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  1. thekidd12

    2A West: Reidsville 24, Brevard 21

    I didn't think Brevard would stay in game with them either... Brevard did great in playoffs but every game they played could have easily went either way. Yes it is all about matchups but if you use those games as gauges looks like any of those teams could "play" with Reidsville... Now beating Rams might be a different story.
  2. thekidd12

    2A West: Reidsville 24, Brevard 21

    Or for that matter ER or orange/blue team???
  3. thekidd12

    2A West: Brevard 20, Wheatmore 14

    Hold up. Brevard and Wheat went down to the wire in a good hard fought game according to all that were there. However Wheat would get run out by half and Brevard might give them a decent game? OK...
  4. thekidd12

    2AA East: North Davidson 24, Ledford 7

    Now I get it... You were talking about posts!!! Thought there was an all star game or something for a minute... Also Ledford does not have many big mouths online(and I am including myself in that) and ND is most always respectful of their opponents so... 11 yeah that's probably about enough...😁
  5. thekidd12

    Chatham Central at Eastern Randolph

    Just found this thread... In my opinion, in reference to Eastern Randolph, the boys team has potential to pull some upsets as well as lose some games they should win. A huge upgrade from last year however. The girls will struggle, missing a key senior who was in an arm sling until recently, as well as not having a dependable outside shooter. As for the announcer, think he may work out whenever he learns to come out of his shell... Guy is a little shy you know. 😁
  6. thekidd12

    2A West: Reidsville 24, Brevard 21

    Now you just being mean...😂 I would have called them by name....
  7. thekidd12

    2A West: Reidsville 24, Brevard 21

    Dude, you know we have 7 High Schools in Randolph (not counting the nonfootball playing, go here if you want to one)... Also four other PAC7 members... OK we might should have given them a conference shirt...😁 Reidsville by 14.
  8. thekidd12

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    May be on call? Quiet on "other" one for the most part as well...
  9. thekidd12

    CP Top 20 2A Power Rankings Following Round 3

    I only take shots because well... It's fun! And if you check around you will see I actually took up for orange/blue team when others talked about their schedule... And nah nobody has whooped anything on me in a while. Don't play. Obviously you know the history so no need for that either. Enjoy what is going on in northern Randolph. Been a long time coming.
  10. thekidd12

    2A East Finals: Northeastern 47, SW Onslow 36

    There is one more at least that will drop by sometime soon... Wait for it...
  11. thekidd12

    CP Top 20 2A Power Rankings Following Round 3

    Aw poor orange/blue team all the way down to 19th... Too soon???
  12. thekidd12


    Good man too. My girl works with him.
  13. thekidd12


    SWR's request was denied.
  14. thekidd12

    2A West: Brevard 21, Randleman 13

    Honestly have you seen them play since RB came back from injury? I know, I know the whole PAC7 was weak but they do have a team playing in 3rd round of playoffs...