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  1. MongolGuru

    1970's-1990's Game Film

    The entire '82 Brevard season is on YouTube uploaded by CrossettBoy. While not as old, the old Cougar Sports Network from Asheville has some 2000's, including the 2005 state final vs W. Alamance and a '94 game vs TC Roberson. Tuscola's videographer has '86 & '95 Pisgah games up. I recommend the 2009 3rd round game with Hibriten too. Look under TuscolaFootball. 2006 semi-final between Pisgah and Shelby at Canton is good. I say the crowd rivals a Tuscola vs Pisgah game. There were coaching staffs that showed up to watch that they had to let stand inside the fence because there was no where to sit. Swain's Maroon Devil Network has some '79, '99, '88, '84, '89. They appear to be game film/videotape. You'll have to scroll through a lot of clutter as they put all sports clips plus local interest and admin video messages on their YouTube site
  2. MongolGuru

    Since 1972 ...

    Essentially the new school splits up the district in Mecklenburg and disperses the students. i.e. I had a cousin who moved to Huntersville in the early 90's. The oldest son went to N. Meck. They never moved but the younger brother went to Hough.
  3. MongolGuru

    Mascot name change

    Asheville High (it was also known as Lee Edwards for a time too) was once the Maroons or Maroon Devils. Some out of town newspaper accounts from the 20's referred to them as mountaineers but that had more to do with their location relative to Charlotte or the Triad than their mascot. The yearbook was known as The Hillbilly for some time.
  4. Lots of good points here. I have mentioned in the past to others what I see as the "collegeization" of HS football. When I say this, I mean from the perspective of fans. I think too many these days expect a HS game to be like a college game with music and fireworks and Jumbotrons. I think they expect officials to call a game like they watch on Saturdays with 2-3 less officials and no replay ability. I think they expect the players to perform at a level beyond their physical ability. I think they expect the booster club to provide a lot of pomp and polish without anyone volunteering to do the work. I think they expect coaches to be wizards of the playbook. In other words, they want what they see on their 60" flat screens on Saturday and Sunday. Outside expectations can be too high. I agree with a 2 hr. practice time limit on school days. I understand a push to stay in weight classes all through 3-4 years of high school but some thought needs to be given to those student-athletes who may not plan on being a college athlete but are going to college. They are pushed to take AP, other electives and outside courses. I'm not sure how well 7-8 credits of weights shows up on a transcript for the kid who isn't playing college ball, which is most of them. The vagaries of the calendar need to be addressed. Some years the pre-season feels really compressed. Starting games before school is in session is rather pointless in the sense of fan attendance and since gate money is so vital to the operations of overall athletics, it hurts the gate to play on a Friday when a lot of families are getting in those final trips to the lake or beach. This is the first August in several years that I didn't feel like the pre-season didn't feel rushed. Also in regards to the calendar, I think the compression from an early start to the season has virtually eliminated "camp" where the team gathers together and spends the night in the gym or some other location to bond. I also think that "two a days" should be allowed for a limited period in pre-season with some specified limitations on activity. The way I read the current rules, if you have two practices today, a team is essentially off the next. I agree that a limit on 7v7 competition might be in order. I recall talking to coaches and hearing that they were running and seeing plays that would never happen in actual competition but "everybody is doing it so........". While an open date does seem to disrupt the flow of the season, in some instances it can be vital for a team that is banged up and needs a break. I think that decision is best left to head coaches in their scheduling and beliefs. If they want one fine, if they don't fine. Football is the only sport that does not, will not, and, really, can not be a year round sport. Specialization is mostly driven by the insane expectation that a kid is going to earn a scholarship only because they've done nothing for 12 months a year since they were six years old even though there is plenty of evidence out there that it isn't the preferred method. Too much money is involved with personal trainers, private coaches, and club teams who derive personal gain. However AAU style 7v7 football is on the rise and bears watching. If tackle football takes a precipitous decline, this will rise up to replace it in my opinion. Kids need a break and the overwhelming majority are never getting an athletic scholarship, much less playing beyond high school. In fact, in today's job market and economy, a kid coming out and learning a trade is going to earn a higher salary faster than some college graduates.
  5. I haven't read the column that brought this response yet but I found this comment on Peter King's Football Morning In America interesting. Helmet woes. From Matthew Webber. “An additional aspect of the Riddell helmet story [groundbreaking helmet company VICIS is in receivership now and alleges that Riddell’s monopoly of some aspects of the helmet market made it impossible to compete] that you wouldn’t necessarily think of initially: helmet reconditioning. As a middle school athletic director, this is the ugly side of Riddell that I’ve gotten to experience. Every high school football helmet in America has to be reconditioned and certified safe every two years. At least in my area of the country (I can’t speak for others), Riddell has used its influence as a large distributor to also corner the market on reconditioning, to the tune of almost $60 per helmet! Yes, a helmet that cost $110 new will get a $60 recon every other year. In my district, I believe I’m the only middle school (out of almost 40) who uses a provider other than Riddell, and that was only because I searched far and wide for another option that keeps the cost under $40. I’m sure Riddell would say that it’s just aggressively pursuing a business strategy that works, but when my budget for the entire athletic department is under $7,000 per year, its business successes have an oversized impact on the finances of 13 other teams.”
  6. MongolGuru

    West Wilkes

    I lived in Boone back in the 90's, 3/4's of the trip to Winston-Salem is Wilkes Co.
  7. MongolGuru

    Sain to Chirst School.

