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  1. Vik-Val 86

    Championship Picks

    1A Robbinsville 1AA Tarboro 2A Reidsville 2AA Shelby 3A Catholic 3AA Weddington 4A East Forsyth 4AA Vance
  2. Vik-Val 86


    I will tell of a story when I was playing youth baseball. I was up at bat and my brother was behind the fence where he could see the balls coming in. Pitcher throws the ball and my brother seen what he thought was a bad call. He made a statement to where the ump could hear what he said. Then the ump whirls around and saids do you want to come out here and make the calls. Lol
  3. Vik-Val 86


    I do have a question on this topic. Let’s say the rules does change and a punter can only take 3 steps then the punter becomes a runner after 3 steps. let’s say he takes 4-5 steps but the ref doesn’t catch it. Then the punter is hit and then the player that hit the punter is called for roughing the punter. My thing is I could see issues of close cases one way or the other. Any thoughts on close calls in a situation like this. Excuse me if I ask a dumb question on this. I never football.
  4. Salsibury gave up an average of 6 points per game in the regular season and an average of 8 points per game in the playoffs so far. Shelby has an explosive offense so Salsibury will have their work cut out. I seen Shelby play against Burns this past week and it will be hard to pick against them. They really have the speed. Any thoughts.
  5. I think Tarboro will take this one.
  6. I think this will be a good game. Have to go with Reidsville in this one.
  7. This is for the big one. I’m not sure what Southern Nash has other than they are 15-0. After last nights episode with Catholic and Kings Mountain with 7 OTs it will be interesting to see how Catholic performs next week with SN. Any thoughts on this game.
  8. Vik-Val 86

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    Oops I posted on the wrong one. . Lol
  9. Vik-Val 86

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    Looks like 28-28 with a min to go
  10. HT and it’s a ballgame. Dorman 14 Dutch Fork 14
  11. Wow the same score. Interesting how this game went .