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  1. Greengold4ever

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    Already been mentioned, but 2003 Richmond team was very, very good. I believe they were the only team to really challenge Indy that year. Missed FG away from putting them on a different list. Todd Ellis Page team was good. Brad Edwards Byrd team very good. 87 Garner team with Anthony Barbour was special. Only high school team i have seen better than 03, 04 Indy was '18 DF but they are not in NC.
  2. Greengold4ever

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    All those mentioned above were great. Marcus was special and could and did impact the game in many ways. Dannell I thought was a little above average high school player who obviously had a tremendous upside. Melvin could dominate a game at any time at any position but only did so occassionaly (maturity thing for him). Nate Robinson best overall player I ever saw at Richmond. Shut down corner (ask Massaqoui), returner, reciever.... whatever team needed he could provide. Single handedly beat a very good Mt. Tabor team in playoffs. Tedarrius Wiley was unbelievable as QB but battled a lot of injuries his senior year. He was 20-25 for 4 td's and 325 yds. in the state championship as a junior (not bad for a QB on a team that "runs it up the middle all the time"). Flip Ellerebe was Barry Sanders of high school football he was a joy to watch run the ball with insane balance and vision.
  3. Simple, straight forward answer is Yes they do. The closest county with the population comparable is Wake. Add all the other counties together and you have a number comparable to Mecklenburg. Besides the numbers, Meck has more of a football culture than some of the others.
  4. Greengold4ever

    Brand leaves Vance

    You're right I have no idea what i am talking about. I forgot you guys know everything. Silly me please forgive my ignorance I now realize my 20+ years of coaching in high school football fails to compare to wealth of knowledge and omnipotence a few of you have in regards to the sport. Since i am in the presence of people who know everything, how do you guys think Brands new job will effect his relationship with his mentor? Seeing how their school zones border each other. Also do you know if any of Brands assistants will make the move with him? Why am i asking if you know, of course you do, so could you tell me how their relationship will change and what assistants will be moving. Thanks
  5. Greengold4ever

    Brand leaves Vance

    The point I was trying to make using Wando as an example is that it is hard to judge a coaches ability based on enrollment numbers. Hall of Fame Coach Bod Paroli once asked Coach Emory, "How do you stand having all those kids behind you on the sideline?". Coach Paroli only had 35 players on his teams working at 4a schools Douglas Byrd and 71st. Coach Paroli is regarded as one of the best to have ever coached in NC but based on his numbers of participation he could be viewed as a failure using numbers as a standard. Look I don't know Coach White from Adam's house cat and know that i would not have said what he did to a reporter but I am saying don't be quick to judge or generalize based off of numbers. Coach Brand (and a lot of new coaches) may find themselves in a situation that calls for some addition by subtraction to get the program heading in the right direction. Anybody who has followed NC football knows that Brand can coach so if his numbers are down from what he had at Vance surely we wouldn't view him as a bad coach or bad hire.
  6. Greengold4ever

    Brand leaves Vance

    Wando high school outside of Charleston has 4,000 students and 110 players on their roster and they are 20-26 over the last four years. Numbers are just that, numbers. You got to have some actual players to be contenders doesn't matter who the coach is. Numbers are also a little misleading because of location and what is available outside of sports for young people. A place like Shelby or Tarborro might dress more than a place located near the beach or a metropolitan area because 1)tradition 2) what else are young guys going to do after school. Should a 3000 student school have 30 players? NO. Does it fall on the shoulders of the head coach? not all of it but yes a large part does. How many kids are specializing in other sports? How many kids parents are afraid of the CTE scare? How strict is school policy about behavior issues and participation? How well is athletics in general supported and promoted? There are a number of influences that determine how many kids come out and stick it out that are outside the influence of a head football coach.
  7. Greengold4ever

    Brand leaves Vance

    Guess the flip side of the coin is us "old guys" feel sorry for you young guys always chasing the almighty buck, uprooting your family for the "next big and better" thing. Moving farther and farther from your families, kids constantly having to make new friends, never really having any true and dear friends or coworkers you enjoy being around. Constantly wondering what is next and when are we going to move again because there is always more money to be made else where. Having the occasional thought of man if i would have just stayed where i was or wow this new place sucks i got to get out of here asap. The truth is everybody has their own reasons and motives, it is not an "old guy" or "young guy" thing. Some young people get in the military with plan of retiring from military service some find out that it really isn't their cup of tea and get out while others love it and stay their 20. You guys are right about one thing everybody has to adapt. Some jobs are taken purely as stepping stones to get where they want to be ultimately but again it has nothing to do with "old" or "young". Donnie Kiefer is an "old" guy" but he has no problem with moving around and most of the jobs he has taken were not monetarily or facility based decisions. He enjoys the challenge of building programs, so everybody has their own unique reasons. Lay off us "old" guys, please.
  8. Greengold4ever

