I am saying. As far as Maye is concerned is this really a good move? There is already a proven returner in his position, can Alabama say that? I think Maye and Hood share something in common with their decisions.....they just want to go Carolina......for some unGodly reason. Sorry had to take a shot at my Tarheel friends.
  3. Everybody keeps putting Hood in the "he's a great athlete category" which he is but the kid can play QB. He was 12/24(50%) for 203, an avg. of 16.9 per completion Maye was 18/34(53%) for 286 which is 15.8 yds per completion when they faced each other. Maye was also sacked 4 times while Hood had 11 caries for 112 yds. I couldnt find sacks on Hood or rushing for Maye. I remember Maye ripped off a big run one time for sure. Hood was also 14/25 vs Hough, both teams have secondaries that are used to defending the pass. Just seems people are automatically removing Hood from any consideration at QB. I can guarantee that if that young man chooses to compete for that position and is given the chance he will not be out worked and he will shine.
  4. Greengold4ever

    Saying Goodbye

    Chris, It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you over the years. Always enjoyed the conversations in the back of end zones, clinics and the perspectives you have shared thru this site and other media sources. Not sure your shoes can be filled when it comes to your unique perspective of being an objective observer with the insight of being a member of the coaching fraternity. Greatly respected your unwavering attitude in protecting the bonds you have formed with the coaching community. You are indeed a true champion of this sport and state so many of us hold dearly. Hate to see you go but also wish you the best on moving forward.
  5. Sad news when a coach has the love for the game and the kids but cant get the support needed to run a program effectively. Especially from the people who ought to recognize the importance and impact athletics plays in schools and a communities culture. There are only so many PE positions available at a school or even in a system to place people in those spots who don't coach is very shortsighted on the administrations part. It also tells other prospective candidates that the expectations for athletics is not a priority.
  6. Greengold4ever

    Help needed !!!!

    I will be the first to admit that I am not a genius or the most tech savy person. Therefore any help and/or advice is encouraged and appreciated. I am having trouble with email on the site. I can enter peoples names and topic but can not access the message box. Have had no problem with replying to people only initiating contact. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  7. Greengold4ever

    Clinic Season

    Thanks coach for the info good lineups at both clinics.
  8. Greengold4ever

    Clinic Season

    Hey Chirs, have you heard anything about the FCA clinic usually held at Pinecrest? Usually it falls around this time but I haven't been able to find any info on it. I know there is a free S&C clinic down in Robeson County this coming weekend (Jan.11) with some really good speakers. Any info on upcoming clinics from anyone would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  9. Greengold4ever

    Richmond Week 2

    The Reidsville team I saw at state championship 2 or three years ago could play with almost anybody.
  10. Greengold4ever

    Richmond Week 2

    One that gets left out but i think would be a great gate and possibly become a descent series would be Kannapolis. I understand from year to year it might not be the best of match ups on the field but as far as crowds and traditions go would be hard to beat. I also like the CC, Dillon, Weddington ideas. Dudley was also a tough one that would be good. West Forsyth or East Forsyth would be interesting. Wake Forest was a good one and would be again. MB got a dose at their place once and rescheduled the event the next year so I think they had enough. I completely agree with staying away from teams you are likely to see in the playoffs but the Butler series has been a good thing for Richmond. I think Carolina Forest is comparable to Cardinal Gibbons minus the QB of course. Crest and Shelby would always be welcomed in Raider Nation.
  11. Can you imagine being on a bus from Robbinsville to Green Sea Floyd or vice versa? Not sure but isn't there a time zone difference🤪
  12. I remember a time when Penn St played Miami in a big bowl game and brought their high octane offense down. They did so by playing soft zone and absolutely punishing the Miami receivers after the catch. By the time the middle of the 3rd quarter arrived Miami receivers were looking over their shoulders instead of for the ball. I think someone mentioned earlier.....being physical. Whether or not they can rattle or get to Maye remains to be seen I just think they have to be as physical with whoever touches the ball as they can. Richmond secondary needs some big hits early to send a message no catches will go unpunished. If the receivers get shook it won't matter how good a ball Maye throws. I thought that was a problem with in last years game.....too many players trying to make plays on the ball. Good routes, good accurate on time throws are hard to stop but being in position to tackle should be a priority. Most pics are mistakes rather than great plays. Receivers are going to get open, they're going to make catches, what you do to them after the catch is just as important as being in phase or pressuring the QB.
  13. Greengold4ever

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    The bad thing about this bracket is that if..... and i do mean if.....an eastern team wins it this year, would they be the best team in the state or the team that took advantage of a beaten down survivor of the west bracket?
  14. Greengold4ever

    Drake Maye- Best ever?

    He would have been fun to watch in todays high school football. Think about others like Todd Ellis, Jason Peace, Donnie Davis and Trott Nixon in todays player development, rule changes and coaching. Of course Davis was ahead of his time in what Cummings was doing on offense at the time.
  15. Greengold4ever

    Drake Maye- Best ever?

    You have seen Leak, Olenchuk and Maye. How would you personally rank them?