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  1. Vik-Val 86

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    UNC gets commitment from Malik Hornsby who is considered a 4 Star dual threat QB from a high school in Texas. He is real quick. He is also class of 2020. Any thoughts with this. Sounds like this could be a help of the Tarheel program.
  2. Vik-Val 86

    Playoff scores

    Hate to see Crest season come to an end. They had such a good season. Sounds like some tough teams in the 3A.
  3. Interested with the thoughts of how this conference could turn out. Last season Bandys pulled out a triller over N. Lincoln 30-29 for the conference. Can Bandys do it again. My thoughts is N. Lincoln could be the top team with Bandys dropping a little. I look for Maiden to improve as well as Lincolnton. Any thoughts on what Newton Conover will do as well as East Lincoln. Here are the listing of the teams in the conference. Bandys, North Lincoln, Maiden, Newton Conover, Lincolnton, East Lincoln, West Lincoln, Lake Norman Charter
  4. Vik-Val 86

    Who’s Who among 3A

    Forgot about Cardinals. It could be they may get revenge on Catholic.
  5. Vik-Val 86

    Southern Carolina Conference

    Really tough conference in the 3A.Could we possibly see a repeat from last year with both Catholic and Weddington winning it all in the 3A and 3AA.
  6. Vik-Val 86

    Tuscola appeal to be heard tomorrow

    Anyone know if they may be looking into realignment every 2 years. To me that would be the thing to do as well unless I’m not seeing it right.
  7. Seen that Josh Berry won in the late Model class in the Car Tours event tonight at ACE speedway . Car Tours is a event that travels to different speedways. They make up the Super Late Model and Late Model class. They have been to Hickory Speedway on March 23 but will come back to Hickory again on Aug. 3. I will try to make it to that race. Actually I had rather see these cars run especially on short track than the NASCAR. Things happen and the temper flares.
  8. I watched Chase Elliott run few years back at Hickory Motor Speedway in what they call Car Tours class in the super late model series. He is definitely a good driver. Another driver that’s still running in the late model class Josh Berry is also good one and won many races. I believe if he ever moves up that he has the potentials of being a very good driver in the NASCAR event. My personal favorite places to what a race is these short tracks like Hickory and Bristol. Where you see more action taking place.
  9. Vik-Val 86

    The Creek and Dutch Fork on ESPN 2

    I know at this point it’s probably Hard to say but any idea of the size of crowd that could possibly be at this game.
  10. Vik-Val 86

    Retirement Was Short Lived

    Glenn, I’m glad to see you back at it. Best of luck to your team this next season.
  11. Vik-Val 86

    Classic matchups

    Here are my matchups I would like to see happen. Of course Mallard Creek n Dutch Fork will be played on Aug. 23. That game will get a lot attention. Mooresville n Kings Mountain, Charlotte Catholic n Rock Hill South Pointe. Would like to see AL Brown n Statesville get back to playing non conference games. Would also like to see South Iredell n AL Brown playing for a couple seasons. Here is the one I would love to see happen, Shelby n Reidsville. What are your matchups you like to see happen.
  12. Vik-Val 86

    Baseball scores

    Even tough I don’t keep up with baseball I am keeping an eye on this Crest team. Best of luck as they enter the playoffs. They look like the team to beat.
  13. Vik-Val 86

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Any updates or timing when the Turf field will start and be finished.
  14. Vik-Val 86

    4th and goal

    The big man Lachaston Smith. He could easily chunk up some yards.
  15. Vik-Val 86

    4th and goal

    So it’s 4th and goal and your at the 5 yard line and your down by 4. If you score your team wins and if you don’t it’s over. What is your game plan. What kind of play would you use. Do you run or pass. Who do you see as your man to do the job. Let me add you can also use any player or players from the past. Or just name a design play.