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  1. forsythco

    Top Playoff games you seen

    In recent history, the 2015 East Forsyth/Mallard Creek game was amazing. When I pulled up to the game and seen both teams, physically MC looked like a whole different animal. I was telling a good friend of mine that this might be a blow out. But East shocked me and played a very close game. I'd say the difference in that game was QB play. MC's QB was unstoppable.
  2. Yes sir. I really wish they did add middle school football back though. Pop Warner (or whatever they're calling it now) has always felt so disjointed to me.
  3. In his defense they do. For instance in Winston Salem/Forsyth County a kid going to lets say Walkertown Middle School could possibly go to Carver, Walkertown, East Forsyth, and maybe North Forsyth. So they do have to share the kids. But I don't believe middle school football is a thing in Forsyth County.
  4. They have advantages and they have disadvantages. Similar to a lot of other schools. Winning programs attract great players. It's the reason kids want to play for MC, Wake Forest, East Forsyth, etc...
  5. Can't see Glenn getting past East Forsyth.
  6. 1. Why? This gives kids a chance to rest and overcome minor injuries. 2. Sure why not... 3. Do you mean have the games at Wake Forest one year and NC State the next, or have the games a the home stadium of a team? 4. Why and what are your alternatives? What side of the isle do you stand on this issue? 5. For what? Spring practice get the kids acclimated with the coaches and helps them learn a playbook. You have Spring practice in college, not reason to not get them ready for it in the future. If you're worried about heat concerns, then have in later in the day. 6. If someone moves they shouldn't be punished. They didn't have a choice in the matter. Unfortunately you can't prove that players aren't moving for sports reasons, but that's just something we have to deal with. 7. I don't have a positive opinion of charter schools, but what changes are you looking to see? 8. Isn't that how it is already? Vance is 4AA instead of 4A because of alternative programs associated with the school. Someone fact check me. 9. Then teams like Shelby or Reidsville (perennial powers in their class) wouldn't be able to play tougher competition. 10. Can't agree with that at all. If they're ready to play Varsity, then they're ready. One of my close friends played Varsity as a freshman and dominated. He's in the NFL now. Obviously everyone isn't him, but there are special cases. The long season isn't driving kids away from the sport. Parents being afraid to let their kids play football because of CTE and other injuries are driving kids from the sport. Year-round sports like basketball and baseball are driving kids away from the sport. Just having other hobbies in this 21st century world we live in are driving kids away from the sport.
  7. Cape Fear brought a really good crowd when they got beat on by Dudley.
  8. forsythco

    Scotland and Richmond

    When you have great fan support like that, you can use that money to splurge a little.
  9. forsythco

    4A East Bracket Discussion

    I think I have Cardinal Gibbons winning the East this year.
  10. forsythco

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    This is the first time I will say this, but I have no favorite to win. I thought it was Charlotte Catholic at the beginning of the season, but their offense has been really lackluster this year in my opinion. I look forward to the games.
  11. forsythco

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    That's generally the same opinion I have. Appreciate the input.
  12. forsythco

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    @BlueDevilsBiggestFan You've seen West Forsyth, Vance, Mallard Creek, and Hough play. How do you feel West Forsyth with fair against any of those teams?
  13. forsythco

    Updated: Davie County 37, West Forsyth 34

    Is West losing?
  14. forsythco

    Dudley at MT Tabor

    Proved me wrong. 3 years in a row for them Tabor Boys! The conference is theirs to win. They've played a lot of tough competition and played them well. I shouldn't have doubted them.