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  1. forsythco

    Updated: Davie County 37, West Forsyth 34

    Is West losing?
  2. forsythco

    Dudley at MT Tabor

    Proved me wrong. 3 years in a row for them Tabor Boys! The conference is theirs to win. They've played a lot of tough competition and played them well. I shouldn't have doubted them.
  3. forsythco

    Dudley at MT Tabor

    Tabor has a really great defense and they’ve played a tough schedule so far. They’re offense is dreadful though. Or at least they’ve been for the first few games. This might be the year that Dudley beats Tabor.
  4. forsythco

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    Oh wow, Harding and Berry are literally a mile apart. Seems like a complete waste of money to build Berry while keeping Harding open.
  5. forsythco

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    So I've tried to look up Wedell. What is that? I can't find it on Google Maps.
  6. forsythco

    Mallard Creek vs Lake Norman

    Surprised this game has a thread. Creek by 30+
  7. forsythco

    East Surry at Reidsville

    East Surry shut me the hell up. I know the game is still going on, and it's close. But I really though Reidsville was going to blow them out.
  8. forsythco

    East Surry at Reidsville

    Reidsville by 24+.
  9. forsythco

    Mt. Tabor at West Forsyth

    Tabor's offense was struggling like this last year before Albright came in and set the world on fire. I'm hearing their defense is good, but defense will not be anywhere near enough to beat West. If they can't get their offense rolling then I see a blowout by west. 38-7 maybe.
  10. forsythco

    Charlotte Catholic

    I actually agree with this 1000% percent. What happened to WC is similar to what happened to Carver in Forsyth County. Couple that with open enrollment and a school can crumble in a few years.
  11. I know he didn't go to a big school, but Milan Howard was able to do whatever he wanted against every team they played. I would consider him a standout talent for them.
  12. Any particular reason he left?
  13. I really can't imagine this having a huge effect on HS football. People barely go to Wake and UNC games on Saturdays. I know UNC is hot right now, and even if it's a full house, this game time was decided a while ago.
  14. I really hate the midnight rule. Can they just postpone the game?