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  1. 1/23 Boys Varsity It been an interesting game so far. Hickory I believe made 5- 3 pointers 1st part of the game. McDowell gets off a half court shot right at the end of the 1st period as the buzzer goes off and gets the 3. Hickory leading 21-11 at the end of 1st. HT Hickory 41-22.
  2. 1/23 Varsity girls Hickory over McDowell 63-43.
  3. 1/23 JV boys game The best game seen yet this season. McDowell had a good 12 point lead over Hickory. Hickory took a 2 point lead with 58 secs left. McDowell hits a 3 with 13 secs left. Hickory unable to get the shot in. Final McDowell 38 Hickory 37. Now to the Varsity game.
  4. 1/23. JV game. McDowell over Hickory
  5. I see Lake Norman girls got the win over West Rowan. Last time they met West Rowan had won.
  6. Why do I like going to and watching HS football. Different reasons. The environment, especially when two real good teams go at it and seeing the big crowds getting in to it. Bands being a part of it. Another reason is seeing the possibility of players that could turn out to be good players in college and possibly go on to NFL. Watching my favorite team. Meeting people. What is your reasons of wanting to watch HS football.
  7. Here is another story and about forgot about. I played little league baseball around about 12 years old. And I seen two coaches get into it while the game was going on. I remembered one of the coach get out a baseball bat threatening the other coach. Things got calm down but again not sure if anything was done with the coach that threatened the other coach with the ball bat. He never hit the other coach with it but I felt he should have lost his coaching job.
  8. Carson over Statesville. Wow I didn’t expect that kind of score.
  9. I remembered back years ago watching my sister play on a JV team in basketball at South Iredell. South head coach had got mad the refs for apparently some bad calls. South had lost the game. Anyway I remember the coach for South taking a fold up chair and slinging it onto the court. I don’t know if anything was done to him or not. It was years ago. But I don’t recall seeing him coaching after that season.
  10. Hibriten at West Caldwell should be an exciting one to watch. Statesville at Carson could get interesting.
  11. Vik-Val 86

    Davidson Day basketball

    Davidson Day with a win over Cannon 57-53. Cannon is young and not sure if C. Reeves played in this one. Anyway sounded like a good game.
  12. I see Mt Tabor has a big win over B L. Smith. Don Hines did you get to see that game.
  13. Big win with the boys game N Iredell over Statesville 54-53.
  14. Congratulations to the Carson girls for the win.
  15. Salsibury at Thomasville looks be a good one and Concord at Cox Mills as well. Hard to decide if I can make it to one.