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  1. scots roll

    Charlotte Catholic

    Are you kidding??? They be getting on Gibbons hard about recruiting on HSOT.
  2. scots roll

    SAC Week 4

  3. scots roll

    SAC Week 4

    Lee County L-Town 71st Pinecrest Richmond Scotland
  4. #25 Javonte Williams is no joke. He was running all over the Gamecocks!!!
  5. scots roll

    SAC Week 2

    Dillon @ Purnell Swett - Dillon Lumberton @ Pine Forest - Pine Forest Hoke @ E.E. Smith - Hoke Britt @ Terry Sanford - Terry Sanford Southern Lee @ Pinecrest - Pinecrest 71st @ Cape Fear - 71st Richmond @ Anson - Richmond Hoggard @ Scotland - Scots
  6. scots roll

    Dillon Wildcats

    No, but they play hard.
  7. Coach said we'll find out Friday night, but I think it will be #6 Mandrell Johnson.
  8. scots roll

    Week 1: Butler vs. Hough (Thursday)

    Is this game on Spectrum????
  9. scots roll

    Week 1: Cape Fear at Clinton

    Pulling for Scotland alums[ Coach Johnson and Mohammed Kaba] Go Dark Horses.
  10. Scots looked impressive in their 2 scrimmages[ Dillon and Cape Fear]. Their run game is on point and their passing game is alright. I don't know too much about Southeast Guilford other than they went to 3aa finals. Looking forward to a good game with the Scots coming out on top.
  11. scots roll

    Sandhills 4A Week 1

    Scotland Richmond Pinecrest 71st Terry Sanford Hoke Pine Forest South View
  12. Washburn couldn't even spell CLASS, and the Wolfsack football players haven't seen a blunt they wouldn't pass up!!!!