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  1. npcfan

    SW Guilford vs Cox Mill

    That's great news!
  2. npcfan

    Fourth round games

    I just hate to hear stories of parents or family getting turned away. Definitely something wrong with the system when that happens.
  3. npcfan

    Fourth round games

    btango, your missing my point. First round is sectionals, district then regionals and then state. Sectionals is in your area. District is in your larger area, etc. Its a very simple and easily organized way to do it. It also lets the state pick the best gyms for the situation. It actually creates tons of less travel for all schools involved. Good example is there was a post on internet this week of a first round sectional game in Indiana that was sold out in a 9000 seat gym. Having tournament games in a thousand different places like we do NC cost the schools way way more money than all schools going to a few places.
  4. npcfan

    Fourth round games

    I grew up years ago in Ohio, and still to this day EVERY tournament game is at predetermined neutral sites. It eliminates this issue and also gives the fans a way to see lots of games. I can remember as a kid going to same sectionals site Monday thru Thursday seeing all our local teams play with my father. It was a big deal every year. Dont understand why in a tournament we give teams home court. But more importantly this problem would easily be fixed. I am for nuetral sites from beginning to end. I will cherish the memories of being a middle school athlete going to the nuetral site watching games with my Dad.
  5. npcfan

    Tuesday recaps,,,

    NI did not play well. Missed many open shots with a off shooting night. Allen and Lalonde both missed time due to fouls but bottom line they had a bad shooting night. NI had the ball with 18 seconds left with game tied, and turned the ball over which gave Asheboro the winning shot as time ran out. As a NI fan I felt like we were the more talented team but didn't play up to par. Credit to Asheboro though, long bus ride and they fought hard and neither team quit.
  6. npcfan

    Tuesday recaps,,,

    Newton also has one of the best post players in the state. Chyna Cornwell. Last I saw she is averaging over 20 pts and over 20 bounds. She is strong, works hard at her craft and is being recruited heavily!
  7. npcfan

    Tuesday recaps,,,

    Chute, thanks for the insight. Only common opponent was North Wilkes and Asheboro only beat them by 6 on a neutral court. NI traveled to North Wilkes and was missing two starters and won by 11. So who knows. Match ups are always the key. Lalonde only played two and half quarters and dropped 18 last night. I think if North plays up to their potential with home court they will prevail. But hard to say in this one.
  8. npcfan

    Tuesday recaps,,,

    Was wondering if Chute or anyone know Asheboro girls? Know nothing..
  9. npcfan

    Tuesday recaps,,,

    North Iredell ladies win by around 30. First string out for fourth quarter. Could have been alot worse.
  10. npcfan

    Tuesday recaps,,,

    If you go to a game tonight, would love to read a quick recap from anyone!
  11. npcfan

    Preliminary brackets up

    Has anyone seen the interactive link on nchsaa yet? Heard NI girls would meet Carson in 2nd round? Is that correct?
  12. npcfan

    Who’s who among the 3A

    Was brawl involving players or fans? If players could affect playoffs?
  13. npcfan

    NPC Tournament

    I said beginning of the year that the ladies side of conference could be crazy. Think about this, Carson beat NI twice, NI beat Statesville 3 out of four times. And Statesville beats Carson 2 out of three times. Does it get anymore strange? Lol. Cant wait for the seedings tomorrow! Congrats to both Hounds teams. Great week for Statesville basketball.
  14. npcfan

    NPC Tournament

    It was mess, that's all I will say. The whole team relies on her to be the catalyst like your saying and she never got the ball cuz Statesville went to a 3-2 defense and just collapsed down. He basically shut down his own star and catalyst. It was the craziest thing ive ever seen as far as coaching
  15. npcfan

    NPC Tournament

    The great basketball mind of a coach decided to play Lalonde at high post and never changed up when it wasn't working. So basically he took the ball away from your leading scorer and best passer. All Statesville did was collapse down and North had no one to score. All bad coaching. He basically took his own leading scorer and catalyst completely out of the game and for some reason never adjusted back(stubborn). Also clueless. But to Statesville they outhustled and played very hard and made shots. Congrats to them!