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  1. How did that work out for you ?
  2. Look at the pic paul posted..tell me.how from 5ft away he missed that..unless he was looking to miss it..im not a mitchell fan and most days i normaly dont see it there way..but gezzz that was BAD....no way any honest reff is going to miss that call sranding right there..
  3. Yep..we got that same deal ever time we went to reidsville..oh well the reffs missed a few calls.. just always never seem to be in the mountain teams favor..
  4. Funny how every time there is s missed call in the late round of the playoffs its always bad for the mountain teams....
  5. Listen to it on radio .Mitchell give them a heck of a game.
  6. Good luck mitchell .im sure you will have to beat east and the reffs..mt teams never get a fair called game this late in the playoffs
  7. What a bunch of bs .my team gos about 2 -9 evey year im keeping my moutth closed....
  8. They will have that QB/OLB playing saftey after a couple power sweeps
  9. Cougars66

    What's next?

  10. Cougars66

    What's next?

    I know they put it off a year..but seem like they it would be on next years..was also talk that it would only give a few months for teams to work out there schedule..i just dont see how it can work with grouping conf that some teams not having a fit with a conf..i like the way it is now..if what i read is right i dont see 3/4 voting this in..but who knows
  11. Cougars66

    What's next?

    I think last count was 313 school reps and to go to 5a 3/4 have to vote yes for it .i dont see it passing..could be wrong but i just dont see it passing
  12. Cougars66

    What's next?

    I think its voted on by 300 plus reps from diff schools / conf
  13. Speed needs space..our defense has done a heck of a job all year of not letting that happen
  14. I dont think it would work..to much distance between some teams.some teams would have no conf that would work without long in conf road trips unless you just stuck them in some split conf..i think for nc 4a works well with a split playoff field in football.makes for fair match ups in playoffs with out smaller teams in a division have to compete with much larger teams to win state and if im not mistaken going to a 5a would require a vote with over 300 diff reps from diff conf / schools voting this in.I just dont see this passing.
  15. Cougars66

    Reidsville 24, Brevard 7 (3rd Round Final)

    GOOD LUCK TO BREVARD AND HERITAGE !! Lets make this a all western nc western final !! Or as some said them mountain teams..