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  1. coachmp

    South Davidson

    No teaching job just football coach position. That will be a hard hire.
  2. coachmp

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    what is the word here?
  3. coachmp

    Union Pines

    Interesting to see the hire. If indeed another head coach that leaves his school late in the game to make a hire.
  4. coachmp

    Union Pines

    Heard offer has been made
  5. coachmp

    Union Pines

    Why go through the process of interviewing if not take the job? especially a homerun hire.
  6. coachmp

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    That is true. Missed that point
  7. coachmp

    Union Pines

    Does Napert want it? and if they interview and he is selected does he stay?
  8. coachmp

    Morgan leaving McDowell

    No way he leaves N Myrtle this time of the year. Plus Horry county pays a lot of Money. Can McDowell match that?
  9. coachmp

    Union Pines

    What job did he take?
  10. Not seen mention of this or online. Why so quiet about this opening?
  11. coachmp

    North Moore

    why such a turnover?
  12. What happened to the coach there?
  13. coachmp

    Ashley Coach Steps down

    When are interviews?