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  1. SwainDad40

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    Should be an interesting season. We will see where Swain will be in the rankings come playoff time. That’s when it matters anyways.
  2. SwainDad40

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    Not last season. We had nine total seniors and five of those played.
  3. SwainDad40

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    I’d have us in top ten. I know we can beat more than half of the teams on this list. Bring it! 15 seniors and a solid running game. Improving passing game and a stingy defense. This is a team returning 9 starters on offense and 9 starters on defense.
  4. SwainDad40

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    WOW - No just motivated our boys more. Underrated by everyone I suppose..... Can’t wait!!
  5. SwainDad40

    Hardest Hit

    Worst hit I ever experienced was on defense from a teammate that I did not see coming. We were both coming in for a tackle. Head ringer! But you know back then nobody checked you and you stayed in the game and never missed a day of practice or any games.
  6. SwainDad40

    SMC Schedule

    Ouch. They don’t know what they are getting into....
  7. SwainDad40

    SMC Schedule

    Swain County 1. At Life Christian Academy (GA) 2. Vs Smoky Mountain 3. At Enka 4. At Franklin 5. Open 6. Vs Cherokee 7. Vs Andrews 8. At Rosman 9. Vs Murphy 10. At Robbinsville 11. Gladiator Sports Academy 12. At Hayesville
  8. SwainDad40

    Could these 1A Schools be sleepers

    Swain County
  9. SwainDad40

    SMC Schedule

    Swain does not have three byes. We open vs a team from Georgia. Not sure what the name is just yet. Schedule should be updated at some point. Unless they backed out.
  10. SwainDad40

    Top 1A teams

    Yeah Andrews and Hayesville both will be better than Cherokee or Rosman. Top 5 in SMC in no particular order will be Murphy, Swain, Robbinsville, Hayesville, Andrews will all make the playoffs.
  11. SwainDad40

    My attempt at smc finishing order.

    Not all JV’s wrestled at Orr. Did you see how many 8th graders won conference for Swain this season? I think seven or eight middle schoolers. It will always be a good matchup with Robbinsville. Great wrestling program.
  12. SwainDad40

    Top 1A teams

    I hope everyone continues to underestimate our Swain County Maroon Devils this season.
  13. SwainDad40

    Top 1A teams

    I’d say three out of the top eight teams will be from the SMC this next season. No particular order but Swain, Murphy and Robbinsville will probably give anyone in 1A or 1AA a run for their money. Tarboro, Pamlico Co., East Surry, Mitchell and Mt. Airy will be tough as well.
  14. SwainDad40

    Saturday's Shrine Bowl Combine at Eastern Alamance

    This combine was for only for incoming seniors correct Chris?
  15. SwainDad40

    My attempt at smc finishing order.

    Robbinsville this season but it will be Swain’s season next year!. We will be loaded. Too many injuries and kids out this year for Swain.