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  1. Purple Mountain

    Avery @ Mitchell

    Going with Mitchell 38 Avery 21
  2. Purple Mountain

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Already here. Its gonna be a good one for sure!
  3. Purple Mountain

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    I look for this to be a really good and intense game. Heritage being at home will give them some advantage. If Mitchell can come out and play thier football we should be in for a treat. Im predicting a low scoring defensive game. 17-16 Mitchell. Go Mountaineers
  4. Purple Mountain

    WHC week 8

    Mitchell 35 Owen 21 Polk 49 Madison 0 Cougars 38 Avery 7
  5. Purple Mountain

    WHC week 2 (August 30th)

    Avery 41 West Wilkes 21 North Buncombe 45 Madison 7 Mitchell 42 Cabarrus 0 Mountain Heritage 38 Erwin 14 Polk 35 North Gaston 34
  6. Purple Mountain

    WHC Season Opener (Aug 23rd)

    Ashe 28-6 Owen 34-21 Carver 21-7 Erwin 28-21 Polk 42-13 Heritage 36-28
  7. Purple Mountain

    1A West: Murphy 33, Mitchell 29

    Its between a mist and a light drizzle back and forth
  8. Purple Mountain

    1A West: Mitchell 21, Cherokee 13

    This game could be a barn burner but i hope Mitchell will come out focused and not play too conservative. If we come to play like we did the last few weeks of the season we should win this game with no worries. Ill say Mitchell 48 - Cherokee 20
  9. Purple Mountain

    Mountain Heritage @ Mitchell

    You've got to be blind the field is mowed slick
  10. Purple Mountain

    Mountain Heritage @ Mitchell

    Looks like its gonna be a great night for some football
  11. Purple Mountain

    Mountain Heritage @ Mitchell

    I have a feeling this game is gonna come down to the wire. Mitchell will have to play there best ballgame of the year to come out with a win. Mountain Heritage is a well coached ball team and will be looking to extend thier streak to 4 games in a row. With it being in Ledger ill give a slight nod to Mitchell if we can hit all our PAT' s and stop them on some 2pt conversions I think we can pull it off ill go Mitchell 28 Heritage 24.
  12. Purple Mountain

    Mitchell @ McDowell

    This could be a be a good game and come down to whomever has the football last. Both teams have been bitten by the turnover bug this year. If Mitchell doesn't get the extra points down it could spell trouble but for now i will say mitchell 27-21
  13. Purple Mountain

    WHC Week 3 (Aug 31st)

    Reynolds 42 - 21 Polk 28 - 14 Watauga 49 - 6 Rosman 21 - 6 Mitchell 34 - 14
  14. Purple Mountain

    WHC Week 2 Predictions

    Heritage by 2 Mitchell by 13 North buncombe by 20 Mcdowell by 14 NCA by 24
  15. Purple Mountain

    WHC Season Opener (Aug 17th)

    Avery 21-0 Heritage 40-12 West Hendo 34-13 Polk 35-6 Erwin 35-24 Owen 21-20