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  1. Well suspected lol😉. Has took sv2v's spot as the worst troll on preps. I went back and forth a cpl times...I'm sorry I have Bill's 2 pay besides being on there all day.
  2. See this is a true fan. A true fan loves their team thru good n bad times. Will b the first to b happy and talk about it and will criticize and understand constructive criticism and wont get defensive when someone says anything but praise for how great and undefeated regular season is. Anyways I went to the hickory ridge game...that wasnt a game. Hickory ridge tried but the sheer talent gap was overwhelming...it was basically 50/50 balls the whole game with drake Maye QB scrambles add a couple RB draws mixed in. Their Defense jus sat back in zones and jus played the deep ball. I knew the weak preconference schedule would come to bite them in the end. Of course they are preseason top 5 and it comes down to if Chadwick will actually gameplan and add a run game to help Maye out because from my sources the kid isnt happy at all and knowing it's his upcoming senior season I hope him and Chadwick dont have a falling out because he makes them besides a playoff team into a championship contender.
  3. For some people it is. If u dont feel that way then I wasnt referring to u.
  4. I think this is the same person that trolls mainly MP stuff on ncpreps. We've had a few run ins on there. But u have to realize on an online blog people aren't going to agree with everything u say. I think because you cheer for a certain school that everyone suppose to agree with u is the last way u should think. I remember when I 1st came on here I was the same...got aggravated when other didnt say what I wanted to hear but in time I realized its more important to GET THINGS RIGHT INSTEAD TRYING TO B RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING. Plus add the vibe that he may have a kid playing JV so going undefeated is like a state championship for them in their minds. When u have folx like me, catholic, some of the creek, RC, and butler posters we know that finishing undefeated during the season is cool but what u do I December is what were looking at. Beating garinger or providence in October is meaningless when ur playing Richmond cty in December in that environment with lights flashing for a chance to go play in Raleigh the next week.
  5. Those state championship rings make that loss feel better I bet lol.
  6. I'm deemed the resident Myers park hater so I know imna get backlash for this but Myers park will always b jus a good team til they fix a few of the glowing weaknesses...especially if they want to win the 4AA title. 1.Develop a run game- all that pass n flash is good during the regular season but by the time u get to where u need 2 all those teams have discipline n good coaching 2 shut down what u do best 2. Get a better defense- they are primarily a zone team which is great when ur up 20+ points but vs a punch you in the face run team they've got gashed on time after time. 3. Jus get tougher and idk how u can change that. That's something that has 2 b instilled by the culture. So many times in the last few yrs ive seen the big name players disappear during big games...I know the jimmy n Joe's make the team buy when its crunch time big players make big plays and that's on offense n defense.
  7. Didnt lake norman go undefeated a cpl yrs ago in jv?? Jus like people talking about UNC's recruiting class...its all good but how do you coach that up to the next level? It's cool to have a good jv but do all of the kids stay?? And do they translate to varsity?
  8. Was jus thinking that whether its us Creek, MP or even Hough or W Forsyth...gotta add another power in the east.
  9. Early pick in the 4A title game. New Bern vs East Forsyth.
  10. 704cougarsdad

    West Charlotte Hires

    Sounds good on paper but u know Greiner eyes wander. All he needs to do is get a lil success and his eyes wander.
  11. People cant take constructive criticism
  12. Somebody's kid is on the jv? Lol
  13. Great teams will take away ur strengths and talent only can get you so far. I say after rd 2 of the playoffs coaching takes over the further u go in the playoffs.