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  1. 704cougarsdad

    Top 4A teams

  2. 704cougarsdad

    Top 4A teams

    I only knew of the WR from there.
  3. 704cougarsdad

    Top 4A teams

    We all know 4a will b very competitive especially the west but my gripe is the east particularly the 4aa east. Who's going 2 challenge Wake to finally make it competitive over there. Even tho we lost a dog fight in the championship I wasnt impressed by them, and the fact that they have been steamrolling everyone up 2 that point makes me wonder about over there......who's going 2 step up? They lost a few key players so I guess it's not who is going to step up 2 them but is wake down enough 2 make it easier for the others to compete?
  4. 704cougarsdad

    Top 4A teams

    What all do they have coming back?
  5. 704cougarsdad

    Power Echols LB 2021

    That Vance vs Creek game should b an annual UNCC stadium game...for the time being anyways.
  6. 704cougarsdad

    Power Echols LB 2021

    Hes another LB Check out @1luv5’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/1luv5/status/1096045928732151808?s=09
  7. 704cougarsdad

    Signing Day

    Lol that's the game. Having been thru it with mine and other Vance kids, the recruiting game isnt nice.
  8. 704cougarsdad

    Signing Day

    Ur right and overall they do go for the best talent, but they also have a good track record for picking the less prominently ranked ones but they fit what they're looking for in their program. In the end we know talent trumps all but we know the lower ranked kids are the ones who make it big on the next level.
  9. 704cougarsdad

    Signing Day

    I say it all the time, rivals, 247, ESPN...these recruiting sites pump these kids heads up. These kid sit on Twitter and see these kids get all these offers and they think....I'm as good as this or that kid. Or Johnny football may go 2 a big time program get 30 offers and all actuality the kid cant play or has crappy work ethic or is afraid of competition when In hs they were the big fish in the little pond. I tell all the kids pock 3 REALISTIC schools go there get close 2 the coach, learn everything about the school and for God sakes make sure they have a need of a player in your position. I've talked 2 a cpl big 10 coaches and they all told me: we rather have a good player that maybe a little undersized but can work his ass off and wanna play for my school than me have 2 convince Johnny 4 or 5 star to come and play here and when everything isnt going right looking to transfer on the 1st thing smoking out of town (tate martell, justin fields)
  10. 704cougarsdad

    Head Coaches

    Jus seen that West Meck head coach has left and took a job down in SC. Yet another good NC head coach leaving.
  11. 704cougarsdad

    Power Echols LB 2021

    No need for Echols playing offense jus in a few jumbo packages which we ran b4 he came here as u creek knows brands offense lol. If u creek guys can give us one or 2 of ur lineman sitting on the bench over there can come over here n start n make a impact. Might have to go hang out at the Harris teeter off prosperity n recruit lol.
  12. 704cougarsdad

    Power Echols LB 2021

    Same with me. I wasnt even into HS football 5yrs ago better yet b4 then. Learning about butler during the early 2010s and the indy days. Hard to see indy as good as they were then
  13. 704cougarsdad

    Power Echols LB 2021

    Dont forget about stephon thompson. I said preseason this kid is a stud. Hes not even playing the position he wants to play n still had 10+ sacks and 80+ tackles. Hell even the 3rd Lb Solo has a UNC offer. Best LB Corp in the state, even tho in a losing effort to see Wake Forest have the problems on offense in the title game really pleased me.
  14. 704cougarsdad

    Power Echols LB 2021

    Xavier and Nate Lynn are 2 kids we wished we had their whole HS career. Both are legit D1 talent that could went P5 (AAC). But glad to see them go 2 William and Mary and Richmond.
  15. 704cougarsdad

    2019 Football Schedules

    Man make it to October undefeated is a major win by itself.