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  1. It was a 17-10 game that ACR led at halftime. Don’t come here with this BS. KM has a great team and won but if they thought it would be a cakewalk, they were sadly mistaken. Go win a state championship then maybe we can compare the 2 programs. Great win KM.
  2. Do what!? The SMC has been the standard in 1A football for like forever......
  3. Bootlegger

    3rd Round Scores

    ACR - 10 KM - 2
  4. I've seen ACR and KM play the same opponent both late in the year (West Henderson) if it's any indication to what I think we'll see on Friday and I thought ACR was more impressive. What that amounts to, who knows?
  5. ACR isn’t untested. They started the year with the reigning 4A and 2A state champions, back to back. Not only that but coach Laws has a state championship himself. You’re going to be in for a real surprise if you think ACR is ‘untested’. They aren’t Statesville.
  6. Transitive properties rarely apply this late in the game. Shelby Boatraced Crest and then Crest beat KM, so comparing who beat who didn’t work. The truth is ACR has gotten much better than they were earlier. Much better. And they play at home and they have a championship pedigree coach. If KM comes in thinking they will beat ACR just because Shelby did, they’re likely to lose.
  7. Bootlegger

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    ACR is in playoff form. They have improved all year and are rolling. That game next week will be outstanding.
  8. Bootlegger

    Long Rides

    Better pack some Dramamine.
  9. Bootlegger

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    This is one of the most overused lies when it comes to mountain football and I’ve never understood why. Yes mountain teams are known for a different style of football but it isn’t due to the lack of passing. Some of the most prolific passers in NC high school football history have come out of the mountains: Brad Johnson, Heath Shuler, Zach Jaynes, Tyler Brosius, John Crompton to name a few. Hell, Ricky Spradling and Josh Johnson might have been one of the best QB/WR duos this state has ever seen and they were at Avery. Stop spreading these lies. I think @Chris Hughes can attest.
  10. Bootlegger

    West Rowan volleyball

    I feel like every time I turn around West Henderson is playing for a state title or regional final in Volleyball. They have to be one of the most consistent programs over the last 30 years. Insane consistency.
  11. Bootlegger

    A.C. Reynolds 54, North Buncombe 6

    NB with no Jones stands no chance. That guy was a heckuva player.
  12. Yep. Everybody knows the SMC but a lot of people outside the mountains don’t know there’s another 1A conference in the mountains called the Little Smoky Mountain Conference that competes with the SMC in other sports.
  13. Here’s a little trivia: although Avery has the highest elevation stadium, they are not the highest elevation public high school. That title actually belongs to Highlands School which sits at over 4000’ feet elevation. They’re too small to field a football team but have fielded some good basketball and baseball teams which have beat the larger SMC schools.
  14. Bootlegger

    WNC Top 10 (Public Schools)

    I saw that and agree. I think Mitchell is playing good, it's who they've been playing good against that gave me pause on the ranking as of right now.
  15. Bootlegger

    WNC Top 10 (Public Schools)

    Possibly but I just didn't like Mitchell's body of work enough to rank them higher as of now. That is no knock to Mitchell, I just want to see them against someone better than Erwin, Cabarrus and Trinity Academy. Those schools are a combined 1-10.