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  1. forsythco

    How good is Forsyth County football

    East Forsyth is great this year. I really think they can win it all this year in the small 4A. Tabor has been on a mean winning streak here winning all of their games in their conference. But they're a one trick pony. Stop their QB and you've stopped Tabor. Parkland got punched in the mouth by Tabor because they couldn't stop the QB from running, but other than that they've looked pretty good this year. Surprised me to see them get blown out by Tabor like that. One of their best players got hurt during the Tabor game and the injury looked pretty serious. I haven't heard anything about it lately. Everyone else is the same ol same ol. Mediocre at best.
  2. forsythco

    Parkland Mustangs are 9-0

    Trying to please 2 QBs. Same problem Dudley was having. You have to go with a starter. All that switching at QB disrupts the flow of the game. Tabor seems like they’ve committed to #10 and for good reason. Passing wise #5 and 10 for Tabor are on par with each other. But #10 is deadly with his feet.
  3. forsythco

    Parkland Mustangs are 9-0

    You did not read that wrong. Parkland got punch in the mouth repeatedly. It was an absolute massacre out there. Parkland didn't show up and Tabor showed out. Tabor's #10 ran up and down the field against them. He was like a one man wrecking crew out there. It was bad lol.
  4. forsythco

    Reschedules/Postponements 10/26

    It's about that money, y'all should know that by now.
  5. forsythco

    SW Guilford 34 Dudley 6

    Injured to hell. But that doesn't excuse this ass whoopin. They also need more players. They're super thin out there.
  6. forsythco

    Catholic at Weddington

    Might come down to see this game. I've been wanting to see Catholic play this year and Weddington is looking like their toughest opponent. Anyone know the date and time of the game? CC14 told me the time may change on a different forum, I was just wondering if that's accurate.
  7. forsythco

    Winston-Salem Forsyth County preditions

    Dudley over Carver (this used to be a competitive series before WSFCS did Carver dirty, but whatever) East over Sanderson (but barely...) West over Lake Norman (again, barely. I'm not buying into the West hype) Mt. Tabor over ND (Tabor looks to be pretty decent this year)
  8. forsythco

    Mallard Creek @ Scotland

    I stay in Forsyth County (2 hours away), if I show up 2 hours before the game, do you think tickets will be sold out?
  9. forsythco

    Mallard Creek @ Scotland

    Are they pre-selling tickets or is it first come, first serve?
  10. forsythco

    Mallard Creek @ Scotland

    So what makes this team so different from the team that got embarrassed by Cape Fear last year? Why should I believe that they will beat Mallard Creek? Not a diss, just a question.