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  1. Wolf4Lyfe

    Catawba Valley Athletic Conference 2A

    We are in the South Fork 2A conference. My predictions for this season so far: 1. North is the clear favorite with almost everyone returning off last years team. A year under Bazzles system will make them dangerous, although they won some games last year that probably shouldn't have. 2. Maiden is a bit of a gamble here because year in and year out they are overrated and always underachieve but I think they will be solid this season. 3. Lincolnton will be back in the conversation at the top of the conference but as Blue said, were probably about a year or two out from being back to where we are custom to being. Key for us will be to gain confidence early, we are going to be VERY young. 4. Bandys will take a step back this year after losing their big back but still have some decent athletes. They benefited from a down conference last season. 5. West Lincoln graduated a lot but still have some good running backs that can get the job done. Coach Ponder has been there for awhile so kids are used to him. 6. Newton Conover could range anywhere 1-6. They have all the athletes you could ask for but can just never put it together defensively. They are the wild card in my opinion. 7. East Lincoln is in rebuild mode and lacks a little in the athlete department. Their defense will be solid but the offense was hard to watch last season. 8. Lake Norman Charter will have a new head coach this season but just don't have the horses to compete. I believe that the conference will be jumbled up like last season but I can see this conference coming down to the wire.
  2. Pretty sure he is in eighth grade. If Greer is pulling kids AWAY from Byrnes thats interesting.
  3. Wolf4Lyfe

    West Caldwell

    It is bind boggling that they haven't hired someone yet.
  4. Wolf4Lyfe

    West Caldwell

    Is there a possibility WC gets closed?
  5. Wolf4Lyfe

    Top 2A teams

    Coach Robertson runs a top notch program and is a terrific coach. Not saying they will be title contenders at all but they just might surprise some folks this year.
  6. Wolf4Lyfe

    Top 2A teams

    Thomasville will be much improved this season and surprise some folks I believe.
  7. Good hire for the Jackets. If he gets the support from administration and parents I think he can get them back to being in the conversation.
  8. Wolf4Lyfe

    Hibriten ???

    It all goes back to how the education system in general is treated in NC imo. Expected to do more and put up with more than what it's worth sometimes when It comes to an administration, parents, etc. I will say this. a friend of mine, and I won't names names, when our job came open I asked him if he was going to apply and his response: "I would love to but they just don't pay enough for the time you have to put in to be good" he coaches in SC.
  9. Wolf4Lyfe

    Dorian Davis of Shelby what’s going on here

    Could he be headed to App?
  10. Wolf4Lyfe

    Shelby head coaching position open

    A number of things but soccer isn't one of them. The absence of the Boger City Steelers (our youth feeder program) in recent years was the main cause. We finally got that organization back under "Lincolnton" control so hopefully numbers go up again. As I've said before, athletes are here just got to get them out to play. Last coach didn't recruit the halls.
  11. Wolf4Lyfe

    2A Head Coaching Jobs Still Open

    Darren Ponder has been named head coach at West Lincoln. Good hire for them. He's a good coach.
  12. Wolf4Lyfe

    2A Head Coaching Jobs Still Open

    West Lincoln has been filled
  13. Wolf4Lyfe

    Shelby head coaching position open

    When we hired inside after coach C retired it really hurt our program. Kids didn't believe in the coach and refused to play, thus our current lack of participation. I believe Shelby will be fine either way because football is such a priority, but from experience hiring inside isn't always whats best.
  14. Wolf4Lyfe

    Tuesday recaps,,,

    Congrats to Heritage. Hate I didn't get to get up there and experience a basketball game. Maiden is a very well coached squad.
  15. Wolf4Lyfe

    Mtn. Heritage 1st round matchups