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  1. Dutch Fork with a win over Lexington 43-7 with a record of 8-0-1. 8-0 Dorman makes things interesting with a win over 7-1 Byrnes 35-33. This will be interesting how things will shape up in the 5A football playoff brackets in S.C. Not sure how the brackets will be setup in S.C. but I’m sure we will read more about these teams in the playoffs. We could possibly see a rematch of Dorman n Byrnes.
  2. Vik-Val 86

    Teams that use to be good

    With Oak Grove improving and seeing the success they are having, N. Davidson maybe added to this list.
  3. Vik-Val 86

    Updated: Davie County 37, West Forsyth 34

    I will have to admit. I figure if South Iredell could beat Davie surely West Forsyth wouldn’t have no problem. That’s what makes HS football fun. You sometimes never know. Good call on that one Chris Hughes.
  4. Vik-Val 86

    South Iredell at West Rowan

    Sounds good. It will be good meeting you
  5. Vik-Val 86

    South Iredell at West Rowan

    Yes I’m going to make all efforts for this game.
  6. Vik-Val 86

    South Iredell at West Rowan

    West is starting to make stride and is coming around. I think we will see a big game with West Rowan n Statesville.
  7. Vik-Val 86

    Kannapolis at Cox Mill

    Good win for the Wonders
  8. Vik-Val 86

    South Iredell at West Rowan

    South defense has not been good this year. But it was expected that South would be down. In all honesty I’m not sure if South Iredell can beat East Rowan.
  9. Vik-Val 86

    South Iredell at West Rowan

    34-6 West Rowan in the 3rd. Folks getting ready for what may be a triller with Statesville n West Rowan game.
  10. Vik-Val 86

    NW Cabarrus at Central Cabarrus

    I missed read that. Sorry
  11. Vik-Val 86

    NW Cabarrus at Central Cabarrus

    HT Central Cabarrus 7 NW Cabarrus 0
  12. Vik-Val 86

    Maiden at North Lincoln

    Sounds like North Lincoln will sweep this this conference
  13. Vik-Val 86


    Concord Robinson 10 Concord 7 HT
  14. Vik-Val 86


    Last I heard Davie 16. West Forsyth 14