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  1. Wolf4Lyfe

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    Agree that they should be better than Brevard but don't think they are a top 15 worthy team.
  2. Wolf4Lyfe

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    I'd hope so but that east team was a BAD team. They had no business in the playoffs.
  3. Wolf4Lyfe

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    Pisgah will have their chance to prove they belong but how much of a hangover will their be after getting beat by a 16 seed?
  4. Wolf4Lyfe

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    In 2A? Smoky got smoked by North in the first round last year and Pisgah was a 1 seed that got beat by a very weak EL team.
  5. Wolf4Lyfe

    South Fork 2A

    81, have you been to any of the 7 on 7s? I heard that we played well against Kings Mountain.
  6. Wolf4Lyfe

    South Fork 2A

    We have had 7 on 7s with Cox Mill, Draughn, and have Cherryville today I believe. Been busy with work so have not been able to watch. Team has been very active this summer.
  7. Wolf4Lyfe

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    2009-2011 Tarboro had an all pro running back and another NFL player on those championship teams.
  8. Wolf4Lyfe

    South Fork 2A

    Football is not the main concern at the moment.
  9. Wolf4Lyfe

    South Fork 2A

    I think this conference is wide open. On paper North should blow by everyone but I could see them finishing anywhere from 1-4. They won some games last year that could easily have went the other way.
  10. Wolf4Lyfe

    South Fork 2A

    North is the favorite but I wouldn't be surprised if they drop a game or two. As for Lincolnton, we are very young and inexperienced but have a feeling the kids will be hungry. If we can win one or two early that we're not supposed to I think we will be in the conversation at the top of the conference. Coach Glass has already made tremendous strides.
  11. Wolf4Lyfe

    Who was the best 3A team ever in N.C.

    The North Gaston team with AJ Blue and Preston Brooks was a pretty dang good squad as well. Made it to the state championship but can't remember who they lost to.
  12. Wolf4Lyfe

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    Speaking in terms of athleticism and talent
  13. Wolf4Lyfe

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    I would also list the 94' wolves that lost to WRH in the championship. The 05 group was special as well, but of all my years the 2010 and 2011 teams are right there with the 93 team in terms of overall talent and depth.
  14. Wolf4Lyfe

    Who was the best 2A team ever in N.C.

    1993 Lincolnton Wolves had a ton of talent.
  15. Wolf4Lyfe

    Lincolnton searching for a new head coach

    It is the problem but the kids that are in high school now didn't have Boger City... there is no sense of community or that Ltown "swag". The middle school is a dumpster fire, we had a chance to hire one of our former players who is going to be a very good coach and for whatever reason that didn't happen. We need people in place that understand standards around here, which Glass is doing a good job of getting former players involved.