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  1. I believe this game will be closer than most think. Of course I pick Shelby to win, but this Hornets team is playing with a lot of confidence right now and all the pressure is on Shelby.
  2. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    We both have had a rough season my friend. Hopefully our respective programs will be back next season.
  3. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    That may have been the most undisciplined South Point team I have ever seen. West simply wanted it more imo..
  4. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Congrats to West Lincoln! There's nothing like practicing on thanksgiving.
  5. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    I will say that West will not be a push over however
  6. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    I absolutely agree you guys will be more physical. They have not played a team like you guys all season.. folks will try and compare Norths option attack but the fact of the matter is nobody runs the option like South Point. Different animal the way you guys block it.
  7. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    West will not be scared of a physical game. That is their type of game..
  8. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    To my SP friends, City Lunch hotdogs are also sold at West games. You guys are in for an experience Friday night. Say what you want about WL but their fans always support their team and will show up hours before to tailgate. Being the first ever home playoff game you can expect the biggest crowd ever in Vale.
  9. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Nobody runs the option better than SP.
  10. Biggest thing that has hurt us is that the youth program got taken over a couple of years ago. A certain group of parents got ahold of it and moved practices towards Punpkin Center and inner city kids did not have a way to get there. The Boger City Steelers are back and the organization is now ran by a group of former Lincolnton players. Our kids that are currently in high school did not have anywhere to play youth ball so participation dropped. Like I said, it will take us a year or two to reestablish the culture. Patience is a virtue.
  11. Wolf4Lyfe

    Congratulations to West Lincoln

    Congratulations to the Rebels. Been a long time coming.. happy they finally got it done. Doesn't get any easier next week though.
  12. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Not only did the rebels win their first ever playoff game, they will have their first ever home playoff game next week against the Red Raiders...
  13. Figured he is trying to stay in the area. I have a feeling the right place will open up for him soon enough..
  14. If I'm the administration I'd be calling Minor from Foard non stop. He would be a slam dunk for Tuscola.
  15. Haywood Smokehouse in Dillsboro is great, get the brisket. Cosmic Carryout has the best burger in town hands down and you can grab a beverage if you so choose to go with it. Speedys Pizza would be my pick though. Great food and reasonable prices.