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  1. coachmp

    Cuthbertson Now Open

    What type of job is this? No one mentions it any names?
  2. coachmp

    2018-19 Coaching Moving Van

    No updates? I am sure some more jobs are open
  3. coachmp

    Central Academy Opening

    I saw the post advertised and it was for JV football. It seems to be a good sized school do they draw from a school zone or being a magnet school do kids apply to go threre?
  4. coachmp

    Central Academy Opening

    Seems to have a turnover in coaches. What is the situation there?
  5. coachmp

    Hickory Grove Christian Opening

    Thank you Chris
  6. Any thoughts on this job? What type of history/tradition do thye have?
  7. coachmp


    Unexpected or names mentioned in this thread?
  8. coachmp


    Word on the street that Coach Price is not happy there. One local said he is a short timer
  9. coachmp

    Coach Paxton resigns at Mooresville

  10. coachmp

    Bombshell: Kiefer retires from coaching at CCHS

    He took the job at Green Sea Floyd