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  1. FBCapitalOfNC

    Final CP 2A Power Rankings of 2018

    All I've seen is negative posts about NE. About their fans. About how SWO should have been ranked ahead of NE. From my experience, I've only seen class acts from NE fans, especially their players and coaches. I'll be the first to admit it's not all SWO fans just like it's not all Shelby and Reidsville fans.
  2. FBCapitalOfNC

    Final CP 2A Power Rankings of 2018

    I've been on these sites since 06 07. I've seen everything posted good and bad. With the exeception of a few Shelby and Reidsville posters, I've never seen anything like SWO posters. Bruh.... it's not very faltering!
  3. FBCapitalOfNC

    Final CP 2A Power Rankings of 2018

    Congratulations on Shelby's State Title. 98s hate towards Reidsville is crazy. In his world, it's Shelby and then a very distant Highbriten and South Point. Anyone else in the state should be happy to lick Shelby's boots. They lost 3 games...3! Northeastern was a very good team. Brevard and Mt Heritage are both good programs. According to most people from the area thought East Rutherford would give Reidsville all they want. We beat them all.
  4. FBCapitalOfNC

    2A West: Reidsville 24, Brevard 21

    The stats showed a very balanced game. The two plays that gave Brevard momentum was the 2nd half kickoff and next series. Both resulted in TDs for Brevard. Their o line was outstanding
  5. FBCapitalOfNC

    2A West: Reidsville 24, Brevard 21

    I have to be honest, I know emotions can overflow in a tight game, but I was shocked at the level or lack of sportsmanship show by players, coaches and fans at Brevard. Fans attacked the officials leaving the field. Throwing a bottle and hitting a ref in the face. 6 unsportsmanlike penalities in a row. Really marred a very good game.
  6. FBCapitalOfNC

    Congrats to Mountain Heritage

    Next week will be round 3. I think it will be a great game
  7. FBCapitalOfNC

    2A West: Reidsville 21, Mountain Heritage 14

    Holy Cow! Did Hendo play with 8
  8. FBCapitalOfNC

    The bracket are out

    In every poll possible other than Maxpreps and Adjusted Maxpreps, Reidsville Highbriten, North Eastern have been 1 through 3 all year. It's complete craziness. I also think it's crap you take a team like East Rutherford and knock them down at 9 and 2, but because Cummings finishes second in Mid State after losing 60 0 Thursday and only won 4 ballgames. Needs to be like the old BCS. Take Carolina Preps, Simmons and NC Preps average the 3 for seeding. If you have a loosing record and finish second in the conference, you get a spot but seeded according to your average ranking of the 3. Maxpreps is the absolute worse judge.
  9. FBCapitalOfNC

    CP Top-20 2A Power Rankings - Final Regular Season

    Just curious about East Rutherford. Didn't see them on here
  10. FBCapitalOfNC

    How far can Mountain Heritage advance in 2a playoffs

    I don't know. The last two years have been really good. We lost nearly 40 seniors in 2 years. Of those about 15 to 20 had offers at college from D1 to D3. This team is loaded with young players and several really good Seniors. Only time will tell
  11. FBCapitalOfNC

    How far can Mountain Heritage advance in 2a playoffs

    Most everything I'm seeing has us against East Rutherford second round and then you guys again, if we're fortunate enough to get back that deep again. If you look at our team stats over the last three years, no one players stats jump off the charts. Very good defense, short fields, explosive offense, running clocks and our conference doesn't allow for racking up stats
  12. FBCapitalOfNC

    Updated 2A/2AA Bracketology with new ADM numbers

    I just took a look at the schedule Wheatmore played. Compared to Reidsville. The Rams played 3 NC 3a teams, including a much improved Morehead team. A VA 3a team. 2 large 4a teams. NW Guilford has 3x more students. Common opponents were BY and HPA. Reidsville didn't allow a point by either and the game was over in the 2nd quarter. To very honest, I'm not happy that Reidsville might be a 2 seed. Not sure how far we'll advance, but the adjusted maxpreps ranking is BS
  13. FBCapitalOfNC

    Team State Rushing Record for a Season

    Attempted 9 passes. That's insane
  14. FBCapitalOfNC

    Wallace-Rose Hill vs Reidsville

    If you'll read this again you'll notice I picked the team that played best defense, which turned out to be neither of them. Who plays better defense? Im not talking pump your chest out tell everyone you're good. I'm talking about bite down on the mouthpiece stick your knuckles in mud defense. The gang tackling, knock snot bubbles out of your opponent, this is my house defense. Whichever team that is will win the game. NE has to play assignment football. QB, Dive back and pitchman have to hit the ground every single play. To the point they get tired of being hit. NE has improved over last year. WRH is a proven champ. My prediction 35-28. Winner will be the leader on D Keep talking and keep beating your chest. I promise it will be the best defense you've faced all year.
  15. FBCapitalOfNC

    Wallace-Rose Hill vs Reidsville

    Brian, Have you seen Reidsville play and what are you basing your opinion on? Just curious