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  1. Wolf4Lyfe

    West Meck new HC

    Excellent hire. Coach Waddell will do well.
  2. Wolf4Lyfe

    Mallard Creek

    Would Lance Ware be interested?
  3. Wolf4Lyfe

    East Gaston?

    Well they got their guy
  4. Wolf4Lyfe

    Ashbrook High School

    I agree with what youre saying. Not everyone is a football player but the right coach motivates kids to want to be apart of something.
  5. Wolf4Lyfe

    Ashbrook High School

    There is talent in the halls. One issue that has been described to me by a friend who is in the know of Gastonia athletics is that a lot of kids would simply just rather go play at HH.
  6. Wolf4Lyfe

    Ashbrook High School

    Got to think this becomes one of the most attractive jobs available.
  7. Simple answer: Shelby v. Gaffney. Not really sure why they do not play.. I would also like to see ACR go play Greenville and Richmond/Byrnes
  8. Do you want a cookie or something? You were right, congratulations on a job well done!
  9. ER is a place that you can win at. Just takes the right man to lead the troops and I believe this hire will get them back on course. There is no reason they should not be at least in the conversation every year in 2A.
  10. I was. Stood on the Shelby side. Mitchell is #2 right? He is a gamer.
  11. I believe this game will be closer than most think. Of course I pick Shelby to win, but this Hornets team is playing with a lot of confidence right now and all the pressure is on Shelby.
  12. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    We both have had a rough season my friend. Hopefully our respective programs will be back next season.
  13. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    That may have been the most undisciplined South Point team I have ever seen. West simply wanted it more imo..
  14. Wolf4Lyfe

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Congrats to West Lincoln! There's nothing like practicing on thanksgiving.