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  1. Exyankee11

    CATA’s next coach

    I’m guessing coaches weren’t beating down the door for the job. It will be interesting if he can get kids to buy in with a poor track record.
  2. Maybe BlueDevilBiggestFan can weigh in? My sources say Wells may be heading back to VA. Richlands HS is opening up in VA. I-Meck too much to handle??
  3. Exyankee11

    Top sleepers 4A/4AA

    Both Davie and LKN loose to SI out of conference this year. Don't see them impacting 4A level.
  4. Exyankee11

    Sun Valley @ Mount Tabor

    SV @ SI next week.
  5. Exyankee11

    AC Reynolds vs. South Iredell

    This game is evenly matched on both sides of the ball. Special teams may be the difference in this one. ACR has home field advantage, but record in misleading. ACR and SI both played some bad teams. SI has best offense they have seen this year. ACR scored less than 30 against the 2 best teams they saw SWG and Shelby. Don't crown ACR champs just yet.
  6. Exyankee11

    Al Brown at South ierdell

    Some of you need to go back to the preseason and recall your own posts. SI has no offense but Pope, new coaching staff will hurt them, poor defense, etc. Bottom line is those who know football and the talent at South thought I would be a really good year. I remember some even predicting 3rd in conference behind WR and SHS. C'mon man. Now jump on that bandwagon and watch the Vikings take down #2 in the mountains.
  7. Exyankee11

    Al Brown at South ierdell

    SI will be hosting SWG next week. Gonna be a good game, but Vikings take it.
  8. AC's inability to play defense will catch up to them this round or next. Loss to Hickory really should have brought this team into prospective for you. It was a good run for the Cougars...
  9. Exyankee11

    Statesville at Southwest Guilford

    Statesville will be one and done this year. Only 1 Iredell County school will remain after tonight, SI! WIHS loses at SP and Mooresville loses to EForsyth.
  10. Exyankee11

    Statesville at West Rowan

    West will take this one. SHS will get scored on and Young won't be able to help the hounds catch up. West is not a 15 seed, nor is SHS a 5.
  11. Exyankee11

    South Iredell at North Iredell

    SI beat AC four straight years when they shared a conference. Three by a substantial margin and those Viking teams were not as talented. AC should be beating smaller schools in that conference, just like SI should be. The real test is playoff time. We shall see...
  12. Not feeling that the Wonders win the West this year. Can we talk about football not bleachers in this thread...
  13. Most don't like the visitor side because of the final score, not the stands. There are plans to refurbish stadium, so maybe in future playoffs. Any other thoughts on 3AA?
  14. The West should play out by the numbers with 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 in Round 3. However, MR may shred the AC defense to advance. Mt Tabor will be a hard out for SI, but at home in Viking Valley they should prevail. Third Round Match Up Prediction: ACR vs MR AL vs SI Western Final: ACR vs. SI
  15. Exyankee11

    3A Top 25 Power Rankings (10/10/17)

    Nobody in this Top Ten except for Dudley can beat Catholic. AC is way too high, giving up almost 27 points a game (beating up Wilkes, NI and N Lincoln). C'mon man. South Iredell giving up 16 a game and played 4 - 4A schools. Keep sleeping on the Vikings.