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  1. Durham Riverside is interested. Contact coach Cory Lea @ 919-491-0545
  2. Reeducator

    2018-19 Coaching Moving Van

    Person and Northwood Open
  3. Reeducator

    Dead Period

    As of late I'm hearing from coaches and players that they would much rather have kids do football because of many schools lack of organized track programs. The last 2 schools I have been in have had issues with a well run track program. We encourage kids to run track, but many times kids choose football because it is in some cases, more structured than track. Not because of coaching, but because there are more football coaches than track coaches.
  4. Reeducator

    Kestrel Heights

    Ive talked to some people on the inside there and it was a combination of things. Mismanagement of things like online classes, handling of credits, and some mistakes on the counselor end. People responsible have all been removed. Kestrel has been around for a long time and from knowing staff and coaches and having teacher workshops there, it is a real school with real students. And youre right BTango, the academic situation has nothing to do with sports, but I do know that because of it, the basketball program has had to endure almost weekly scrutiny from the teams they were playing over the eligibility status of their players solely because of the academic mess. Again a bad situation for a good team of kids that had been at the school for years and did something really special this season.
  5. Reeducator

    Kestrel Heights

    I'm sure there's more to it than what is floating around the media. But the eyebrows are raised because their basketball team was so good. Gotta feel bad for the kids. They didn't do anything to get in this mess.
  6. Reeducator

    New Rules

    Im an offensive guy and that sounds crazy.
  7. In the grand scheme of things it doesnt matter. Any HC with an ounce of sanity, imposes their own rule requiring a doctor's clearance FOR THEIR OWN LIABILITIES SAKE. Just because a kids parents "clears" him from a concussion doesn't mean you have to play him.
  8. Reeducator

    Vance County Football

    The "powers that be" make it very difficult to be successful there. And the presence of charter schools take a ton of kids from both NV and SV.
  9. Reeducator

    Vance County Football

    Southern Vance has had a decision made for a while, but they want to approve both at the same time. Apparently two candidates at NV turned it down. DC from previous program is in the mix. Good guy. Hope he gets a shot.
  10. Reeducator

    Vance County Football

    Heard both decisions have been made. Board meeting is Monday.
  11. Reeducator

    Dead Period

    Every school ive been to it has been at the track coaches' discression. Used to be back in the day you had a football coach that coached track and worked it out between the two. Id like to know the official word as well.
  12. Reeducator

    When is it too late?

    Lots of the best and brightest are headed for the border . Gone are the days of making moves so you can be good in athletics. Coaches often scramble for the best situation athletically and for their families. Even the old heads are finding that the rules are different now. I really don't see the days where a coach stays for 20 years at one place coming back.
  13. Reeducator

    When is it too late?

    Bad situation trying to replace those guys that do that and super bad for the kids.
  14. Reeducator

    When is it too late?

    In most places where athletics is at least organized right, the turn of the new semester is the ideal time as Steelers71 said. However as schools make new selections, the places where coaches leave are left scrambling to find guys. Usually February - March is the time where the scramble happens. Gives schools time to see what teaching positions they will have (teachers turnover happens at the turn of the semester). That way you can widen the pool of coaches you can select and still give them time to transition before spring workouts begin. For those less organized places, it can happen whenever. I know a HS head coach that was hired for his position THE WEEK OF THE NC COACHES CLINIC. (3rd week in July)
  15. Have announcements been made concerning both the Northern Vance and Southern Vance HC football vacancies??