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  1. NCDevils94

    Wrestling in Newton

    N-C with another big victory beating West Lincoln.
  2. NCDevils94

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you and all of the posters here on Carolinapreps
  3. NCDevils94

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    This new staff should go after Jaheim Mullen from Hunter Huss. Kid is a stud on both sides of the ball, great athlete, great kid, and Carries a GPA between 3.5 and 4. Transferred to Huss this year after playing 3 years at Newton-Conover, and he was a real difference maker for that team. Multiple articles written about him this year in the Gaston Gazette.
  4. NCDevils94

    West Iredell Alum

    John Rabold...yes, he had a good career at the Academy on the field, glad to hear is still an officer and serving his country. As you said, proud of the many from the area who have and are serving. I am sure you are proud of your son, and I thank him for his service to this country.
  5. NCDevils94

    West Iredell Alum

    GDG, what happened with the NC kid that went to AF, and had a good football career at AF Academy? Do you know where he is, what he is doing these days?
  6. NCDevils94

    Wrestling in Newton

    GDG, you are correct, another good match and St. Stephens was a little too much. The Indians will be tough to handle in 3A while NC and Foard will be tough in 2A. Catawba County definitely has some good wrestling.
  7. NCDevils94

    2A West 2018

    Totally agree
  8. NCDevils94

    2A West 2018

    Not sure about how he was accepted, and honestly I don't care because it's none of my business. I do know for a fact though that the kid has always had very good grades, is a great kid, very respectful, and talented on the court as well as the football field which he most likely want be playing any longer. As for the system, I agree with you that the system is flawed for these schools, have thought that for years with Charlotte Catholic's football team. However, the problem is the NCHSSA system and is no fault of the kids at all. The kids are just that, 14-18 year old kids, and are just playing the game they love.
  9. NCDevils94

    2A West 2018

    The freshman point guard at Lincoln Charter is Anthony Breland, and the kid is very talented, and is a great kid. His dad played collegiately at Fordham, and played 7 years of professional ball overseas.
  10. NCDevils94

    3A West: Charlotte Catholic 28, Hunter Huss 7

    Both defenses kept their teams in the game, and both offenses struggled mightily. Huss had 174 yards of total offense, Catholic had 162 yards of total offense. Catholic was the better team tonight, their special teams won the game. Blocked punt for TD, returned a punt for TD, and their punter was a stud last night constantly booting very high and long kicks, and pinning Huss inside the 20 all night long. Field position due to special teams was VERY lopsided
  11. NCDevils94

    3A West: Charlotte Catholic 28, Hunter Huss 7

    Good game, congrats to Catholic they were the better team tonight. Special teams, the big difference!
  12. NCDevils94

    Wrestling in Newton

    With Newton-Conover and Fred T. Foard, there is a lot of good wrestling happening in Newton. These two programs have become traditional powers and both once again have powerful teams capable of winning State. Last year FTF beat N-C 29-25 in the playoffs, and they faced off in an epic battle once again last night in front of a big crowd. These kids put on a show with each school taking the lead in the match on multiple occassions. Final score N-C 33 FTF 30 I have a feeling these teams will see each other again with the stakes being much higher.
  13. NCDevils94

    3A West: Hunter Huss 35, Crest 0

    GDG, I have all the respect in the world for the Crest program, but last night they were no match for Huss. I was at this game hoping for a battle. Huss also had a defensive TD called back, and Huss committed 2 turnovers while driving deep in Crest territory in the first half, one was inside the 5 yard line, the other onside the 20. Huss and Catholic should be a war next week
  14. NCDevils94

    3A West: Hunter Huss 35, Crest 0

    Huss leads 35-0 with 6 minutes left
  15. NCDevils94

    3A West: Hunter Huss 35, Crest 0

    Should be a good football game between two really good teams. I was deciding between this game and the Hibriten/SP game. I have decided that I will be attending this one tomorrow night.