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  1. Successful in their system. Just as ConnorP said above. He could have played in a more rb friendly offense and stayed at tailback. If he did that then he would have been a D1 standout.
  2. Best RB I ever played against. Hands down!
  3. Glad to see Swain at 7. One bad game can’t define this team this season. They have to finish the season strong and healthy. If they can get back on track then they will be dangerous come playoff time.
  4. SwainDad40

    Robbinsville ,Murphy ,Swain

    Agreed - They are very focused and determined. I helped coach these boys in youth league and they are capable to compete for a championship. Just have to play together and support each other. Learn from mistakes and play from the heart. Most physical Swain team sense 2011/2012.
  5. Smoky would finish fourth in SMC this season.
  6. SwainDad40

    Best RB in N.C.

    Only joke on here is if anyone post anything about swain then Robbinsville fans have to criticize. You need to learn that this is how college coaches look at the running back position now and what role a player can play on their team. It’s all about specific skill sets. How they fit into their offensive system. The days of a every-down running back are just about gone.....unless they are an athletic freak.
  7. SwainDad40

    Best RB in N.C.

    Hard now to have a decisive #1 back in the state because the running back position has evolved into a variety of backs that can do different things. Ex: Power Back, Every down back, 3rd down backs, Wing back, slot backs, etc. IMO best wing back or slotback in the state would be Bryce Sain from Swain County. Has a unique ability to run in any offense. Skill set is best suited for a spread or triple option system and can read defenses. Has the ability to catch pitches and passes. Excellent route running and dangerous in space. Swain County runs the veer and he can run between the tackles with no lead blocker as well. Dangerous in space. Can return kicks and punts but most teams kick away from him or out of bounds. Almost 3300 AP yards and 33TD four games into junior year.
  8. Nice to see Swain County make this top 20 for 1A. It’s all about getting better this time of year. We have a lot of talent and I feel people are going to see that this season.
  9. SwainDad40

    SMC JVs week 1

    Swain is young this season on JV. I’m not sure how good we will be but I have to pull for my boys. We could finish as high as second and as low as forth.
  10. SwainDad40

    SMC JVs week 1

    Rosman at Hayesville Swain at Andrews Cherokee at Robbinsville
  11. SwainDad40

    SMC JVs week 1

    Swain is at Andrews.
  12. SwainDad40

    WNC scores Week 2

    They are an alternative school and maybe just teaching those kids what mountain ball is all about........
  13. SwainDad40

    WNC scores Week 2

    They were never called for a delay of game when we played them week 1. I would count 50 seconds before they would run a play. They also liked to hit in the back on special teams. Late hits out of bounds etc. I think they were only called for like four or five when we played them. Mostly false starts. 40 penalties no wonder their coaches were mad.
  14. SwainDad40

    SMC week 1

    Sounds like Swain last season. Linemen going both ways and a sophomore qb.