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  1. Now that we've got 4 weeks behind us, I think we have a large enough sample size to finally arbitarily rank teams. Here are mine as follows: 1. Reynolds 2. Mountain Heritage 3. West Henderson 4. Murphy 5. Robbinsville 6. Pisgah 7. Hendersonville 8. Brevard 9. Mitchell 10. Swain What say you?
  2. @Chris Hughes the site does not have this as a conference game. It was.
  3. I know you weren't, it just sounded like the game was in question, it really never was.
  4. Sorry Paul, but I don't like this logic. West led the entire game, from start to finish, and the defense was suffocating. Yes Hendersonville had more yards, first downs, etc but most spread teams do against West because of their uptempo nature and the fact that they end up running more plays and chewing less clock. In the end, West was in control the entire way and forced 4 turnovers.
  5. Hawks get a consolation score. 35-7 final. West crushes NB on the road.
  6. West defense is dominating. NB averaging 56 points per game up to now.
  7. I haven't seen NB this but I have seen West and I like this team, especially if they play D like they did against Hendersonville. They have really good athletes along with size and they play smashmouth. Plus I think their opponents have been much better to date (ER is a good team but has played 3 REALLY good teams to open). I see WH winning this one by 14+.
  8. Bootlegger

    Week 3 WNC Scores

    West plays 2nd string for the 2nd half. West 41-10. Final.
  9. Bootlegger

    Week 3 WNC Scores

    WH: 41 EH: 0 3rd