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  1. C. Laettner

    Charlotte Catholic

    I’m not going to lie. This will be a difficult task. So let’s get this started! Do you guys think if the Catholic coaching staff just up and moved too...ole say West Charlotte or Statesville can we say indefinite that these programs would suddenly become new Catholics?
  2. C. Laettner

    Charlotte Catholic

    You guys really seemed to be ruffled by this, all I was trying to say was that I wish all schools across NC could come up with a OL and DL every year...for 8 years...that’s never seen a loss in the playoffs lower than the western regional championship...wonder why the other coaches can’t get any of that discipline..or culture...or tradition...or dedication? Dang it man! We need to get to the bottom of this and work together!
  3. C. Laettner

    Charlotte Catholic

    Well thank you kind polite Catholic! However, I’m actually German decent. Not troll. I really do think the Catholic have discovered something here though! I mean look at all the surrounding schools with all these boys and girls with moms and dads and cars none of them! Not a single one can say they’ve been to the western regional finals 8 years in a row! Incredible almost reminds me of another a while back...what was that school called? Coach had a funny name? Botts maybe?
  4. C. Laettner

    Charlotte Catholic

    I agree 100% money has zero effect on the fact that the Catholics have been to the Western Regional finals or farther since 2010! Bunch of 5’8” white boys running around lmao! It’s discipline guys! This isn’t calculus!
  5. C. Laettner

    Charlotte Catholic

    I’m not being passive aggressive, I just stumbled upon all this. This is all new to me. I originally grew up in servierville TN, went to school at Sevier County HS. Yes the same HS as Dolly Parton, please hold your applause!...Anyway, it seems these Catholics have figured out a formula the rest of the NC is missing. Excellent coaching, perfect athletes, obviously well educated. If I’m not mistaken, these Catholics have been to the Western regional playoffs or State championship every year since 2010! Am I the only one who isn’t blown away by this?! It’s incredible! And you’ve only had a couple D1 players? It’s crazy.
  6. C. Laettner

    Charlotte Catholic

    I’m not try to say anything. I just find it fascinating! These Catholics are clearly talented and superior in all facets of life. Football especially! I just wish we had more Catholics in all regions, their coaching and education is clearly superb! It’s just interesting to me. Why do they love Charlotte so much these Catholics? Is it jobs? Are there Catholic schools in Asheville? How does one, start a Catholic school?
  7. C. Laettner

    Charlotte Catholic

    I’m still mind blown that the 10% of Catholics in Charlotte all live in a 25 mile radius...I’m still shocked they have that many Catholics period in Charlotte! And they all live in the same area? Crazy man, kinda sad too. I thought segregation was over.
  8. C. Laettner

    Charlotte Catholic

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, I’m honestly just asking a serious question...If Charlotte is less than 10% Catholic what is Charlottes population? Does that statistic really equal up to 3A numbers? If so, that’s incredible, never realized how many Catholics leaved in the south, I don’t know of any in Cleveland County.
  9. C. Laettner

    Shelby vs Crest

    I know I haven’t seen all of the “crazy” games you guys keep mentioning because I’m not originally from Cleveland County, and yes I know it’s a rivalry and blah blah but you people are either delusional or you’re all just hoping Power ponies finds a way to make a game of it lmao! Seriously, It MIGHT be close for the first half, but Shelby SHOULD have the game wrapped up by the third quarter. Mark my words! This will not be one of those “crazy” games. The power ponies can’t find their identity since Barnes left.
  10. C. Laettner

    Shelby vs Crest

    Not much of a game to get excited about. Power ponies will be humiliated. Most likely the power ponies will continue to be humiliated by a lot of teams until some changes are made. Any way, best of luck to both teams I guess. One of which is going to really need it lmao!
  11. C. Laettner

    Burns Bulldogs

    Burns absolutely obliterated the power ponies! I’m curious how long it takes the power pony faithful to blow their heads off lmao! Read somewhere that the Crest faithful were saying this is the first time in over 20 years Crest will finish 4th in the County lmao...Burns better hold on tight to their players...and so should all surrounding teams..wonder if their head coach is sweating yet lmao!
  12. Agreed. I feel like 2014 Power ponies vs 2011 Havelock would be a intriguing experience. It’s unfortunate the power ponies have fallen so far. Havelock on the other hand has maintained a constant threat out East. Hats off to them
  13. C. Laettner

    Freedom schedule

    My record? Against what teams? You actually have a friend? In all seriousness I have no record. I’m not even from NC, just moved in the area after graduating from college and getting hitched. But I’ve been around here long enough to keep up with the teams are “real” and ones who are not.
  14. C. Laettner

    Freedom schedule

    If Freedom really wants to compete for a state championship, the pats will have to schedule someone other than just Shelby. AC Reynolds, South Point, Crest...etc etc
  15. C. Laettner

    Top teams of the 3A or 3AA

    I’d never even heard of sun valley until they played ACR last year in the playoffs.