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  1. 704cougarsdad

    Worst Stadiums

    1 word... Harding
  2. 704cougarsdad

    Best trainers by position in NC

    Love our new strength coach/assistant and jv coach Donald littlejohn. He was pivotal for MC all these years so with him coming over and working with one of his best friends and ours Coach Lash should make our already good JV even better.
  3. 704cougarsdad

    2020 Schedule

    Dont 4get about Creek and finishing out with Hough smh
  4. 704cougarsdad

    2020 Schedule

    Same here were going to b loaded next yr, hard to say what's the result of this quarantine but if everyone comes in and stays were going to b really good. The defense won't b as powerful but last yrs defense was one of those historic groups but the offense will b a lot better and more explosive.
  5. 704cougarsdad

    2020 Schedule

    Echols vs Shipley
  6. 704cougarsdad

    2020 Schedule

    Vance vs Dutch fork Friday August 21
  7. 704cougarsdad

    Which school?!

    Add coaching staff also...give me our 2019 defense with coaching staff and MP offense. Wasnt MP up on RC by double digits at 1 point??
  8. 704cougarsdad

    Mallard Creek

    No shock there
  9. 704cougarsdad

    Best defense

    I would take our last yrs defense vs anybody. Despite the Hough game holding all opponents to under 21pts is a good resume.
  10. 704cougarsdad

    matchup 2021

    We all know what would be the targets...Echols vs Shipley.
  11. 704cougarsdad

    matchup 2021

    Throw in a butler/creek game in there. The last cpl of yrs tho that rivalry has went down. I think we beat the last great Butler team in 2016. I'm my opinion that team should have went on and won state.
  12. 704cougarsdad

    Will this layoff curb transfers

    I'll tell u 1st hand...nope.
  13. 704cougarsdad

    matchup 2021

    Weddington had a great team last yr so the question is how good is this yrs team? As for us were jus as good talent wise as last yrs team but dont have the chemistry and experience on defense like last yr. I'm confident to say last yrs defense would stack as top 20 in the nation. Interesting to see how good/soon this team comes together.
  14. 704cougarsdad

    matchup 2021

    Question is does weddington match up with the 4a team??
  15. 704cougarsdad

    matchup 2021

    What about a 3a champ vs a 4a champ???