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  1. Are YOU going to speak??? That would take more than a 50 minute time slot probably...😂 Good luck with your clinic sir...
  2. thekidd12


    Honestly I have no idea about anyone on team this year. Glad he is getting back fairly soon.
  3. Notice you threw ER in there pretty quickly. Not saying you are wrong but ER did go 9-3 last year and beat EM 40-0 and we know what score was of EM/WM game last year. New season new teams and you might end up being correct but we will all have to wait awhile to find out.
  4. Well one to start with... May be a while before both are in same backfield...
  5. thekidd12

    Uwharrie Charter.......

    Been bumped up the ladder now https://www.courier-tribune.com/news/20190627/sbi-probes-8216misuse-of-funds8217-at-uca
  6. thekidd12


    Lilly maybe but again depends on line. Heard Snipes has compound fracture in upper arm. That's tough.
  7. thekidd12

    Uwharrie Charter.......

  8. thekidd12

    Uwharrie Charter.......

    Second that sir...
  9. thekidd12

    Uwharrie Charter.......

    As in any situation where someone is asked to leave there are rumors. I have heard a substantial one but do not feel comfortable relaying such until it is proven. The previous incident, at another Randolph county high school, is well known even though it was not publicized.
  10. thekidd12

    Uwharrie Charter.......

    😂😂 Not the first time he has been asked to um...step aside.
  11. thekidd12


  12. thekidd12

    Playoff scores

    I have discussed this particular charter before. Their location with the 25 mile radius rule gives them access to all the high schools in Randolph county. Also I believe the 25 miles includes parts of 6 counties counting Randolph. I have nothing against people sending their children where they want but playing fields are not the same in situations like these. Throw in Post 45 Legion having them as one of the schools they can draw from and baseball in "Randolph" takes on a whole different meaning.
  13. thekidd12

    Top 2A teams

    Unfortunately orange and blue team from northern Randolph County... For those that don't know it's Randleman...
  14. thekidd12

    Conference tourney thoughts (Girls)

    PG has a very important piece that will not be in tournament... Hate it for her but probably will hamper them some...
  15. thekidd12

    baseball preview

    I am no expert but am old and like baseball so here's my take on 2A PAC7: Should be an interesting year. Favorite as usual is Randleman returning several starters as well as most of their pitching staff. Providence Grove, winner of end of season tournament, will have to replace top two arms, top three hitters, as well as SS who tore ACL in football (Hate it for him a fine young man). Wheatmore is interesting in that they bring back most of a young squad from last year with good arms in rotation. Eastern Randolph lost three starters including their 2 and 3 hitters , one I care for quite a bit, however should be much deeper in pitching staff this season. Jordan Mathews was very young and returns almost everyone from a team that surprised in some wins last year. Trinity lost quite a bit but has good coaching. Andrews is well, Andrews. I think conference will be a three team race this year between Randleman, Wheatmore and Eastern Randolph. I know I am biased but if ER gets the arms they have some run support they could make a good run. However shouldn't overlook JM which could throw a wrench in everybody's season. Forecast for next week is cold and wet so it must be about baseball time. Going to be odd for me personally to watch games and not be sitting on edge of seat when mine comes to plate. It was a fun ride though.