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  1. No you misunderstand.... Fine with ER ranking... Seems about right... Just the orange/blue team... It's a Randolph County thing...
  2. Only one thing... Why does orange/blue team keep climbing up??? I don't really care but have to do it... Something in ER super secret club rules...😂
  3. Actually Eastern Randolph has been in the same spot for last two polls... And yes it is all about the playoffs.
  4. You are probably right but... Eastern Randolph was in 2018 playoffs. Made a long trek in first round and played some team called Brevard. Lost 14-7 after a fine goal line stand by Brevard in the last minutes. Same Brevard team that lost to Reidsville 24-21 in 4th round. So get in, get good/and or catch some breaks, and you never know.
  5. For comparison for another poster who really likes orange/blue team's backfield: Eastern Randolph's opponents overall record thus far: 20-39. For what that's worth...
  6. And also to pile on just a little... Could you please buy some letters from Pat??? Vanna will flip them for you... 😁
  7. Perhaps you are correct in that orange/blue do not have ANYTHING to worry ABOUT In the PAC7... You have mentioned quite a few times the totals put up by their backfield... Eastern Randolph running backs have done ok I guess. Wait I think both had pretty decent games Friday night? Oh well time will tell. Orange/blue team will be favored playing at home but...perhaps their coaches may worry just a tad. 😁
  8. Very nice classy post sir... Almost perfect... Well you could have left that good luck to Tigers part out...😂
  9. Well lookie here...😁
  10. Not so fast my friend... The enigma that is High Point Andrews is staring both teams down first...
  11. thekidd12

    Fall Ball (Baseball)

    You have pointed out a lot of things that I completely agree with. I played two sports waaaay back in olden days. As I stated my youngest played three including baseball, basketball and football. My point was that playing fall baseball is no worse than the out of season things athletes are asked to do for football. Yes good coaches, in both sports, will take into account an athlete participation time in the "in season" team. Bad coaches do not. I guess what I was trying to say was a 17 year old can do more than one sport at a time, especially if it has the restrictions on arms I mentioned on baseball side, without interfering with the other. As to your last paragraph I always told my players they would get more money from being a good student than 99% ever would from an athletic department. Now my fingers are tired. Old guy here.😁
  12. thekidd12

    Fall Ball (Baseball)

    I coached fall baseball at ER for the past four years. This year there is a new coach and he has decided to not put a team in the Asheboro league. That's fine. New guy his way. I completely understand. As far as throwing, in Asheboro each pitcher is limited to three innings per weekend. I added my own 45 pitch limit on top of that. Asheboro fall baseball is limited to two games a weekend, as doubleheaders, so wear and tear on arms/bodies is minimal. My youngest, who graduated in 2018 played three sports including football and basketball. Football coaches encourage players to participate in spring ball, summer workouts, weightlifting, 7 on 7s, as well as in season. So in this RARE instance Chris I do not agree with your statement about fall baseball being specialization at its best. WOW. Sorry.
  13. thekidd12

    Uwharrie Charter.......

    Future? Probably will slow down the construction of other sports fields that was being readied near baseball field. As I have said they have several people helping the school "flush out" talent so future athletics should not suffer other than the fields. As it was an administrative thing I am not sure would have an effect on past or future postseason participation.
  14. thekidd12

    Montgomery vs Randolph County

    Mr Inman those are sound words of advice but... MC will definitely win this Friday. Graham is having a REALLY down year.
  15. thekidd12

    Montgomery vs Randolph County

    I'm not so sure about charters/privates taking away that many students. Athletes possibly (especially one pretty close by) but students? Eastern Randolph has approximately 650-675 students this year. Combining East and West Montgomery using last year's ADMs you have 1101 students. Those are large 2A/small 3A numbers right? Someone can correct me if I am wrong. If 10 percent of students left (using last year's ADM) there would still be 991 students. Possibly end up with 2AA but small 2A would have to be a lot of flight. Could happen though I guess.