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  1. PureBull

    Page Pirates

    Wolfblood you say “we” when referring to Page. Tell us your connection. All I ever hear you say is negative and demeaning......none of which is helpful to the young men and coaches of the program.
  2. PureBull

    Page @ Dudley, 9/6

    What is the source of your information? You sound as if you have inside knowledge in all of this.
  3. PureBull

    Page @ Dudley, 9/6

    I have not heard one player or coach at Page mention anything about players transferring in or out. Would it be safe to assume you are a NW Guilford fan?
  4. PureBull

    Page Pirates

    Such a dip in recent times?
  5. PureBull

    Page Pirates

    Definitely not optimal. Had a great comeback against Davey County in last 6 minutes to miss out on a 2 pt conversion for the win. Against Northern, starting QB and senior leader removed from the game for concussion protocol. Inserted a talented but young Sophomore QB.....along with a young team made it a difficult night. BTW, taking nothing from Northern....they played well for sure. As you noted.....one of the toughest non conference schedules around. Hope they can all adjust and be ready for conference. No excuses....0-2 is 0-2.
  6. PureBull

    Week 1: Page at Davie

    Agree 100%.
  7. PureBull

    Week 1: Page at Davie

    A I never mentioned Davie. I question anyone directly or indirectly questioning a coach without knowing details of the team or personnel. Maybe you are......but unless someone is at practice everyday with a whistle they don’t know the full details.
  8. PureBull

    Week 1: Page at Davie

    Story of the game was a young team fighting back from a big deficit to be in position to win the game. Guess it depends on how you look at it. Negative outlook vs positive. With high school football.....I look to be positive and support the players and coaches. You be you.
  9. PureBull

    Week 1: Page at Davie

    I respect Page going for the win. They will be better for fighting back and going for the win.
  10. PureBull

    Week 1: Page at Davie

    Guess you have all the answers. Coach JJ.
  11. Yep. It’s why I find a quiet spot in the corner.......really find it difficult to sit around others during a game. Of course many folks get it......many don’t. Not only critical on calls when they have no clue, but also the “coaching” and “dads” in the stands. Congrats to WF for the win but can’t help but feel for Vance and all of their supporters. Vance will be in the mix again next year.
  12. PureBull


    Seriously.....ignore him and don’t engage.