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  1. Not sure how long Brevard will be able to hold onto him but talking about “resurrecting a program from the dead”. What a job he has done over the last few years with that program. I’m not sure a ton of people know how “dead in the water” that program was before he got there. For a few years it was without a doubt the worst program in WNC. Although the athletes are not the same as what they once were coming out of that program, he is now putting respectability back into the program and producing “Brevard “ standards again. No matter how the rest of the season shakes out he has done a tremendous job this year.
  2. Jeremy took the WNC career rushing title from Brett that year. He held it until Manny broke it while at Brevard. Those were (3) stud running backs that came through WNC in a short amount of time.
  3. You can make the same argument for Brevard. I can assure you that those kids have the same momentum and want it just as bad what the kids from Wheatmore does. You don't think the world did not write Brevard off coming into this past Friday? The same intangibles that you speak of can also be found in Transylvania County as well. Brevard may not win this game but I feel comfortable saying that they will go down swinging. And do not be surprised if Wheatmore is in for a battle because I have a feeling that Brevard will hit them in the mouth harder than they have have been hit all year. Here's to a good game with the winner going to the Western title game.