    Brand leaves Vance

    Heard the AD job has already been filled and Irmo is moving away from Head Football/AD position. Still an upgrade in facilities, pay and not to bad of a talent pool to draw from.
  9. Greengold4ever

    Brand leaves Vance

    Amazing how many get hired.... SC has young successful coaches too but they get looked over by NC guys. And with good reason most of the state champs this year were won in SC by coaches who have NC roots. Tells you something about the quality of coaching NC kids are or were getting.
  10. Greengold4ever

    Signing Day

    https://www.si.com/college-football/2019/02/05/uncommittable-offers-recruiting-national-signing-day?utm_source=si.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-share-article&utm_content=20190211 Hard to be excited about signing day after reading this and wondering how many kids are going to get their dreams crushed.
  11. Greengold4ever

    New Bern coaching search

    James Island Charter I think.
  12. Greengold4ever

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    Again, I agree with Work7 back to the game, I think WF with championship experience and a unique offense to prepare for in the wing-t have an edge. I am pulling for Vance cause i hate the wing-t but it is so hard to simulate in practice. Just watched T L Hanna give Knotts team a fit by running it especially using a 6'5 285 fb. Isn't Catholic the only team that runs wing-t in that area?
  13. Greengold4ever

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    My bad Work7, I should have qualified my responses. Your absolutely right there is no connection at this day and time to the Panthers or any influence. My point was that the programs of today are reaping the indirect influences from the years past. Knotts and Hardin were at the same school for 18 years combined and produced 1 Championship, 1. Did they not have players? Athletes who went to college and pro's? Were they not good coaches? They must not have lifted weights or worked out back then. Now think of any other football crazy areas Shelby, Reidsville, Kannapolis, Byrnes, Dorman, Dillon any area where football is a way of life and tell me those 2 go 18 years coaching back to back with only 1 championship
  14. Greengold4ever

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    Sometimes i hate the message boards but only because it is so hard to articulate meaning into text. I like what Bison said, "indirectly". No the Panthers do not come to each schools practice and put on a fundamental drill session. But to deny their influence would be a bit naive, it would be like saying the Hurricanes have not impacted the Raleigh/Durham area. How many more kids are involved in ice hockey now as opposed to before they came to the area? Are the Hurricane coaches and players going out and actively promoting the sport and recruiting and coaching the kids? No. Are the numbers of leagues and participants and camps increased? Yes. It was the same way when the Panthers first started, just think back to the buzz and push to sell those PSL's. Knotts came to Meck Co. in 1981, he became a head coach in 83. In 1989 becomes head coach at West Charlotte taking over for Hall of Famer Bruce Hardin. Hardin who is a legend and Hall of Famer was there for 8 years and 1 championship appearance. Knotts was there 10 years and 3 appearances and only 1 championship. In those years the only people he was beating by 50 was the other Meck schools. Check out the playoff and championship scores for him in 88, 91 and 95. It pains me to say but he is the greatest high school football coach in the area.Anybody who knows Knotts, knows Tommy is going to be Tommy and it works for him. He raised the bar for Meck county, but he was there a long time before the Panthers and didnt have the same results as after the Panthers came to down. Remember, legendary, Hall of Famer Bruce Hardin took West Charlotte to 1 appearance and won twice at Kannapolis. Maybe, just maybe the attitudes of kids changed towards football during that period. Never underestimate the power of a home town hero. Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechley, Cam Newton Funny how one of the most prolific times for Meck basketball, 5 ships in 10 years, coincides with the formation of the Charlotte Hornets, 1988.
  15. Greengold4ever

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    To understand Mecklenburg's rise to the top of NC football check state championships pre-Carolina Panthers vs post- Panthers. The Panthers changed the area into a football culture ( hate using that term so overused today) from predominantly basketball. From 1989 to 1999 Meck county teams won 5 basketball titles and appeared in 6 out of 10. Compare that to 2000-present where they have won 7 out of 11 trips. The Panthers came into existence in 1993. So in the 89-99 decade they appeared in over half the championships and won half the decade. In the same time frame they(meaning West Charlotte) appeared in 3 football championships and won 1. No need to compare the basketball to football from to 2000 to present because we all know the results. The Panthers have had a profound impact on football in Meck Co. Most of the players on the early Panthers were near retirement and rookies, these guys aren't going to let their kids be coached by slapdicks. Some stayed in the area, raised their kids, coached, brought in players to help with camps. They put football in the spotlight. So if you want to blame somebody for the dominance of Meck football blame the Panthers not their fans. I am a Richmond Raider through and through but we always knew the talent that was in the sleeping giant, the Panthers just woke them up. Meck county has always had players they just never had programs like they do now.