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  1. Wolf4Lyfe

    2A: Burns is Top Dog

    Yes I am a Lincolnton poster. The way I read it I took it as you suggesting we got beat by Shelby that season in 2011.
  2. Wolf4Lyfe

    2A: Burns is Top Dog

    Not sure where you are getting your information but we beat Shelby in 2011 42-14 and 21-0 in 2010. The only game that 2011 team lost in the regular season was against South Point.
  3. Wolf4Lyfe

    4-1 West Lincoln vs 4-1 Maiden

    West at home by 3 in a close battle. I havent seen Maiden this season but of course they are going to throw it around. West is tough and the defensive line fights hard, so they are going to have to get pressure to win. Offensively West has begun to open up the pass game a bit more to keep teams honest and not key on Bridges #15. This has been a hard fought game the past couple of years and I expect nothing less this time around.
  4. Wolf4Lyfe

    East Surry at Reidsville

    Roseboro was also a Lincolnton player. I would also throw in that our other defensive end off of that 13-14 Lincolnton team is now playing in the Canadian League. Anyways, the Rams are always deep with talent but imo the difference is they are very well coached from youth league up into high school. I always enjoy my trip to Reidsville and eating some of that good bbq. Hopefully we can get you guys down to Memorial Stadium sometime.
  5. Wolf4Lyfe

    Newton Conover vs Lincolnton

    Our struggles come from kids not being taught proper football terminology and just basics of the game before, as well as us being used to a power run game offense. After a year in Glass'system I expect much improvement offensively.
  6. Wolf4Lyfe

    Newton Conover vs Lincolnton

    A lot of kids that did not get to play youth league plus a promising freshman class. Do not worry, I still have that jersey for you.
  7. Wolf4Lyfe

    Newton Conover vs Lincolnton

    Sounds about right. The biggest thing about this Lincolnton team is that we do not have the homerun hitters that we normally do. We have a bunch of solid players that are still learning how to play the game. As I have said before, it will take another year or two before we are back in the conversation but you will be able to tell a huge difference between this years team and last years team effort and discipline wise.
  8. Wolf4Lyfe

    Newton Conover vs Lincolnton

    We have improved in the sense that we look like a competent team that will compete but we are still very young. We are running the spread and throwing a lot more than a traditional Lincolnton team and are led by freshman QB Reed King. Defensively we are pretty tough, on the offensive side we are still trying to find a rhythm. Expect us to come out throwing early. Our weakest point is the offensive line.
  9. Wolf4Lyfe

    Burns 49 Newton Conover 12

    Folks have called me a ¨hater" because I have said the conference is down. It is just a fact.
  10. Wolf4Lyfe

    East Surry at Reidsville

    Rams by a couple.
  11. West lost a heart breaker at North last season. I will go with West at home in this one.. both teams have taken on cupcake central so it will be interesting to see how they both respond. As far as North having more speed than West I would not be so quick to make that assumption. West looks faster than usual and physical as always. The strength and conditioning program that Coach Avery has put into place is finally starting to show.
  12. Wolf4Lyfe

    Burns Bulldogs

    The freshman class they have is going to be special. I tried to tell folks in March that Burns will be a threat. Things are looking very bright in northern Cleveland county right about now.
  13. Ashbrook is a team that I just don't understand. They have more talent year in and year out than any other team in the area not in Cleveland County and can never put it together.
  14. Wolf4Lyfe

    South Point @ Lincolnton

    Congrats to the Red raiders. We played lightyears better tonight and I believe we have found our QB. The freshman looked good.
  15. Wolf4Lyfe

    South Point @ Lincolnton

    I never said that we are good. It is possible for two teams to not be very good, someone has to win.