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  1. Hoke, 28-21 Britt, 27 - 22 Swett, 20 - 14 Scotland, 35 - 28
  2. scots roll

    Anson Out

    That is not cool. NCHSAA should've told them that before the last game of the regular season.
  3. Here we go!!! Scots and Raiders do it again. Can the Scots pull the upset or will Richmond roll like most people think? One thing for sure, Pate Stadium will be packed and there will definitely be some wood laid in this one. GO SCOTS!!!!!
  4. scots roll

    Mallard Creek 52, Hough 13

    MC is on a mission!!!!! Watch Out.
  5. Hoke, 35 - 14 Britt, 29 -28 Richmond, 55 - 8 Scotland, 47 - 8
  6. Scots/ Pinecrest, Thursday 7pm.
  7. Britt Pinecrest Richmond Scotland
  8. scots roll

    SAC Week 8 Matchup

    Pinecrest gets back on track against Swett, 35-14 Dirty Birds put it down on L-Town, 42-7 Richmond handles Britt at the Bone Yard, 49-28 Scots handle their business against Hoke, 28-14
  9. Jack Britt Hoke Richmond Scotland
  10. Scots left the defense in Laurinburg the first half of the game and they made it their after halftime. #8 was a Grown Man running the ball in the 4th.
  11. I'm gonna give #12 Barfield the benefit of the doubt, because he was always looking over his shoulder to see was he getting pulled. Maybe he can relax now and take control of the situation. GO SCOTS!!!!!!!
  12. L-Town over Hoke 71st over Pinecrest Richmond over Swett Scots over Britt
  13. New Hanover ran out of gas against Britt, but I give Britt credit for not quitting and taking advantage to get the win. But the Scots aren't New Hanover - Scots, 28-14.
  14. scots roll

    SAC Week 6

    L-Town Dirty Birds Raiders Scots