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  1. MongolGuru

    Flashback: Tuscola vs. Pisgah rivalry

    Part of that, Chris, is because Tuscola went on a 10 year run in 1978 and won 12 out of 13. Pisgah won the first 7 and it wasn't until the playoff game of '72 that the Mountaineers won a game. The interest in the 50/50 pot is more behind the interest in the game now. You hear more talk about that than the actual game. Those folks could care less who wins, they're just hoping to win the money or be at a "happening".
  2. MongolGuru

    Artificial Turf

    Some parents in Jackson Co. expressed concern over the potential cancer causing agents in the infill and it caused a major delay in going ahead with the project. It got so slow that the Carolina Panthers threatened to pull their grant for the field. Eventually, Jackson Co. went with a natural infill which increased the cost. I believe it is made from crushed walnut shells. Instead of the little black rubber pellets, it looks white. My son played on it his senior year. He was not impressed. https://wlos.com/news/local/additional-funds-approved-for-organic-artificial-turf-at-smoky-mountain-high-school
  3. MongolGuru

    Artificial Turf

    Surprised they've not yet had an invasion of squirrels.
  4. https://www.theonefeather.com/2019/06/ray-kinsland-helper-of-young-men-passes-away/?fbclid=IwAR3b_MK5mW4Dh20wFqJpAqE25yJaJ_T0Og7Ir6-N5Wvn2AuIyvBk78eosqw
  5. MongolGuru

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    NCHSAA pushed Asheville, ACR and Erwin's scheduling issues down to Franklin and Pisgah when they moved North, West, and Tuscola into MAC.
  6. MongolGuru

    Mountain Heritage Schedule

    Paul, I remember early in Joey's career he didn't have a punter and decided to try a FG on all punting situations.
  7. MongolGuru

    Artificial Turf

    My discussions with our school superintendent 10 or 12 years ago indicated that amortized over the lifespan of the field, the turf cost is about equal to what is paid out in the same time frame for a grass field's maintenance. It's the usage and consistent playing surface that is gained that it is paying for. A lot of fields here are heavily used- HS, MS and travel soccer, football- youth, middle and HS and assorted practice times. When I was in junior high, I can remember our games being moved to the practice field or postponed due to wet weather. The varsity football coach was very protective of the stadium field, especially early in the season. Soccer didn't exist. Somewhere I used to have a photo from the Asheville paper of an official standing ankle deep in mud during a Brevard College game at Brevard High School's stadium. I agree that there are places that a nice grass field makes as much sense.
  8. MongolGuru

    How will the 3A mountains teams do?

    East Burke is Freedom's rival from when there were only two high school's in the county. Now Burke is no different than all the schools in Henderson Co. playing each other, gate $$ for minimal travel. As for the (W)MAC, one of the results of a nine team conference is having less non-con games to schedule.
  9. MongolGuru

    How will the 3A mountains teams do?

    "Mountain" teams, I believe, are historically considered to be in the Asheville Citizen-Times or WLOS coverage areas. Given both outlets' struggles to remain relevant in HS sports coverage, this can now be open to interpretation. Watauga has always been an outlier for one reason or another. Back in the late 90's and early 2000's, they were isolated as the only 4A school in an area that contained mostly 1A and 2A schools. Avery was their big rivalry game and Avery could win on occasion. They are at the outer edge of both Asheville and Winston-Salem media coverage. They were pretty bad in the 90's and tended to get a new coach every four years or so. The job that has been done there over the past decade or so is phenominal. They had some pretty epic battles with Reynolds and won a great playoff game in Fairview I believe during the Breitenstein era. I was in HS in the late 70's. Watauga had a run and won state in 1978. The AC-T had never really covered them before then or after but that season they did and we noticed.
  10. This past Memorial Day weekend seemed so full of tragedy. From the deaths of Bart Starr and Bill Buckner to deadly motor vehicle accidents involving the Auburn broadcaster and Wisconsin asst. basketball coach to drownings at the coast. Even a one year old was killed in a golf cart roll over accident. Then this hit my news feed... https://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2019/05/27/former-north-buncombe-athletes-die-atv-accident/1249133001/
  11. MongolGuru

    Tuscola appeal to be heard tomorrow

    The one thing Tuscola and our school system has learned is who their friends are and who is not. What spurred this vote of the membership was the administration had received commitments from certain school's members on the board and then when the actual vote was taken, the request was voted down 15-0 so some folks lied or "changed their mind" about their vote.
  12. MongolGuru

    Stack steps down at Rosman

    Its his son, Brock Pursley, not Tommy but Essenburg appears to be coming back.
  13. MongolGuru

    Briggs retires from Cherokee

    Interim coach, I believe.
  14. MongolGuru

    Tuscola appeal to be heard tomorrow

    So does this 5A proposal mean that Tuscola now has to spend an additional year in 3A beyond the two they are stuck with? My understanding is they project their number for next fall to be 920 or so.
  15. MongolGuru

    Running Clock

    At what point in a 42 point spread ball game can you not get subs into a game? I've heard this lame excuse for years.