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  1. bc11

    East Gaston?

    He was let go at Brevard as well after two seasons. It was not a good fit in Transylvania County either. I think the admin thought they were getting the “second coming” of Scott Miller. They eventually went back to the drawing board and got Craig Pritchett.
  2. Brevard will be back in the mix as well
  3. It may not go noticed outside of Transylvania County but Brevard should eclipse 500 wins as a program this coming season. Would be the second team in WNC history to do that. Will be a good accomplishment for that program and community.
  4. For argument sake, the line is from Polk and McDowell county west.
  5. @Paul Graham, You have seen as much if not more high school games in the mountains, care to offer your opinion?
  6. This is a conversation that was had a few days ago and carried over after Robbinsville won yesterday. How would you rank the programs in WNC in historical prospective? Obviously you count what a program is doing currently but also factors in the whole body of work. And by WNC it was meant Polk County/West. So the challenge is to list the top 10 programs of all time in WNC and list them in order. Be curious to see what everyone’s list is.
  7. Chris there will have to be “whole sale” changes county wide before consolidation would ever truly work. You would need to have a school board that is willing to make that tough decision. The current board will not touch that with a ten foot pole because there are members of the school board that are from all over the county. To truly make it work you would need to build a new school with a different name because no one from Rosman will give up their name and the same goes for the Brevard Community. The reality is that there is some “ill” feelings between the two communities in regards to the sports programs. But it goes deeper than that at the county government level as well. I do agree that merging the schools would be better resource wise with the athletes but then you run into the issue of who is coaching what. Rosman still has a respectable sports program overall with volleyball, basketball, and baseball so it’s not like they are struggling in those areas. You have some good coaches at Rosman in those sports areas so they are not going to hand over their kids to someone from a Brevard. On the flip side, and this is no disrespect, but I don’t see anyone from the football staff at Rosman having a spot on Craig’s staff at Brevard. Craig has a pretty well oiled machine right now with his assistants and you would have to ask yourself who would be the “odd man” out. Again I believe that if consolidation were to happen it would require a board that essentially has no personal ties to either community to make that hard decision.
  8. I think Dan probably decided to hang it up. That job at Rosman is more than just the standard re-build. Your not going to see consolidation anytime soon either.
  9. I think that can probably be attributed to the fact that Brevard had a better defense than West Stokes
  10. Craig has been the perfect fit as a coach for Brevard at the right time. Other coaches will always be measured by Frank Robinson and Dan Essenberg’s success but you could make an argument that Craig has already equaled Dan’s success in a shorter amount of time. You could also make the argument that Craig has done it with less overall talent as well. Frank and Dan’s glory days were known for having unreal talent that was hard to match in the mountains. For a smaller school that program has produced as much talent over the years as Reynolds and Asheville. I would have loved to have seen what Craig could have done with all that talent throughout those years. He’s a great coach and even a better man.
  11. I have not seen one Brevard fan on here run their mouth about this game. I believe the whole Brevard community (players, coaches, and fans) knows what they are up against this week. Same as it was last year but with different personnel for the most part. Reidsville is Reidsville and that is not going to change by this Friday. They are the heavy favorites for this game and they should be. Brevard will bring a bunch of smart and physical kids to play ball but I do believe the challenge is greater this year than last year. I do believe Brevard will play well as they will not be intimidated. The defense has been their calling card all year but they will have to play their best game all year to keep themselves in it. They cannot afford to get into a shootout with Reidsville because their offense is not built that way. This game could be close or it could be a blowout. Brevard's fans are not coming on a message board forum and telling the world what is going to happen Friday Night. They've got too much respect for Reidsville's program and too much respect for their own team. Any true fan that does not recognize the challenge ahead would just be lying to themselves.
  12. bc11

    Brevard at Pisgah

    Think Chris should make this 2A Game of the Week!!!
  13. bc11

    Brevard at Pisgah

    Just like it used to be. Final game of the season boils down to the Blue Devils and the Bears. This has and continues to be one of the very best rivalries in WNC. This game has the makings of a true “slug fest” that many fans over the years are accustomed to from both of these teams. Combine the fact it may snow and they are playing on the river makes it all more better. Can’t say much more than that. Should be a dandy.
  14. Not sure how long Brevard will be able to hold onto him but talking about “resurrecting a program from the dead”. What a job he has done over the last few years with that program. I’m not sure a ton of people know how “dead in the water” that program was before he got there. For a few years it was without a doubt the worst program in WNC. Although the athletes are not the same as what they once were coming out of that program, he is now putting respectability back into the program and producing “Brevard “ standards again. No matter how the rest of the season shakes out he has done a tremendous job this year.
  15. Jeremy took the WNC career rushing title from Brett that year. He held it until Manny broke it while at Brevard. Those were (3) stud running backs that came through WNC in a short amount of time.