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  1. https://www.highschoolot.com/clayton-selects-randleman-s-shane-handy-to-lead-football-program/18872089/
  2. Yes from what I was told he addressed his team first thing this morning.
  3. Multiple people have confirmed this.
  4. Heard last night Handy is stepping down from Randleman and will be taking the HC job at Clayton high school!
  5. In this part of Randolph county there is 2 names that are being talked about for this job! Calvin Brown from PG and Seth Baxter from SWR.
  6. He was disqualified not ejected which is why he only has to miss one game. From what I was told from players on the field he said a four letter word.

    Any JV games moved

    Correction they will play Monday night at 7

    Any JV games moved

    Randleman at Eastern Randolph JV game was moved to next Thursday night.
  9. Can’t wait until Friday night! Going to be an electric atmosphere with a lot of talent on the field.
  10. Does ER have a chance in this game? According to Randleman fans this game will not even be close.
  11. ER will be ready ! Read that clearly
  12. The stage is set and the conference is on the line! ER 8-1 at RHS 9-0 Any thoughts on this game?
  13. Now Kidd you know how Randleman gets favored! According to there fans there going to win it all. I guess ER shouldn’t even show up to play 11/1 they have already beat us!