    It's legal redshirting in HS, pure and simple. I think, too, for the players and their families, it doesn't seem as "distasteful", for lack of a better word, as graduating normally and going to prep school or JUCO, if they are not fully prepared academically or athletically.
  8. MongolGuru

    Split conferences

    For example here in WNC Murphy and A.C. Reynolds have been, at one time or another, outliers. Too big for the other schools in the surrounding area, too far from other schools their size. Over the past 30-35 years the NCHSAA has tried to deal with it in various ways, never pleasing everyone. It's unavoidable, much as the NCHSAA declares their distaste for it.
  9. Straight from the NCHSAA handbook: (k)Cheerleaders: Cheerleaders must remain seated while the ball is in play, which includes after the free throw shooter is handed the ball. Cheerleaders may not come onto the floor during 30-second timeouts. The use of signage is allowed during timeouts. Doesn't say a thing about NOT cheering, just that they must remain seated. Someone either got it wrong, told you wrong or there is some other, local interpretation.
  10. https://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/sports/high-school/prep-football/article237547794.html
  11. Tuscola will now be known as Doug Brooks Field at C.E. Weatherby Stadium https://www.themountaineer.com/sports/local/tuscola-to-rename-field-in-honor-of-former-coach-doug/article_0b3d5b82-fa62-11e9-a79b-3f4a292e8d6e.html
  12. MongolGuru

    Stadium Size

    We played there in 2016 and the visitor side looked like it had been. Kind of low to the field but clean and fresh looking to me.
  13. MongolGuru

    My40 WNC schedule?

    They've never had a stellar schedule but with the allowance of broadcasting NC games on on Fridays, one would have hoped it would have improved. With some of the Week 1 games available this Friday, it is hard to believe they passed on MH vs Brevard, Mitchell vs Erwin, Franklin vs Asheville, or Smoky vs Robbinsville.
  14. MongolGuru

    My schedule of games to see.

    Week 1 in WNC has some great ones. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/sports/high-school/hshuddle/2019/08/19/wnc-high-school-football-top-week-1-games-watch/2049396001/ No. 7 Mitchell at Erwin Mitchell enters the season with 16 returning starters and state title hopes, facing an Erwin team coming off a 10-2 season. The Warriors are replacing offensive skill talent and will have a tough test against the Mountaineers' defense. Mitchell and Erwin have split its last two games with the Warriors winning 35-21 last year and the Mountaineers winning 21-14 in 2017. No. 8 Robbinsville at No. 5 Smoky Mountain This game features the two top running backs in the area with Robbinsville senior Rylee Anderson (1,965 yards, 32 touchdowns) and Smoky Mountain's Will Frady (1,255 yards, 15 touchdowns) facing off in Week 1. Both teams enter the season with realistic conference title hopes with Smoky Mountain returning 17 starters and Robbinsville returning a dangerous running back tandem and a stout offensive line. No. 6 Pisgah at No. 3 Murphy Pisgah and Murphy have split its last two games with the Black Bears winning 15-8 last year and the Bulldogs taking a 30-13 win in 2017. Murphy coach David Gentry enters this season just seven wins shy of the state's record for career wins and a win over Pisgah would put him well on his way to taking that record this year. Both teams enter 2019 with plenty of questions, and once again, this game will offer a huge test early for both programs. Murphy enters this game ranked No. 3 in the CT preseason poll with Pisgah coming in at No. 6. East Forsyth at No. 1 Reynolds The Rockets open the season with a huge non-conference test at home against 2018 4A state champion East Forsyth. The Eagles defeated Scotland County 35-28 to claim their first title since 1992 while Reynolds is now two years removed from its 3AA state title appearance. This game will act as an important benchmark for both teams that are trying out new players in key positions, including a new quarterback for Reynolds. Franklin at No. 9 Asheville This is the fifth year in a row that Asheville High and Franklin have opened the season again each other, and this non-conference battle continues to be an important early challenge for both programs. Franklin returns only five starters from last year's 6-6 team, and desperately need to gain experience before the conference schedule begins. Asheville High has legitimate conference title hopes, but needs to gain confidence before trying to dethrone Reynolds atop the WMAC. No. 10 Brevard at No. 4 Mountain Heritage Brevard and Mountain Heritage open the season against each other for the third straight time, with the Cougars winning the last two games 30-7 and 28-14. But the Blue Devils proved they were legitimate 2A title contenders last year with a run to the state semifinals, and although they lost plenty of talent, they're looking to show early they can make another deep playoff run.
  15. With the number of schools that Charlotte-Mecklenburg has, are there 10,000 people for each one that truly care enough to show up? Add in that in a metro area like Charlotte, you have lots of people with no ties to the community- they didn't grow up there, didn't go to school there. There are plenty of other options to spend one's entertainment dollar in Charlotte. Then there are the logistics of getting to a 7:30 game with Charlotte traffic. Lots of variables. Of course, with I-26 in the shape its in right now, any game south of Asheville is an adventure on Fridays around here.