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  1. CC should be ahead due to conference order. CC won the head-to-head and they tied for 3rd.
  2. I would say theirs have been similar and Richmond has the better record
  3. I saw a couple of teams out of order in 3A/3AA - Erwin should be ahead of North Buncombe and Central Cabarrus should be ahead of Brown.
  4. MP is the lowest ranked 2 seed behind East Duplin, and ahead of Ledford who is a 3 seed.
  5. These rankings look only at who you play and who you beat. West Forsyth played a much tougher schedule than MP. That's why they got the edge.
  6. They fixed it
  7. It looks they have West Stanly a 2 seed and Mt. Pleasant an at-large. That can't be right. Tied in conf. standings and MP won head-to-head.
  8. No Bear Grass in 1A? They got in last year as an at-large.
  9. SimmonsRatings

    Bracket wizards

    Mine are up at http://www.simmonsratings.com/bracket.htm Trying to project what the power rankings are going to look like is the hard part now.
  10. If you know any results of drawings, please post them here. Thanks
  11. Game predictions and the latest website update are up now - http://www.simmonsratings.com/hsfootball.htm
  12. The website is now updated for week 5 - power rankings, predictions, consecutive streaks, scores and more! http://www.simmonsratings.com/hsfootball.htm
  13. I have posted the latest list I can find on my website. A lot of games on Monday. Several have been postponed to other weeks. Click on Week 3 predictions/scoreboard http://www.simmonsratings.com/hsfbpred.htm
  14. SimmonsRatings


    Heard this one ended after a fight - anyone know anything?
  15. I am sorry for this, but I will not be having an update for this week. I work for the Carolina Mudcats baseball team during the summer, and we had our final homestand all this week. I have not been home to work on the ratings, and therefore won't have them done in time. It's a situation that "is what it is". Things should return to normal next week. Again, I apologize.