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  1. Yep. It’s why I find a quiet spot in the corner.......really find it difficult to sit around others during a game. Of course many folks get it......many don’t. Not only critical on calls when they have no clue, but also the “coaching” and “dads” in the stands. Congrats to WF for the win but can’t help but feel for Vance and all of their supporters. Vance will be in the mix again next year.
  2. PureBull


    Seriously.....ignore him and don’t engage.
  3. All of this is nice but who really cares. The coaches and players are the ones that make things happen regardless of area or zip code. It was a long time ago, but I played in 3 state championships in football for Page when it was only 10-12 grades. We had to go through Charlotte area for many of the games then....W Charlotte; Garinger; Myers Park; E Meck; N Meck (twice) and even down the road a little at Ashbrook. It was happening then too. We should put this aside and get excited for the young men getting ready to make lifelong memories this week. Back to Vance vs Wake Forest.....
  4. Vance. Some teams are destined and I see this here. Nothing agains WF.....but it is what it is.
  5. Trust me.....I have no allegiance for either team. But, this is pretty strong considering you aren’t even playing in the game. LOL, how many state playoff games or championships have you personally won.....not watched from the stands or bench?
  6. PureBull

    4A West: Porter Ridge 28, Page 27

    Page has not been challenged since the 9/28 East Forsyth game.....which they obviously lost. I think they are probably hungry for a game like Friday night against Porter Ridge. No doubt, PR is a VERY good football team so Page will have all they want. Which is the way it should be......we are all in the 2nd round of state playoffs. Should be fun. Safe travels to any PR fans coming up to AlmaPinnix Drive. We’ll be here.
  7. I am not a Grimsley fan.....but I am a Darryl Brown fan. Had a chance to meet him last fall and thought he was a class act. Grimsley is much improved and will continue to get better. If they were a stock....I would be buying.
  8. PureBull

    4A favorite

    EF has proven they are the team to beat. IF Page can get there it could be interesting. Page was at a difficult stretch with games forfeited and a few key players suspended. No excuses and not implying that was the reason they lost....EF was clearly better that night. Just think it could be more interesting this time. They have to get there first! 😳
  9. PureBull

    Games Moved?

    Ragsdale at Page now Thursday at 7:30.
  10. PureBull

    South Central vs DH Conley

    Understand that Fike and Hunt are now done as well. That makes 6 NC high schools with Conley and SC pending. Disappointing to say the least.