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  1. SwainDad40

    Top 1A teams

    Yeah Andrews and Hayesville both will be better than Cherokee or Rosman. Top 5 in SMC in no particular order will be Murphy, Swain, Robbinsville, Hayesville, Andrews will all make the playoffs.
  2. SwainDad40

    My attempt at smc finishing order.

    Not all JV’s wrestled at Orr. Did you see how many 8th graders won conference for Swain this season? I think seven or eight middle schoolers. It will always be a good matchup with Robbinsville. Great wrestling program.
  3. SwainDad40

    Top 1A teams

    I hope everyone continues to underestimate our Swain County Maroon Devils this season.
  4. SwainDad40

    Top 1A teams

    I’d say three out of the top eight teams will be from the SMC this next season. No particular order but Swain, Murphy and Robbinsville will probably give anyone in 1A or 1AA a run for their money. Tarboro, Pamlico Co., East Surry, Mitchell and Mt. Airy will be tough as well.
  5. SwainDad40

    Saturday's Shrine Bowl Combine at Eastern Alamance

    This combine was for only for incoming seniors correct Chris?
  6. SwainDad40

    My attempt at smc finishing order.

    Robbinsville this season but it will be Swain’s season next year!. We will be loaded. Too many injuries and kids out this year for Swain.
  7. It was a physical game from start till about 7 min remaining...... Hope these players are all ok. Never want to see a team lose because of a few injuries in the playoffs. Injuries hurt 1A teams worse than any other division. Depth is always an issue.
  8. SwainDad40

    1AA West: Mt. Airy 50, Swain 20

    Do you think 3 weeks off will generate some rust in the first quarter? Most teams with thanksgiving this week typically generates lackluster play. I blame the turkey for sluggish starts in this week’s games. Lol
  9. SwainDad40

    CP Top 20 1A Power Rankings Following Round 1

    Nice! Finally Swain has moved up. Tough game this week. We will see how we do Friday. Good experience for a young team. Thanks Chris
  10. SwainDad40

    1AA West: Mt. Airy 50, Swain 20

    I agree with SMC Observer. Next year’s team will be much improved and loads of experience with 16 or so seniors. BUT! We have to throw the ball to be more successful. If we throw more then defenses can’t load the box vs our running game. Defenses will only be able to put six or seven in the box instead of 8-10 in the box.
  11. SwainDad40

    1AA West: Mt. Airy 50, Swain 20

    I’m not going to give a prediction in this one for good reason. I can tell you this and that is Swain has nothing to loose. They know nobody is going to pick them to win. They will come in focused and play as hard as they can play. If they win great! If not then they need to have that pride that they played as hard as they could and leave everything on the field. I wish this matchup was next season as Swain will be much more improved next year. But you have to play with the cards you are delt with this years bracket. If Swain was a seven seed I could have seen them come out of the bottom bracket to the regional final.
  12. SwainDad40

    Final Easier To Read Brackets 1A & 1AA

    State of confusion
  13. SwainDad40

    Preliminary Brackets Released as of 11:45 a.m.

    The state needs to look at this again because even some of the records are wrong and not updated. It appears that they are using maxpreps rankings that have not been updated. I look at Maxprep live now and Swain is ranked 22. On their link they have us at 26th. Not happy with Swain being an eight seed. Don’t understand why Swain would not be at least a seven seed. Three of our losses are from bigger schools. Two more within the top ten in 1a in Murphy and Robbinsville. They need to evaluate the brackets with updated information.
  14. SwainDad40

    SMC leading Rushers after 10

    Sain has five 100+ games Tuscola North Henderson Franklin Cherokee Rosman Lossiah has four 100+ games. Tuscola Hayesville Cherokee Andrews
  15. SwainDad40

    CP Top-20 1A Power Rankings following Week 9

    Chris - what are your thoughts on Swain? We may or may not be able to compete/win vs Murphy Friday but I am confident that we could beat a few of these teams.