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  1. npcfan

    Two good ladies NPC games Friday!

    They are dangerous. As said in previous posts Carson, WR, NI and Sville could beat each other up the rest of season. Alot of talent amongst those four teams. 🙂
  2. npcfan

    Two good ladies NPC games Friday!

    Looks like the Hollow got to them,,, something about that place.
  3. npcfan

    Two good ladies NPC games Friday!

    NPC update-Boys, Statesville 3-0 Carson and South Iredell 2-1. Sville boys blew out Carson last night 78-35. IMO early results look like Sville and South as the current favs. NPC Ladies, Sville, NI, Carson and West Rowan all 2-1. This is going to be a game by game situation for the conference. Really feel all four these teams could beat each other back and forth all season. Yes Carson beat NI by 15 and then NI blew out Statesville and then Statesville beat Carson. Looks like a wide open conference. And probably the most talented conference in a while.
  4. npcfan

    Two good ladies NPC games Friday!

    Will Carson continue to shoot like steph curry? Or will the ghosts of the hollow get to them ? Toughest gym in conference
  5. Friday highly ranked Carson comes to the Hollow! Everyone knows how hard that gym can be for a visitor. Also two top ten ranked matchup with North visiting highway 801 to battle West Rowan! Some props to ladies npc,,,Three teams in top ten in 3a on max preps and Statesville 16th. I would love to be in both gyms Friday😥. Also think the Statesville boys vs Carson is a important game at this point. Thoughts anyone?
  6. npcfan

    11-3 Alexander Central at 10-2 Hickory (1/18)

    Have not seen Hickory play so cant say,,,But saw AC twice. They are not super talented but well coached and play with fundamental discipline. Could be a good game but not able to comment on Hickory!
  7. npcfan

    NPC Basketball update

    Statesville men vs North Iredell- North was behind 10 at the half. Never really got any closer from there. Statesville has no height this year and all they do is their usual push the pace and drive and slash, drive and slash.... North did not try to slow the pace down at all (coaching mistake). North also had three post players that saw hardly any action and was not part of their gameplan(coaching mistake). Statesville is quick, fast without a true post. They are fun to watch but not an example of good fundamental basketball. North should have played a more half court game to try and control the pace cuz there was no way they were gonna be able to run with them. North Iredell ladies after playing like crap against Carson came out with a vengeance. From opening tip to the end. Pennell scored 15, with several steals, Lalonde with 15 points and 14 rebounds and they all probably played as a team the best they have played this year. They played very focused and with a mission. They were not happy with their efforts at Carson and Statesville paid the price last night.
  8. npcfan

    NPC Basketball update

    Carson ladies played very well last night. Shot 17/20 from free throw line and were very disciplined on offense and defense. Carson's coach is doing a very good job with this group. North Iredell did not play well with 22 turnovers most of them unforced. They did not look in sync at all. Lack of a offense game plan hurts North iredell. Against a zone there is no movement at all. Just pass the ball till someone feels like shooting or driving. That will not cut it against strong teams. I really enjoyed watching Carson play as a team.
  9. npcfan

    South Iredell at Statesville

    Do not underestimate the difficulty of playing at Statesville. Ive seen many a good teams play lousy in that that gym. It is a old school gym, sometimes the heat is way up and it is the loudest gym around. Also love the all drum band during warm ups....
  10. npcfan

    NPC Basketball update

    Updated max preps rankings are out,,, NPC ladies has #5 Carson, #6 N. Iredell #7 W Rowan and #11 Statesville. As these teams start to beat each other up in conference play will this hurt or help their seedings come playoff time? Any thoughts?
  11. npcfan

    Top 10 (or so) Records (3A/4A girls)

    The ladies West bracket this year will be brutal. Erwin, Freedom, Hickory, NI, Carson etc, etc,
  12. npcfan

    NPC Basketball update

    I hope neither team gets in foul trouble and we see the best of both teams. But as always they are teens and night to night its a different story!!!
  13. npcfan

    NPC Basketball update

    If NI gets in foul trouble Carson will win. Still think Carson is deeper than NI this year but it is going to be a fun year for the ladies conference. Every game will be important this year!
  14. npcfan

    X-mas Tourneys

    Stickwolf, I was just doing a simple congrats to those three for their accomplishment. I also enjoy the proud traditions of the ladies programs at North. Not just basketball.
  15. npcfan

    NPC Basketball update

    As far as the boys this year I think it is South Iredell's conference this year. Carson, East Rowan or Statesville could make noise though. IMO I think this year is a weak year for the boys. South is not a bad team but in most 3a conferences they would not be a champion contender. It could be a year of all the teams beating each other up and the conference leader with 3 or four losses.... As for the ladies this is a very deep conference this year. Carson, North Iredell, West Rowan and Statesville all ranked in the top 12 in the state in 3a at moment. I think Carson probably has the best and deepest team with the most experience. NI is probably second best but foul trouble and depth will hurt them. Statesville will win some big games and lose some big games. Also think West Rowan will be same way. All these four teams have the ability to make some noise come playoff time but the west for the ladies is brutal this year. Could be like the boys with conference champ having 3 or four losses. But it is a very strong conference this year!!!!