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  1. WarriorLife04'

    Thomasville HC Search

    And not to mention, everything will be new here and he can put his stamp on a new school. In my opinion considering Brown is a far reach.
  2. WarriorLife04'

    Thomasville HC Search

    For one, can Thomasville come close to paying Brown what MC is? And I think he is going to build this program up like Eddins did WM and retire. This county is taking well care of him, could be wrong but he likes it here. Thomasville is in his rear view mirror.
  3. First game I have made it to this year. My take on the Wolves is they played a tough team from SC. Good size and has some athletes. MC had trouble moving the ball all game. Defense was on the field majority of time and to hold them to 20 was shocking. Defense played hard, just way to many arm tackles. Offense was out matched with the D of theirs. Fumbles also hurt, had several. Overall tough game and hopefully offense can figure it out and Defense get healthy
  4. WarriorLife04'

    Montgomery Central QB

    They will be in the Rocky River 2A for 2 years, until realignment.
  5. WarriorLife04'

    Montgomery Central QB

    The Watts kid will more than likely be QB next year. But there could also be a surprise, so we’ll have to wait and see.
  6. WarriorLife04'

    Montgomery Central High School

    They will be in 2A for 2 years what’s the big deal. U can’t just start moving teams around that will cause mass confusion and others complaining.
  7. WarriorLife04'

    Montgomery Central High School

    But in the mean time post scores. U are better at that than whining 😂
  8. WarriorLife04'

    Montgomery Central High School

    Have to agree with Lion1993. If u don’t like it don’t read it. Plan and simple. As long as I have access to this website I can post on any board I would like. I started it and will finish it. WM has been the most dominant and consistent 1AA West teams the last 10+ years and deserve any recognition, playoffs or 1A board they want. Go drink a beer or something.
  9. WarriorLife04'

    Montgomery Central High School

    I think WM and EM has played their last football game. Rocky River 2A here come them Wolves! Hopefully have a coach soon. Go get em boys
  10. WarriorLife04'

    Montgomery Central High School

    Approved already?
  11. WarriorLife04'

    Montgomery Central High School

    All depends on if Montgomery County gets approved with combining schools for sports in 2019-2020. But yes he still has job if he wants it. I’m sure $$ will have to be worked out to close deal if he wants to do it.
  12. Only because he picked a real college unlike some Comets lol. Go Pack!!!
  13. Possibly yes, but I think the same was said about Antonio Williams a few years ago. But with that being said he definitely has a chance been he is going to play for the PACK, they produce D lineman consistently. So if he has the mind set yes he can make it to the big stage.
  14. Y’all have no worries, from what I’ve seen y’all still are the dominant team now.