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  1. coachmp

    Richlands HC

    Wow, just WOW
  2. coachmp

    Richlands HC

    Will this job draw much attention?
  3. coachmp

    JBB returning to NC?

    You would think if he already resigned he has a lock. Which job is closed to making an announcement?
  4. coachmp

    JBB returning to NC?

    I am sure that is it.
  5. coachmp

    West Wilkes

    Did they hire yet?
  6. coachmp

    East Gaston?

    So they have struggled for some time but what are the benefits to this job? Living area? Academic school? pay?
  7. coachmp

    West Wilkes

    Forbush coach? East Wilkes?
  8. coachmp

    West Wilkes

    Coach Have they scheduled interviews?
  9. coachmp

    West Wilkes

    Job was posted online but nothing I can see online or on a news feed.
  10. West Wilkes is open and no mention of it on here.
  11. coachmp

    Coaching Carousel

    Will the new school in Cabarrus County be filled with an existing head coach that could open up a job?
  12. coachmp

    South Davidson

    No teaching job just football coach position. That will be a hard hire.